43 Latest Waistcoats Designs for Men

43 Latest Waistcoats Designs for Men

A Complete guide on buying the Right Waistcoat for Your Event

Pakistani culture is full of entertainment, colors and traditions especially when it comes down to prepping for your wedding day. In our society, a boy and girl are supposed to be married off as soon as they turn 20 years so. mums and dads scribble down a list of tasks, responsibilities and the attributes that they want in their “bahu” or “damad” an soon enough the search for the perfect partner starts which ends on the grand finale.
Well it is just not about finding your perfect soul mate but a union of two families that promise to respect and take care of each other in times of hardship and joy which is celebrated through extravagant functions and events. Over the years, Pakistani society has seen the evolvement of a simple nikah into lavish wedding receptions that not only has made everyone status conscious but also forces them to spend thousands of rupees on their look for this one day. Yes, we do agree that your wedding comes only once and so choosing the right attire and get up is essential. Girls may have a variety of options and choices to choose from but guys have always been the less fortunate gender in this case. But thanks to the designers of this wonderful country, men can too enjoy dressing up for such events in the most regal way. How? Match your traditional armoire with the perfect waistcoat and you’ll be stealing a million hearts away.

Going Down the Memory Lane

Well most have either heard or worn this piece of garment over their cultural outfits but little does anyone know when and where did the waistcoat originate. Dating back to the kingdom of King Charles II in 1666, the waistcoat then known as the “vest” was used as a proper court dress and was actually imported by English travelers returning from Persia where they saw Emperor Shah Abbas dazzling in it.
And since then, waistcoat has gone through a dozen changes where each revolution introduced a new style of this garment. Some used it as a coat with long tails while others preferred short length and ban collar waistcoats, each person having their own likings. Soon enough, this old piece of garment became a symbol of modernism giving an opportunity to men to spruce up in a style that was new and trendy.

Different types of “vests”

Well this may come as a shock for many but as the waistcoat date back way down the history, this piece of apparel has been used in various designs and cuts to suit your style. Cannot comprehend what we are talking about? Here are the least known types of waistcoats that will instantly grab your attention for good:

  • Basic five buttons waistcoat
    V-neck and five buttons stitched at the front with one pocket on each side, this type of waistcoat is one of the most common types worn today. Pair it with jeans shirt of a blazer and it set things right for you.
    U-neck four buttons
    This one is usually matched with a suit worn by grooms at their receptions or guys attending formal meetings. To improve your look, compliment this u-necked waistcoat with a matching bow tie and designer pant coat and your good to go.
    Double breasted waistcoat
    This one is mostly worn with a formal coat giving you a feeling of a true gentleman.
    Mandarin four pockets
    Ban collar with four pockets at the front, this waistcoat is ideally paired up with traditional attire like a shalwar suit but can easily be worn over casual shirt and jeans for a swanky and hip look.
    Four buttons with four pockets
    A compliment to your cultural apparel or casual appearance, this waistcoat can easily be combined with a dress of your choice to create the perfect evening look.
    Asymmetric four pockets
  • This style goes best with blazers and formal suits so if you have a reception to slay or a business meeting to attend, don’t forget to pair it up with your formal attire.

Everything to know about the “right” waistcoat

No matter how fashionable or classy you think you are, everyone has the tendency to make wrong choice when it comes to dressing up for special occasions and you wouldn’t want to ruin the day for sure. If you are into traditional wear than nothing can pair up with a plain shalwar suit better than a trendy waistcoat to achieve the ideal formal look for the occasion. From grooms-to-be to the friends of the groom, you can easily match your outfit with a designer waistcoat and show some killer moves on the dance floor and steal the lime light. Over the recent years, numerous Pakistani designers have worked hard to improve men’s fashion which has led to the introduction of extraordinary waistcoat designs, styles and cuts that give you a chance to outshine amongst the crowd spruced up in boring attires. Here are some popular names of the fashion world that specialize in designing waistcoats for men that are unique in style with fantastic cuts. Go on reading to choose your favorite piece and rock the look this wedding season:

1. Classic Jute Lichen Traditional Waistcoat

fabric used for it is Jute and beautifully knitted together with dull gold buttons, giving a very subtle look to the spectators.
Price: PKR 14,000/-
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2. Classic Jamawar Coffee Bean Classic Fit Waistcoat

This striking ensemble for men is available in a coffee bean shade, giving historical resemblance because of the printed jamawar used. Adequate machine work using sequence is done on the neckline giving it an astonishing look. If you are having a near-term occasion, then this is the best one to choose.
Price: 18,000/-
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3. Classic Poly Viscose Blue Waistcoat

