Latest Top 41 Borjan Hanbags and Clutches 2022

Latest Top 41 Borjan Hanbags and Clutches 2022

Borjan has been focusing on serving one of the best handbags and shoes in the industry to keep people updated with the latest trends and its indulgence and unique sense of fashion makes Borjan stand out better than the rest of the brands. Borjan does not only focuses on the creation of unique and spectacular shoes for the both genders however, they are also famous for their creation of glamorous handbags and purses which matches the aesthetic of the fashion trends these days. Due its increasing demand Borjan has 99 outlets in around 56 cities of Pakistan. Moreover, they ensure that customers get quality satisfaction and the bags are durable apart from style and have been providing since day has thousand of customers

Borjan is one of the oldest and most trustworthy brands in the shoe companies existing in Pakistan. Its core commodities are footwear and accessories including bags and jewelry as well. The durability of the products of this company has enabled the people of Pakistan from every age group and every field of life to prefer Borjan over any other brand. The handbags from Borjan are not only sophisticated but also fulfilling the needs of modern world fashion and aesthetics.  The classic touch to every bag and clutch with the quality of material being used had enhanced the interest of customers in these products.

Here are the 41 best ladies’ handbags from Borjan that are available for shopping online as well.

1. Women Trill Shoulder Bag

Borjan Bags 2022 Shoulder

This classic black handbag with a bow in front is an exciting collection of Borjan bags. The perfect dimension and feasibility to carry it make it an essential accessory for any occasion. The strap of the bag is adjustable according to your need. This item is available in pitch black color.

Price: PKR 2900 this

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2. Women Shoulder Bag

This navy blue handbag is unlike anything you have ever seen. The availability of double straps makes it easy to go bag for any place. It can go best with dresses with a blue hue or contrasting with other shades. The capacity of the bag is perfect for working women.

Price: PKR 6000

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3. Women Boxy

This red-colored rectangular-shaped box bag is an easy pickup choice for a highlighted look. The easy lock of the bag keeps things secure and the capacity allows you to put all basic handy necessities. The shining leather material makes it easy to clean and regain its beauty again.

Price: PKR3500

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4. Women Snazzy Clutch

A fashionable and functional bag is a necessity for every woman. This embellished rectangular clutch is the bag fulfilling all these requirements. It is designed to a size that allows your mobile phone and personal cards to be set properly in a smart look. The long adjustable strap allows you to carry it as a cross-body bag or simply a clutch. There are a few decent colors available in this code.

Price: PKR4300

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5. Women Shoulder Bag

This classic shoulder bag with bright and solid colors is a beautiful blend of durability and style. It is a good addition to your matching bag collection. The golden chain style on it has enhanced the style statement of this bag. It is available in green, maroon, beige, and black colors.

Price: PKR5600

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6. Women Shoulder Bag

Thinking of getting a simple yet elegant bag? This sophisticated plain bag adorned with a beautiful keychain is a perfect choice for you. It is providing a spacious bag with secured zips for all sections. It is the best selection of working women who needs to carry different important objects all the time in their bags. It comes in different colors like mint green, tan and black.

Price: PKR 4200

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7. Women Bag pack

A backpack is a style statement for all women and especially teenage girls. Nowadays it is the most famous for college and university students to carry their books and stationery in a stylish bag. This backpack with a cute bow is already enhancing its chic look. It is available in white and black colors.

Price: PKR 3200

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8. Women Snazzy Wallet

This dazzling wallet by Borjan is a perfect choice as your shopping bag. It is a decent piece to carry and to put all your essential cards, money, and mobile in one place. The shiny half of the wallet is creating a sense of energy in this wallet. This stylish wallet is available in black, grey, and tea-pink colors.

Price: PKR 2400

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9. Women Snazzy Clutch

This lovely embellished buckle lock clutch is the right option for your important ceremonies. The clutch is in a decent round shape with perfect dimensions and adorned with a heightened metal flower. It is a perfect choice for partywear to highlight your persona. This article is currently available in navy and golden colors.

Price: PKR 3600

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10. Women Clutch

This box bag with an easy lock is the right bag for you in any event. The knitted part of this bag is giving a shine to the whole structure. The available colors are beige and tea pink which is easy to go with any attire. The golden lock is easy to open and secure the goods inside.

Price: PKR 3000

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11. Women Shoulder Bag

This classic essential women’s bag collection is not only good to look at but also practical. The quality of material used in its manufacturing is evident while providing room for your bundle of accessories. This bag is designed to carry all your must-haves and still be stylish. It is available in black. beige and yea pink colors.

