Wardrobe:Best Pakistani clothing brands for women

Wardrobe:Best Pakistani clothing brands for women

Shopping is something which women love by birth. No matter what type of women a lady is, she just won’t hesitate from the shopping. Now, when we talk about shopping, women are basically interested in a lot items from shoes to handbags, makeup to clothes. When we talk about clothing, women are very conscious here. They want to shop for the best clothing brand out there. At times, even when they aren’t short on cash, they want to choose a quality and a reliable brand. For women this is a major issues. Keeping this thing in mind we have listed down the seven best clothing brand for the convenience of females. So, let’s take a look at these brands.

1: Nishat Linen

Now, who isn’t familiar with this name? Every one of us know the name “Nishat Linen”. It’s one of the favorite and most trusted clothing brand of women. Offering wide range of design for several female clothing needs. Due to its popularity and fame Nishat linen is also known as the “Fabric of Pakistan”.

2: Maria B

Maria B is one of the best female clothing brand. Initiated by Maria B herself, she quickly made her brand count in the leading clothing brands of the country. Her unique dresses caught every one’s attention in the industry. Now, Maria B is an expensive yet quality female clothing brand in the country.


3: Khaadi

Khaadi is one another very popular multinational clothing brand. As the name suggests, the brand has excellent and unique clothing designs and clothing accessories for women.

A part from clothing the brand is also known for their other quality products including shoes, bags and jewelry items.

source: khaadionline.com

4: Sapphire

Sapphire is a relatively new brand in this crowded clothing market. Despite of its age, the brand was able to make its place in the fashion industry and now is one of the favorite and most liked clothing brand. The brand has wide range of various styled cloths for women plus, the brand is very quick in terms of launching new dresses. Due to these reasons, sapphire has grabbed a solid position in the fashion industry.

source: sapphireonline.pk/

5: HSY

HSY, the name we all once heard and are familiar with. Hassan Shehereyar Yasin is the fashion icon for the whole industry.

His brand is well known for their awesome bridal wear designs. The brand also has extensive range of sherwani, lawn designs and party wear clothes.


6: Sana Safinaz

The brand name “Sana Safinaz” was established by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer. It took more than two decade for this brand to be what it is today therefore, it is the result of a lot of efforts made by Sana and her team.

Now, this brand is hot favorite for majority of the women. This is because of the unique dress language and designs this brand has to offer. Moreover, Sana Safinaz is a multinational clothing brand with its wide branch network which is spread all the way up to USA.

source: sanasafinaz.com

7: Deepak perwani

There are very few people in our fashion industry who got the utmost attention for their devotion for the fashion industry. Deepak perwani is one of those. The brand recently won the Guinness world record for the world’s largest kurta.

The brand is very famous and gains a lot of respect as a fashion brand throughout the country.

source: deepakperwani.com


Obviously, there are other multinational clothing brand too, but the ones we’ve mentioned above have their own class and are well known in the fashion industry.

So, if you are curious to buy a new dress or just want to shop for a new clothing brand the above mentioned brands have numerous collections and clothing designs to fit your needs.