Best Places to Eat in Islamabad: A taste you must Enjoy on Visit

Best Places to Eat in Islamabad: A taste you must Enjoy on Visit

Pakistan is one of the most visited tourist country in the world. There is a lot to like about Pakistani cities. The people, the environment and the food everything attracts a common man.

When we discuss about Pakistan’s tourist spots generally northern areas come in our mind. No doubt there are wonderful spots but cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are also decent places to visit.

Talking specifically about Islamabad, the city has many attractive places to offer which catches ones attention. If you are on a trip to northern areas of Pakistan Islamabad is an ideal place to stay for a day or so before proceeding further. The number of quality restaurants in the city will make your even more enjoyable. Islamabad is generally considered an average city in terms of variety of food and the number of places. In reality, it is just like any other famous Pakistani city which has excellent food spots. In this article, we will be covering some of the best restaurants of Islamabad which are well known throughout the city. Let’s take a brief look to each of them.

1: Monal Islamabad:

If you are a passionate traveler you just can’t miss this spot on your tour to Islamabad.

The location itself justifies its existence very well. The food is top notch too. You name the type of dish you want and Monal has it for you.

Enjoying a hygienic meal at such a location is definitely a wonderful experience.

2: Hotspot:

Hot spot is good choice for food lovers as the served food is hygienic and delicious.

The restaurant has to offer one of the best deserts in town. Due to its desert options it is quite famous.

3: Street 1 Cafe:

Looking for quality cafe in the city?

Street 1 cafe is probably the best place for this purpose in the city. The cafe has decent sitting area and offers variety of dishes to choose from. Definitely, one of the best eating place in the city.

4: China Town Restaurant:

As the name indicates, china town restaurant is basically a Chinese restaurant.

The restaurant offers variety of Chinese dishes under one roof.

China town restaurant is the place to visit for quality Chinese meals in the city.

5: Howdy Islamabad:

According to us, Howdy Is the best fast food spot of the city.

It offers extensive range of fast food items which are delicious and hygienic at the same time. There burgers are the most loved fast food dish which are offered with variety of meat options.

6: BBQ tonight:

The ideal place for a quality family dinner, BBQ tonight offers the best BBQ taste around the town.

The extensive BBQ range and a good siting area makes this restaurant one of the best restaurant of the city.

7: The royal Elephant:

The royal elephant offers variety of meal options including Pakistani, Continental, Chinese and Thai.

Considering the quality of food and the number of dishes offered it is one of the recommended restaurant for lunch or a dinner buffet.