Here is a waistcoat dipped in subtle shade ofblue.The fabric used for putting is together is a breathable viscose piece while the shiny golden buttons are added to enhance the who feel of it. It is the perfect dual purpose article that can be worn both on formal and casual events.
Price: 20,000/-
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4. Dusky Grid

Another one of Amir Adnan’s waistcoat tops our list. The waistcoat in a dark shade of black is introduced with a set of three pockets. This stunning men’s wear comes with round edges and can easily be carried to formal and casual events with equal grace and style.
Price: 7450/-
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5. Blue Checkered Waistcoat

This blue checked waistcoat has been crafted together using suiting fabric which makes it a supreme quality piece to own. The front is enriched with fancy buttons while the pockets below add the perfect element to complement men’s attire. Let’s not waste any more time and grab this one right away!
Price: PKR 6,950/-
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6. Glossy bloom

For those who are ready to experiment with their classic look, this self-printed red waistcoat can prove to be a true stunner. The flair of the waistcoat is comprised of a square pocket having an embellished monogram on it. It is the best one to wear on mehndi occasion or other important events to make your own style statement.
Price: 7,450/-
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7. Trendy Wrap

Here is a waistcoat straight from Deepak Perwani’s collection. The selected item is perfect for the new generation to wear on their big day. This waistcoat comes along with new cuts especially designed according to the demand of youngsters today. This waistcoat makes a great pair with the traditional shalwar kameez.
Price: 16,500/-
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8. Splendid green

This differently colored green waistcoat is becoming everyone’s favorite. The simple and plain waistcoat can easily be worn on a decent, dark shaded shalwar suit by men of all ages. It’s hip yet completely traditional.
Price: 16,500/-
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9. Smoke

This trendy article is perfect wear for your wedding day. The waistcoat contains blotches that are embellished at two different spots giving it a fancy look on raw silk fabric. It can easily be worn with a light color kurta in combination to pajama or shalwar.
Price: 24,500/-
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10. White Ivory

This fully embellished ivory colored waistcoat is ideal for the mehndi grooms. The resham embroidery on raw silk fabric is nothing short of royalty, making it a perfect article to be worn with kurta pajama praising to a heart-winning look.
Price: 28,500/-
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11. Blue Leaves

This iconic, embellished waistcoat is ready to grab if you wish to go for a slightly different and elegant look on your friend’s event. The selected relic is fabricated with embroidered maple leaves and machine work on the neckline with no button look giving an exceptional look.
Price: 7,590/-
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12. Gold Wave

This graceful and decent waistcoat has been crafted by none other than J. by Junaid Jamshed. For a look that is trendy and vintage simultaneously, this golden colored waistcoat is surely an ideal choice.
Price: 8,490/-
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13. Emerald Pattern

To a achieve a look that is royal, regal and artistry, this waistcoat has been put together with the addition of buttons and pockets on a fabric that is completely breathable and easy to carry. Wearing it with a light color in combination will give it a vintage look which will turn all the heads your way.
Price: 6,500/-
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14. Brown Aptness

Heavily embellished and subtle article, this waistcoat is now available in the market. This brown colored ensemble is stitched together with complete simplicity with nothing additional, which is what makes it unique in every way.
Price: 6,700/-
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15. Murky Gloominess

This mesmerizing relic is here to present for eye-catching look with both light and dark color suiting. This waistcoat is available at Junaid Jamshed to grab on easily. The zari detailing on black shaded base makes this waistcoat amongst the best sellers.
Price: 8,490/-
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The trend these days consists of uniformity caught between shalwar kameez and waistcoat. This particular waistcoat is from the collection of men’s designer ‘Ismail Farid’ that comes with embellished sleeves with the heavily embroidered motif at the back. You must catch it at your earliest to look trendy and up to date in the fashion world.
Price: 10,150
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Waistcoat in velvet is always preferred by everyone. This one maroon in color with detailing at the front of the waistcoat is surely winning hearts. The distinctive collar style has been introduced in this article with gold buttons having monogram on it; wearing this with a same color in a lighter tone will make you look macho in the bash.
Available Price: 22,000/-
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Here is raw silk waistcoat crafted with black color and embroidered detailing at the front. This may not be very rich in design but is surely one elegant choice for occasion both formal and casual.
Price: 18,500/-
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This heavily embellished waistcoat in navy blue is presented by Ismail Farid. The needlework at the front paired with minimal detailing will surely put you in the spotlight. This one is an ideal choice for the perfect mehndi look for the groom-to-be.
Price: 18,500/-
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Ismail Farid propelled another masterpiece from his gorgeous collection is this waistcoat available in a lovely eye-catching color. The waistcoat comes with very fine detailing of thread embroidery on the unique style collar and on a pocket square. If you try this article with the same color suit, you will steal the hearts of others for sure. It can be wear in a daily routine pattern and formally on occasions as well.
Price: 8,800/-
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• The House of Arsalan Iqbal

