Taste the Wonders with Best Restaurants of Karachi

Taste the Wonders with Best Restaurants of Karachi

Food is one of the basic need that we fulfill by eating from home or outside according to availability. This perception is now old-fashioned and with the latest trends everything is changing. As it is integral part of our lives it doesn’t matters we are outside or at home we prefer to eat ready to eat food. People these days also prefer to eat from restaurants while celebrations, meetings and parties. With the invasion of this kind of trends, some people open restaurants as a business. You may come to know about a great numbers of restaurants opening rapidly.

From all the restaurants in Karachi there are some specific restaurants that are best in services and hence included in the list of the best hotels in Karachi. The best restaurants in Karachi are most excellent due to quantity, quality, reviews at TripAdvisor and services offered.Here are few of the best options to to select from.

1: Kolachi

Kolachi Resturant Karachi Sea View
source: dhatoday.com

what makes karachi unique from other cities is the fact that it is located near to the arabina sea. people come from all aorund the country to vist the sea sides. what if they are given access to quality food near one of such side?

kolcahi restaurnat serves this purpose really well, the location of the retaurant let alone attracts every tourist or foodies.

Quality food and the enovormmnet makes it the best retsyamrts to visit in karachi.

2. Sakura

Sakura Resturant Pc Hotel Karachi
source: pchotels.com

It is famous and best rate due to offering the best Japanese food in Pakistan. The hotel Sakura is located inside the Pearl Continental Hotel on Ziauddin Ahmed Road. This one offers the best Japanese food of the city perfect for you to eat in Karachi. It is at 4 number in ranking with reviews like; “always a favorite!”, “Sushi Authentic” and “Best Japanese food in Pakistan”.

3: Okra

OKRA Resturant Karachi
source: okra.com.pk

One of the finest eating place in Karachi, okra restaurant made its name count in the best restaurants of the city in no time.

The restaurant offers variety of meal options including continental, Pakistani, Thai and Chinese. The Sunday brunch accommodation of okra is one of the best in town.

4: Bar B Q Tonight

Bar BQ Tonight Karachi Resturant

If you are looking for the best bar bQ dishes in Karachi in terms of taste and variety, bar bq tonight is the restaurant to visit for this purpose. The wide variety of bar BQ cuisine and best in class taste makes this restaurants unique from rest of the competition. The restaurant also offers open sitting on the roof top.

5: Lal Qila

Lalqila-Restaurant-Karachi Pakistan

Every karachite is familiar with this name. The restaurant as the name suggests is built like a traditional Qila {castle}. Coming to the food and the variety of dishes, the restaurant has to offer almost every dish. From Pakistani to continental, Chinese to Thai, every type of food is available. Its architecture and variety of food makes this restaurant one of the best food court in the city.

6: Café Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto Karachi Resturant
source: paktravel.net

For those who want to dine in at all in one cafe, cafe aylanto is the place to visit for this purpose. The enviroment and the food is the best part of this cafe. Cafe aylanto is one perfect place for casual meetups, gatherings and birthaday parties.

7: Zahid Nihari

Zahid Nihari Karachi
source: Kfoods.com

In Pakistan, Nihari is a popular desi dish. Its basically the mixture of all kinds of natural beans, the added desi spices gives it the special taste which local local people are fond of.

In Karachi, Zahid Nihari is the best place to try this dish. The taste and the variety of niahri dishes are the specialties of this place.

8: Biryani Center

Biryani Center Karachi
source: cheflingtales.com

Now, who doesn’t love biryani? In pakistan, almost everyone likes this rice dish. Again the desi spices makes it that delicous and gives it that unique taste.

9: Chairman Mao

What makes this restaurant different from other is its wide variety of Chinese and Japanese dishes. The restaurant has to offer almost every type of food. You name it, you’ll have it.

So, if you want to try something new like sushi, Chairman Mao is the place to visit.

In karachi, biryani centre serves the best biryani in the whole city. The taste this biryani house has to offer is hard to find in the whole city.

Pakistani dishes are famous through out the world due to their special desi taste. One can easily locate such desi shops in almost all cities of Pakistan. Though, we do have excellent number of restaurants available in all major cities but the taste of desi dishes from local vendors is still matchless. Due to this reason, even big hotel and restaurants chains have to offer Pakistani and continental dishes.

When we talk about food and stuff especially desi food often Lahore comes in our mind. No doubt, Lahore is still famous for its desi food but the other major cities such as Karachi and Islamabad do have number of such eating places.