From Stilettos to Sleeper These 15 are Best Metro Shoes for Girls In Pakistan

From Stilettos to Sleeper These 15 are Best Metro Shoes for Girls In Pakistan

Metro shoes are famous for proving comfortable and stylish shoes for both men and women. Apart from shoes they also sell various products like jewelry, clutches, wallets, trolley bags and cardigans. Metro shoes have maintained their standard by providing finest quality according to customers taste and style. Here are best pick of metro shoes for women which are selected on basis of ease of wearing, style, comfort and price:

1. Black high heels with straps

Black high heels compliments every dress we own, either its traditional or western. These beautiful high heels are durable as they are stain proof and water proof and made from. These black high heels have a pointy slip high heel with various straps providing strong grip. Best part about this pair of heels is that they are on sale.
Product code:10650380
Price: PKR 1,810
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2. Mustard and black flats with peach floral embellishments

embellishment all over the shoes with black straps and a comfortable sole making them perfect for everyday wear. It comes in other twocolours, black and cream
Product code: 10200027
Price:PKR 1,970
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3. Cream coloured flip flops

Flip flops are mostly loved by Pakistani girls, these cream flip flops with jewel in between isclassy for jeans tee shirt and traditional dresses giving a classy look for summer. It also comes in other three colours: Black, brown and maroon, so you can pick according to your taste.
Product code: 10550233
Price: PKR 1,770
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4. Black flip flops with heel

This unique design of shoes is a merge of flip flops and wedges. They are black in colour with stone embellished all over the strap. They are perfect for those who love both wedges and flip flops and want sober but unique design of shoes.
Product code: 10350209
Price: PKR 2,170
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5. Silver stilettos

Every girl must have stilettos due to their distinctive style and matching with any dress for any occasion. Here is a pick of perfect pair of stilettos. The problem with stilettos is that they tend to be either slippery to walk in or tend to misalliance frequently and also cause bruises. These stilettos are easy to wear and maintain your balance while you walk. These beautiful stilettos are embellished with sparkling gem on the front strap. These gems don’t fall off or lose their sparkle despite long usage. They also avoid straining your ankle. They are available in all sizes and also, have 3 other colours to pick from, black, golden and coffee.
Product code: 10600451
Price: PKR 1.950
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6. White flip flops

Who doesn’t love flip flops. These adorable flip flops are white with a white bow at the corner. These flip flops have a decent and elegant look.
Product code: 10550234
Price: PKR 1,770
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7. Blue wedges

These blue wedges have copper and blue thread strap with floral beads embellished on them. The thread straps are stretchable making grip strong and have a sole that is soft.
Product code: 10300225
Price: PKR 1,530
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8. Peach net high heels

These peach high heels have net straps with golden and silver glitter embroidery on them. These high heels are pain free and perfect for bridal or formal wear. For more bridal look of shoes they have colours golden and red. If you want your shoes to look more outstanding and match with your every dress, colour black is also available in this design of heels
Product code: 10600452
Price: PKR 3,270
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9. Silver shoes with colourful gems.

These silver shoes have colourful dangling gems on top strap and has small heels. Although this pair shoes have limited sizes available.
Product code: 10600447
Price: PKR 1,880
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10. Black and golden wedges

These beautiful wedges consist of two straps embellished with golden and black metallic beads with unique crisscross design. You can also find a beautiful combination of cream and golden pair of wedges with same design.
Product code: 10300228
Price: PKR 2,170
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11. Black and fawn wedges

These wedges of black and fawn colour have transparent strap at top with floral crystals embellished. These go best on both traditional and western dresses.
Product code: 10350216
Price: PKR 1,670
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12. Baby pink sandal

This sandal is perfect for casual wear and has small heal, designed for those who don’t feel comfortable wearing big heels or avoid it. This is perfect for both formal and informal wear with pink colour. They have a strap for better support.
Product code:10650382
Price: PKR 2,270
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13. Metallic peach shoes with crystals

These shoes are metallic peach with crystals dangling from upper strap. These shoes have small heel. They are perfect for fancy wear. They are also on sale in which you can save 720.
Product code: 10600445
Price: PKR 1,950
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14. Golden floral flats

These are for those who love flats. These golden flats with floral crystals embedded on straps. These flats are perfect for fancy wear.
Product code: 10450085
Price: PKR 2,270
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15. Red flats

These red flats are stylish for daily wear, they have one glossy strap and two floral straps crossed together giving flats a unique look. These beautiful flats are also on sale
Product code:10350207
Price:PKR 1320
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