A young and talented guy with a vision to revamp men’s fashion in Pakistan, Arsalan iqbal entered this field with dexterous skills and a creative mind that helped him reach the top in such a short span of time. Although he designs exquisite outfits for both men and women but if you’re looking out for some of the best waistcoat style in town then missing out on his creations will be a mistake you would definitely regret. Still don’t understand what we are talking about? Here are some of the best concepts brought by the house of Arsalan iqbal that will captivate you with its beauty:

21. The Ceremonial Black Waistcoat

Exclusively made to suit your formal winter look, this black velvet waistcoat is adorned with Persian inspired hand embroidery at the front. If you’re the groom with the wedding date approaching near very quickly, then trust Arsalan Iqbal’s creations and rock your mehndi floor in this fabulous piece of attire.
Price: PKR 45,000
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If you like dressing up in subtle shades and graceful cuts than this brown and green waistcoat is perfect for you. Embellished with intricate thread embroidery, this decent attire will give the ideal look for your formal event with going overboard with the style and colors. It’s exciting and fresh so giving it a try would definitely be a wise choice.
Price: PKR 12,500
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23. Off-White Nehru Jacket

It is time to re-discover your style statement with this happening off-white Nehru Jacket. This one has been created exclusively with gold wire, raw tila and resham embroidery going down the front and the back to give your traditional style a new twist.
Price: PKR 16,500
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24. The Royal Blue Waistcoat

Fashion has no limits, you only need a creative mind and the right set of skills to execute your ideas with perfection. Holding expertise in creating spectacular attires, Arsalan Iqbal royal blue waistcoat is another excellent piece of suiting. Made from banarsi pure jamawar with paneled velvet and golden button, this waistcoat is just what you need to leave a lasting impression in the wintery season of weddings.
Price: PKR 12,500
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25. Yellow Jamawar Waistcoat

If you have the courage to go bold with your style and try on something bright and happening then this yellow jamawar waistcoat may be well within your reach. Get it stitched to fit your size before the limited addition goes down the rack and all you are left with are boring outfits to amuse yourself with.
Price: PKR 12,500
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26. The Black and White Waistcoat

Look different with this optical illusion inspired black and white waistcoat on that has been decked with gold wire detailing. This is definitely an armoire that you must have never seen before so why not make it a part of your wardrobe? With a traditional cut, ban collar and plain black buttons at the front, it will go well with your white shalwar suit for the formal evening.
Price: PKR 11,000
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• J. by Junaid Jamshed

A versatile singer turned scholar, Junaid Jamshed tried his best to serve people either by his inspiring words or by bringing them some of the best apparels and clothing lines that were modest and modern. From luxurious lawn prints to fantastic perfume collection, this one place has everything you need being sold at an affordable price. J. is not just famous for items catering to the needs of women but is also popularly known for its concepts that reach out to re-define men’s fashion. So if you’re looking for a waistcoat to be worn on the auspicious occasion of Eid or a grand mehndi function, the latest collection of J. won’t disappoint you.

27. The Plain Blue Waistcoat

If you think simplicity is your style then go ahead and grab for this simple and plain blue waistcoat that comes with a ban collar, traditional cut and black buttons at the front. pair it up with a shalwar suit of your choice and you’ll be set to rock the formal or casual look for the upcoming event.
Price: PKR 5,985
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28. The Stylish Black Waistcoat

Although this attire dates back to an era when fashion was commonly followed, still it doesn’t have to be boring. Adding a touch of modernism to this one comes with three pockets on the front each one enhanced with fabricated detailing. The collar too is highlighted with contrasting piping while the front is decked with panels and square buttons which make it a hot seller. For an amazing apparel like this one, one wouldn’t mind spending a few thousand rupees!
Price: PKR 6,885
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29. The Angelic White

Adorned with self-print, a stylish cut and collar, this white waistcoat can easily be paired up with a black simple shalwar suit or a dress of your choice. No matter if you’re the groom or his friend, this armoire is an ideal choice for functions where you need to maintain you style stigma.
Price: PKR 7,285
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30. The Lustrous Rust

For guys on a search for something unique and fashionable to go with their traditional look, this incredible rust waistcoat is the answer to your quest. With a round neck and trendy cut, this garment is adorned with beautiful embroidery all over, making it an exciting and stunning piece of attire to brighten up your personality.
Price: PKR 9,985
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31. The Graceful Maroon Waistcoat