Price: PKR 3900

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12. Women Boxy

This flawlessly feminine and stylish leather skin bag is the purse that can enhance your any dress and any event. The chic look of the bag is highlighted by the golden stylish chain, shining leather, and golden metal patch in front. This bag can complete one’s look without overdoing it. This article is available in maroon, mustard, and blue colors.

Price: 5000

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13. Women Shoulder Bag

This drawstring bag pack is a blend of a classic drawstring bag with a touch of the strap to carry it. This leather bag is durable and spacious to contain all necessary items in one place. The long strap is adjustable to transform it from a shoulder bag to a cross-body bag. This item is available in mint green and white colors.

Price: PKR 2800

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14. Women Shoulder Bag

This quilted, bright bag with a scarf ribbon bound in one strap is providing the chic look one need to enjoy the outside fun party. The soft shades are available to complete your whole look without doing too much. This is an iconic bag for women of every age group. This article is available in white, mint green, and tea pink colors.

Price: PKR 4700

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15. Women Chic

This chic bag is adding more playfulness to your appearance. This item is a mixture of day-to-day design with solid color and the cool aspect of handbags. The eyes on the bag are enhancing the fun element of this bag. The small bag attached in a bound form is also highlighting its practicality. The colors available are maroon, tan, and black.

Price: PKR 3600

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16. Women Shoulder

This weave patterned bag is best to go with the women in favor of minimalist design. The soft color and neatly woven style enhance the elegance and style of this article. The bag is long-lasting with a complete luxe look. The decent color scheme makes it complementary to any dress. The colors available for this article are yellow, blue, and mint green.

Price: PKR 4500

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17. Women Shoulder

This is one of the classic day-to-day Borjan bags with a chic touch in it. The bag is available to attain a stylish look with all elegance and timelessness. This style never goes out of trend with its pretty little kitty bag attached to it. This item is available in beige, white, and mint green colors.

Price: PKR 3900

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18. Women Shoulder Bag

This three-colored tote style bag is an easy choice for a perfect funky look. The bag is spacious with another pocket on the backside of the bag. This item is cool for an outside event with the feasibility of easy carrying. The Borjan logo is enhancing the refinement of the bag.

Price: PKR 2800

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19. Women Snazzy Wallet

This ladies’ wallet is quite a combination of feminine touch and functionality. The purse is secured with a firm button with a tiny heart and a hanging pearl on it. This wallet provides room for all the necessary cards and money with you.  This article is neatly stitched with ease to carry and a fine look. It is available in pink, tea pink, black and mauve.

Price: PKR 2700

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20. Women Shoulder Bag

This extravagant weave-style long leather bag is a whole new mood that can elevate your appearance. The long and short straps enable you to carry it in different styles accroding to the occasion. The bag is easy to clean anf made up of high-quality shining leather. It is available in maroon color.

Price: PKR 2500

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21. Women Shoulder Bag

This plain, small cross-body bag is excellent for an everyday cool look. This article is an easy-to-go choice for daily use for the necessary articles of your outgoing accessories. The strap is adjustable and can be carried as a shoulder bag as well as a cross-body bag. It is available in mint green and white shades.

Price: PKR 2800

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22. Black Handbag With Embrioded Red Roses

This small art created on bag with crimson on with the mixture with off-white representing on black is perfect for formal meetings or dinner appointments. It’s hard to make up mind on which bag to take during a formal event and this bag is perfect for these formal events.
Price of GS0008095 is Rs 4,690.00
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23. HandBag Black Leather

This handbag screams elegance moreover, it would be perfect to match your work attire or to match the decency you can gift it to your moms on Mother’s Day or their birthdays to make the day special. This a classical handbag available in three colors; white, black and grey.
Price of GS0008222 is Rs 1,890.00
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24. Black Handbag With Colorful Stripes

This handbag features a bohemian design completed by colorful fringes on the front. This handbag comes only in one color that is black. This is designed keeping teenage girls who love black along with radiant and flamboyant colors
Price of this GS0008411 is Rs 1,990.00
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25. Red Color Clutch

This extravagant red wallet with a beautiful butterfly design is such a stunning work of craftmanship. This is perfect for those who prefer clutches rather than big bags. This bag is perfect to store your credit card mobile.
Price of GS0008689 is Rs 1,190.00
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26. Skin Color Handbag With Valvet Work

