15 Best Edenrobe Men’s Kurta For Perfect Cultural Outfit

15 Best Edenrobe Men’s Kurta For Perfect Cultural Outfit

When it comes to buying kurta for men Eden robe is one of the most trusted brands in the society since they always try to keep things simple and classy. The collection introduced by Eden Robe under the title of ‘Eden robe kurta for men’ is very fascinating and suits all the men. All your events whether they are weddings or even formal occasions these kurta’s can be wore easily on them. Eden robe offers a wide variety of clothing for men including shirts, trousers, ethnic wear, ceremonial and men suiting. The different kinds of shirts included are cotton rich shirts, business casual shirts luxury shirts and the polo shirts. Trousers include the formal type of pants. Variety of different styles is included in the ethnic wear category as well which are listed as Monochrome Collection, Swish Collection, Shalwar Suits, Waistcoats, Kurtas and Shalwars. Ceremonial dresses have a wide collection of sherwani’s and suits. So Eden robe is proving itself as the ‘one stop shop’ for men. The best part about the brand is that offers the clothing for boys, girls and woman as well. The brand with its amazing collection never fails to amaze the people. That is why it is the most trusted brand ever. This date testing
Women clothing collection include Unstitched, ready to wear, monochrome and tights and trousers. Unstitched collection allows you to choose from the luxury collection, festive collection and the cambric collection. The material made for the manufacture of these clothes is pure and soft which makes it easy for the people to carry the dress with ease. With every passing season the collection gets updated with amazing new designs which make you want to grab every piece of the collection. There is a wide variety of collection available for boys as well which makes it tough to choose. The collection includes Casual Waist coat, Casual Shirts Casual Tees, Polo Shirts, Blazers, Shorts, Pants, Shoes, Sandals, Waistcoat Suit, Shalwar Suits, Kurta, Full Sleeve Tees, Sweaters, Jackets, Sherwanis and Suits. The trendy collection available for girls includes Frocks, Kurtis, Pishwas and Tights. Doesn’t it seem to be a solution for you every event? Well, indeed it is. The collection available online gets restocked every single day with the amazing colors and almost all the sizes. The orders placed online reaches at your step within no time without any hindrance. So if you are having an event coming on rush to this place and grab your favorites to make your events memorable. You experience of shopping from Eden robe will be the best one ever. Also they have a remarkable sale going on at this time. Plus they are offering free shipping worldwide over a delivery of 2000.

1. Black Kurta

This black kurta with little blend of the lining on its base is the most demanding kurta of Eden robe. Who wouldn’t want a black kurta and roll its sleeve over to make a good impression? Be trendy with this amazing collection of Eden robe available in different sizes.
Price:₨ 3,000
Product code:EMTK17S-9469
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2. Navy Blue plain kurta

This amazing outfit having navy blue base color with 100% cotton fabric is the trending kurta these days. This looks amazing when paired with a white shalwar or a trouser of white color. So if you are planning to wear something traditional yet classy on an event or a friend’s mehndi grab this amazing kurta by Eden robe and enjoy all the compliments you get as a result of wearing it.
Price:₨ 3,050
Product code:EMTK17CFS-9450
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3. Maroon Color kurta

This Band Collar Kurta with Embroidery on the collar has been one of the hottest sellers of the brand. People are still seen wearing it at their important functions, their day to day routines and even in their casual meet ups. Also, the unusual or more precisely the not so common yet classy color of the kurta makes it even more desirable. So out your hands on this amazing piece and get stylish within no time.
Price:₨ 2,500
Product code:EMTK17S-9405
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4. Dark Brown Kurta

This is another kurta which is designed with collar and kept classy with the little touch of embroidery around the collar. Brown color has always been found to be the favorite color of men so this is the outfit which you should surely add in your wardrobe. Also, this is available in an affordable price.
Price:₨ 3,600
Product code:EMTK17S-9406
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5. Mehndi Color Kurta

Generally this color in the shades of green is termed as mehndi color kurta in our Pakistan. The reason is that this color is preferred by men to wear on their mehndi function or in the mehndi function of their closed ones. So if you are looking for the best option to wear on your wedding function grab this before they get out of stock.
Price:₨ 2,800
Product code:EMTK17S-9422
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6. Grey color kurta

The base color of this dress is kept with a blend of grey and light grey with amazing work in the form of abstract art. Also, the black lining around the band makes it look even classier. This kurta is available in all the possible sizes for men so pick your size and order away since they take so much less time in delivering their products. Best kind of online delivery services are available at Eden Robe.
Price:₨ 4,000
Product code:EMTK17S-9425
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7. Olive green color kurta

Start of your summer days with this amazing olive green kurta available in other colors as well online and in the stores of Eden Robe in your city. The embroidered band of this kurtas with embroidery on its button side as well makes it look very traditional.
Price:₨ 2,800
Product code:EMTK17S-9432
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8. Purple Kurta

Don’t you know that these days purple is the new black for rolling up sleeves? Well now you do know so get your hands on this amazing purple color trending these days to impress all the people around you and gather all the compliments with grace. Online orders made through Eden robe website are delivered in fewer days so no worries if you have an even coming up feel free to order from Eden Robe.
Price:₨ 2,600
Product code:EMTK17S-9434
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9. Blue Kurta

This blue kruta amazing when paired with white kurta or a white trouser. Although this is in the light shades of the blue and can be wore in the usual routine days. Also this kurta is made with 100 percent cotton fabric which makes it super easy for the men to wear in the hot summer days.
Price:₨ 2,700
Product code:EMTK17S-9439
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10. Golden Brown Kurta

This kurta with amazing color scheme is the best thing to be worn for the traditional events like the wedding of your closed ones. Even all the groomsmen can wear this amazing kurta on the mehndi event of their best friend or their brother.
Price:₨ 3,550
Product code:EMTK17S-9479
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11. Red Color Kurta

Only women can’t wear this amazing color. Men wear this amazing color too and when the kurta is designed by Eden Robe it is the must thing to get your hands on. So grab your before all the items are sold out. Also, this kurta by Eden robe has been one of the best sellers of the collection of 2017.
Price:Rs 3,400
Product code:MTK-C16S-9338
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12. Light golden Kurta

Enchant all your summer days by taking of a good star with this amazing kurta and make all your day amazing. Also, you will love all the good compliments coming in by the people.
Price:₨ 2,900
Product code:MTK-C16S-9328
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13. Burgundy color kurta

Wear it in the summer days or in the spring days to keepyou in ease. The material is so soft and comfortable that it lets you spent all you day with ease and comfort. Whether it is for your normal days or some kind of family event you can easily wear this kurta and carry it with all grace. Plus the white color dot pattern on this kurta makes this kurta amazing.
Price:₨ 4,850
Product code:MTK-C17S-9399
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14. Olive color Kurta

This amazing kurta with a little embroidery done on the corner of the band is the best option to go for the usual office days or even for the family get together. Start off your summer days with this amazing kurta so all your day passes good enough with all good kind of compliments coming on during all day. Also, with this amazing stuff the kurta is available in super affordable price.
Price:₨ 4,200
Product code:EMTK16S-9298
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15. Off-white kurta

Off-white is the best option available for the summer days to keep the days cool and keep you away from the scotching heat. Put your hands on this amazing outfit before they get out of stock.
Price:₨ 3,350
Product code:EMTK17S-9385
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