Amuse yourself with this hip and fulgent maroon waistcoat that has been put together with creativity and style to fit your fashion needs. Ban collar, round cuts, huge pockets and a motif embedded upfront, this outfit shall not be missed by guys with some serious fashion goals.
Price: PKR 6,985
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• Almirah: Class and style at its best

It didn’t take long for this label to prove its worth in the market that caters to an audience with high-end fashion needs. Almirah is a name of elegance, grace and quality that aims at bringing to its respectable customers outfits and designs that are one of a kind. Be it a lady’s choice for formal wear or a man’s choice for casual attire, this brand will dress you up just perfectly. And so here is Almirah’s waistcoat collection that is too good to be missed:

32. The Valiant Black

Managing your classic style in for the winter wedding can be one difficult task. But with this black waistcoat from Almirah designed with a v-neck and sew details at the pockets and collar, you’ll be setting out new trends with pride.
Price: PKR 6,450
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33. The Fresh Grey Waistcoat

Young and hip, this grey waistcoat is conceptualized especially for the youth seeking out for elegant pieces to be worn on cultural gatherings. Traditional cut, a ban collar and stitched detailing at the front, this waistcoat is definitely the best reflection of simplicity at its best.
Price: PKR 5,950
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34. The Charming Blue Waistcoat

Fancied with checkered print and stitched with style, this waistcoat by Almirah can easily be carried to casual and formal events where comfort and style go hand in hand.
Price: PKR 6,250
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35. The Ethereal Green Attire

Conceptualized with innovation and creativity, this classic piece of apparel is something that can easily be carried with men of all ages with grace and class. The waistcoat is highlighted with spectacular print and round buttons and piping around the collar and pocket suitable to be worn in every season.
Price: PKR 6,950
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36. The Exquisite Red

This semi-formal self printed red waistcoat is stitched with perfection and is made available in high quality fabric so that when your down enjoying the show, you can stay completely comfortable without compromising on your style.
Price: PKR 7,450
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• Showcasing the Wonders of Amir Adnan

Finding a drape that fits you well can be quite a handful of a task. If you cannot decide on your look for the upcoming event than head to Amir Adnan and add a modern turn to your typical and boring appearance because this guys knows how to enhance your persona with just the right piece of clothing.

37. The Olive Waistcoat

Amir Adnan is considered the master mind behind changing the concept of dull and mundane waistcoats for men. Here is this olive garment that put together with plain fabric, golden buttons and ban collar making it a suitable choice for men who are on a look out for something contemporary and decent.
Price: PKR 7,000
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38. Grey Jamawar Waistcoat

The jamawar fabric defines the cultural beauty of Pakistan where every festivity is celebrated in attires designed exclusively out of this fabric. Blending in a grey piece of jamawar with fancy buttons and a trendy has resulted in creation of this amazing waistcoat that can be paired up well with your conventional dress.
Price: PKR 8,400
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39. The Two Toned Waistcoat

Pair it up with a blazer or simply wear it over a shalwar suit, this two toned cotton waistcoat is swanky, modern and hip so amuse yourself with a style that has never been tried before and that too at a price surprisingly affordable.
Price: PKR 2,800
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40. Navy Blue and White Waistcoat

An exciting combination of blue and white print, this linen waistcoat is decked with fancy button upfront which gives a unique twist to this uninteresting piece of garment, changing it into an apparel that is impressive and striking.
Price: PKR 2,800
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41. The Modest Brown

Short in length with a v-neck and golden buttons, this brown waistcoat speaks volume of trend and fashion with a look that can impress anyone easily.
Price: PKR 5,600
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• The Legendary Deepak Perwani
Deepak Perwani is not a new name in the Pakistani fashion fraternity. A man whose been ruling over the country with his immaculate creations and clothing collections, Deepak Perwani always has something superb up his sleeve which is ready to take over the audience with surprise. So with the wedding seasons around the corner, get ready to be spruced up by Deepak Perwani fabulous waistcoat collection to create a lasting impression.

42. The Regal Blue

Plain cut, banned collar with intricate detailing, this blue waistcoat has been made regal and magnificent with embroidery at the front so that you can stun the guests with an outfit that is unique and stylish to the very core.
Price: PKR 28,500
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43. Black Jamawar Waistcoat

An off-white or beige shalwar suit will make a killer combination with this black jamawar waistcoat. Adorned with outstanding print and embroidery over the shoulder, this waistcoat will complete the perfect groom look for your mehndi function.
Price: PKR 19,500
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A Style in Glance of Pictures

Pakistani labels and designers pay attention to detailing when creating fashion garments for men because each person has a different requirement and fulfilling their needs in the best possible ways is what makes a label grand and brilliant. These are just few of the many waistcoat styles that will enhance your fashion game so choose one for yourself wisely!