Best 10 places to visit in KARACHI

Best 10 places to visit in KARACHI

Karachi is the center hub of Pakistan. It’s one of the busiest city of Pakistan too. All the major trade of Pakistan takes place in Karachi. We can guess the importance of this city by the fact that it was the capital of Pakistan before Islamabad.

Karachi is also known as city of lights. There are tons of great places in Karachi where one can spend quality time with their beloved ones. We have filtered out the ten best places in Karachi which you must visit so, let’s have a look.

1: Quaid’s Tomb, the place which attracts people from all over World

We all know our great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the efforts he made for our independence. All of the Pakistanis have a sort of emotional attachment to this place. So if you haven’t visited this place, do give it a try.

Quaid e azam Tomb

2: PAF Museum

Located at shahrahe Faisal, PAF museum is one of the oldest museums of Pakistan. Despite of its age, it’s well maintained.

The museum also has a lot of other recreational activities for children and families.

Paf Museuem

3: Karachi zoo

Karachi zoo is the second best zoo of Pakistan, after Lahore.

Wide variety of animals and birds can be seen here. Also, the zoo has a dedicated cafeteria which serves the hygienic food.

5: Ocean Tower

Ocean tower is one of the tallest buildings of Karachi. It’s basically a shopping mall. One can shop for variety of different things in this mall. Also, outlets of nation leading brands can be found here.


6: Sea View

Sea view is one of the best sea sides of Karachi. Its bit maintained compared to very popular Clifton beach. A lot of interesting activities going on can be found at this beach. It’s a great sea side for anyone who wants to spend some free time alongside the sea.

7: Hawks Bay

After sea view, hawks bay is the best beach in Karachi. It’s a lot hilly, meaning that’s its bit rough near to the sea. The waves here are much high and powerful so be careful before you think of diving.

ONLINE PHOTO by Syed Asif Ali

8: Zamzama Park

As the name suggests it’s a recreational park located in zamzama. You may not find a lot of fun activities here but it’s a good place for spending some free time.

9: Nando’s Restaurant

Nando’s is basically a continental restaurant located in Karachi.

The food here is very tasty and hygienic too so if you are looking for a good taste for Pakistani food in Karachi this is the place to visit.

10: Lal Qila

Lal Qila is another quality restaurant in Karachi. The location is great for family dinners. Variety of food is served here including Pakistani, Chinese and Thai food.

Karachi is one off the best cities around the world. Although the security situation isn’t that ideal but now it’s much better as compare to five years ago.