Best Schools in Karachi: A Much Refine and Updated Education for your Children

Best Schools in Karachi: A Much Refine and Updated Education for your Children

We all know education is really important for an individual In order to survive in a society. In today’s era, everyone is aware of this fact.

Now, in order to educate one self, one needs quality education system coupled with institutes of the same caliber. In our society, majority who wants to educate their children can’t distinguish between an average and a quality educational institute. Basically institutes play a vital role in the development of a student. In order to find a quality educational institute often parents have to do a lot of search and what not. For the convenience of the majority we have made a list of the best school of the famous city Karachi. So, without discussing anything further let’s quickly dive inn to the article and find out what makes the short listed schools so special.

1: Covent of Jesus and Mary:

Convent of Jesus and Mary is one prestigious educational institute of the city.

The school holds an excellent academic record. It’s basically a Roman Catholic school and follows Cambridge international examination system.

The school has many distinct facilities which are enough for it to differentiate itself from other quality educational institutes of the city.

2: Beacon House school system:

Beacon house school system is one old and well known school chain of the country.

Being such popular, beacon house also has its several campuses in Karachi.

Overall BSS {beacon house school system} holds a respectable academic record. It’s a safe choice for anyone looking for a quality high school without going that deep into research for the best school.

3: Karachi Grammar School:

Considered as Karachi’s greatest school, every second parents in Karachi want their child to complete his/her high school from this institute.

Want a reliable and an excellent platform for your kid to grow? Karachi grammar school is the institution to look for.

4: British overseas school:

It’s hard to locate quality British schools in Pakistan. In Karachi, British overseas school is one good British school.

The curriculum taught at British overseas school is updated and the provided faculty members are well qualified.

Definitely, the school offers enough facilities in order to justify its existence in the list of top schools of the city.

5: Bay view High school:

Bay view high school has enjoyed a pretty good reputation due to its solid academic career.

The track record of this school is excellent. The provide facilities are up to the mark and the best thing is that the management cares about the extracurricular activities hence students are provided such opportunities quite often.

6: St Patrick’s High school:

We need more and more such institutions in our county. St Patrick’s high school holds a tremendous academic record and is one prestigious educational institute of the city.

Established in 1861, it is one of the oldest educational institute of Karachi. St Patrick’s has given this nation multiple big names who in their era served the country well.

St Patrick’s is an excellent platform for any young and energetic individual of our society.

7: The Lyceum:

The lyceum is a very good choice for those students who want to join CIE {Cambridge international examination system} later on.

A part from its primary, the O and A level academic programs are also one of the best in the competition. Good faculty members and a decent sized campus are some of the highlights