Best Universities In Karachi: Be a part of your dreamed University

Best Universities In Karachi: Be a part of your dreamed University

Institutes of a country are its real assets. The more and better enhanced institutes a particular country has more likely that country is supposed to progress.

Pakistan is a country which is slowly progressing towards development. The major part in this development is the role of education. This education is delivered by the institutes of our country. These educational institutes play a vital role in success of its students. Coming to the biggest city of the country Karachi, there are tons of educational institutes some are old and some are relatively new. In the past, these institutes have produced many sharp minds and success stories. However, in this article we have listed down the top ten best institutes of Karachi which are considered the best in their respective fields. Let’s take a brief look at these institutions.

1: Ned University


One of the oldest university of the country, NED University of engineering and technology is considered one of the best engineering university in the country.

The university offers bachelors, masters and doctorate level programs in all engineering fields. The university graduated are given employment opportunities in the leading firms of the

country. With its campus spread in acres of land and best engineering faculty in town, NED University is known as the best engineering university in the city for a reason.

2: Aga Khan University


Probably, the only educational institute in the city whose branch network is spread in multiple states.

The university is considered one of the best educational institute in public sector universities. From bachelors to doctorate level, Aga Khan University offers degree level program for a wide variety of disciplines.

3: Sir Syed Institute of Engineering and Technology:

After NED and Agha Khan University, Sir Syed University comes in one’s mind.

The university is Private Sector University in the city but is considered one of the best in its respective field i.e. engineering.

The university has to offer bachelors and masters level program in almost all engineering disciplines.

4: Institute of business and administration:

IBA is considered as good in Karachi as LUMS is considered in in Lahore.

The best university in the city for business studies. IBA offers degree level programs in all business disciplines. Leading firms and multinational companies give slight priority to IBA. Graduates

5: Nust {Punec}:

Nust {pnec} or Pakistan navy engineering college, is the sub campus of NUST, located in Karachi.

The university as the name indicates is the engineering branch of the well-known university chain NUST. PNEC offers degree level programs in all major engineering disciplines.

6: Fast NUCES:

National university of computer and emerging sciences or also known fast is considered the best computer science university in the country.

With its sub campus in Karachi, fast nu offers degree level programs in computer science and software engineering programs up to doctorate level.

The university also offers degree of graduation in business administration also known as bba.

7: University of Karachi:

A well-known public sector university of the city, university of Karachi holds a good track record in terms of quality education in the past.

The university offers admission to numerous programs up to doctorate level. The university is one of the oldest educational institutes of Pakistan.

8: Iqra University:

Some people may argue why this university name is even in the list of best institutes. The answer is we don’t really have that much top notch institutes in our country and also the quality private institutes are rare to locate.

Iqra University is one decent private sector university in the city. The university offers bachelors and masters level programs in number of fields. This university is a decent place for those who don’t get chance in other public sector universities.

9: Indus valley school of arts and architecture:

Probably the only quality arts school in the city, the name says it all.

The institute offers variety of arts related program at bachelor’s level. It also offers seasonal short courses and internships

opportunities. Indus valley school of arts and architecture is considered the best arts institution in the city.

10: Pakistan Naval Academy:

Located in Manora, Pakistan naval academy is basically a naval military academy.

The military academy offers professional degree level courses to its cadets. The institutes also offers training courses to some of the officials and senior cadets. The institute is usually compared with some of the leading naval institutes around the globe and due to this reason it is considered one of the best military institute in the country.


The capital city of Sindh has many higher education institutes to offer but the ones we’ve mentioned are considered the best in their respective fields not only in Karachi but also throughout the country. Keeping the fact in mind that such institutes are rare to locate which have excellent academic background and are well known in their respective field.