A vintage with a flower pattern, to celebrate the joy of winters. This off white color is for those who love decent and elegant bags
Price: of GS0007032 is Rs 1,890.00
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27. Brown Leather Bag With Embroidered Deer

Start your beautiful autumn day carrying this gorgeous handbag, with an aesthetic looking deer surrounded by the nature. This bag is for hippies who love natural touch of nature.
Price of this GS0008324 is Rs 1,990.00
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28. The Unique Eye Shape Clutch

This handbag features a bold blue eye with crown styled eyelashes perfect for the goth lovers and many more who love going with bold appearances. This is a unique bag to flaunt with your casual dressing
Price of GS0007071 is Rs 3,190.00
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29. Green Piping With Golden Color Embroidered Flowers

For a sophisticated and classic appearance this handbag is amazing with floral patterns available in white and pink. Moreover, it’s the best in summers since the floral patterns represent the sunny and cheerful vibe of summers. This bag emits a feminine aura. This dress is a perfect match with your flamboyant floral print dress
Price of GS0008783 is Rs 3,590.00
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30. White Clutch With Black Polka Dots

If you are looking for something yet chic and a classic clutch, its’s the perfect one. Available in two colors, black and white with polka dots of the alternate color. It’s made out from best fabric for casual and classy wear.
Price of Gs0008398 is Rs 890.00
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31. Cat Shape Borjan Handbag

This bag is perfect for all the cat lovers out there, and again Borjan providing its finest which features an adorable cat shaped with cute eyes and whistlers. Is a dream for cat lovers and this adorable This customized bag available in two colors; red and black.
Price of GS0008259 is Rs 1,890.00
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32. Printed Little Girl on Black Handbag

This classical black handbag has its own adorableness to it due to the doll painted on the bag. Due to the doll, it gives more off a girly and feminine vibe which can be matched with many outfits.
Price of GS0008360 is Rs 1,790.00
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33. Black Clutch With Emroided Flowers

The floral embroidered black colored wallet may look simple but it is classy. It can match with almost any outfit and look fabulous in all of them. It also can be a perfect gift to one of your close friends for their birthday.
Price of GS0008177 is Rs 1,090.00
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34. Clutch Rose Shape in Golden Color

This stunning clutch is perfect for attending parties with Borjan’s finest creation. It has enough capacity to fit in all your essentials moreover, it does a great a job at being extravagant on the exterior with its rose petal shaped clutch. It is available in one color which is gold.
Price of GS000687 is Rs 12,990.00
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35. A Funky Handbag

The handbag has its own uniqueness due to colorful illustrations and emoji lovers. If you feel like expressing your emotions on a vivid scale, this bag is perfect due to its jovial colors. This handbag will look great on casual outfits if you’re going with something colorful.
Price of GS0008453 is Rs 3,690.00
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36. Beautiful Multi Color Handbag

Get this classical bag for your perfect dinner outings. Borjan has kept it simple with this bag however, to add a bit of cheerful vibe to it they added the addition of red, white, mauve and blue stripes alongside black to maintain its formality.
Price of GS0008282 is Rs 3,390.00
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37. Simple But Decent

Feeling late summery vibe? To fulfill that one should get the bag because due to the uniqueness of this bag. The decent matching with the vibrant colors. Moreover, the embroidery detailing of the beautiful studs is quite breathtaking.
Price of GS0008703 is Rs 3,390.00
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38. A PArty Clutch With Multicolor

Looking for a classical yet girly clutch to match your outfit for your perfect evening? This floral clutch is perfect to maintain the classiness. Moreover, it can also match the summer outfits under the heat while holding up your essentials.
Price of this model is 1,295.00
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39. Black And Red Handbcg

Borjan is presenting a laser-cut designed handbag to expand your wardrobe attached with the two frills on the side. It is perfect match for casual attires in any season. It is available in two colors, Black with red and Pink and off-white, the perfect combination of colors.
Price of GS0008381 is Rs 3,390.00
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40. Pink Handbag For Party Wear

This bag matches the aesthetic of the people who love pink and floral prints. Furthermore, due to the 3d floral print which makes it more unique than the other bags. This perfect for any kind of attire whether casual or formal.
Price of GS0008261 is Rs 9,990.00
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41. Classic Skin Tone Handbag

This stylish and simple handbag has a touch of feminine touch due to the colorful balls attached as a keychain. Style your everyday casual through this handbag to brighten your appearance.
Price of GS0008158 is Rs 3,890.00
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