Let’s Dig At Latest Best Borjan Sandals For Men

Let’s Dig At Latest Best Borjan Sandals For Men

Nearly every person in the today’s world needs their style to be the fashion statements. Be it women or men all are looking for classy things to wear whether it is for their dresses or for their footwear. However, the situation often gets complicated when you are a couple and looking for something at a single place and are tired from roaming places to places. Well in this situation Borjan is the answer to your query. Head over to Borjan since they are offering the best footwear for men and women at inexpensive prices. The different types of brands introduced by them have amazing collection which is introduced in every season. Other than this the casual and the formal wear category of the footwear for men and women is to die for. There is a good news for the all the women. Thy have the best accessories as well. So if you are looking for the reliable things then borjan is the right place to go.

1. Black Peshawri Sandal

Even in the present time there are a lot of people fond of wearing traditional clothes and foot wear since in this way they feel more affiliated with their culture. The footwear present these days have a blend of tradition in them in many different ways whether it is about the common chappal or the fashionable sandals you can see the reflection of culture easily. This black peshawri sandal fulfills the needs of the culture oriented person. When wore with white shalwar these will remarkable then before and give a look which will be complemented by everyone.
Price: Rs 1,190.00
Product Code: A03009892
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2. Brown Sandals

Summer season becomes tough for the men as well, as far as the footwear is concerned. This front pen sandal in brown color is one of the best choices available for summers for the men to wear. The easily adjustable strap is one of the other features which make this sandal the most demanding one. Other than this, the sandal is perfect for the events like Eid.
Price:Rs 2,250.00
Product Code:B03SI0005
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3. Black Sandals

There are many fashion forward men out there who are ready to experience new trends each day. Well this is the solution for their fashion oriented nature. It has a green base with the strap of black color on its top. The pure leather used in these sandals makes them even more comfortable. This sandal is available at an affordable sale price since the sale season in Borjan is the best thing to happen where even your pocket money will make you sandals full.
Price:Rs 1,350.00
Product Code: D03000047
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4. Brown and Orange Outdoor Sandals

All the outdoor adventures would be incomplete without the perfect footwear for the men which are comfortable and will make them enjoy their trip. For all such adventurous trips head over to Borjan and get these amazing sandals which are available at an inexpensive price. A funky touch has been given to the sandals in order to keep them on the fashionable side as well. A number of sizes are available in this so if you are worrying about the size, don’t get worried.
Price:Rs 2,390.00
Product Code:D03000057
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5. Light Brown Strappy Sandals

After talking to the couple of Borjan constant clients it has been figured out that the people are fans of the way they keep the sole of the shoes soft since it makes a lot easy to pass the long hectic days. These light brown sandals are one of the them. Also they have adjustable strap and are available in a number of sizes. The best part is that these days they are available at the sale price which is so reasonable.
Price:Rs 1,000.00
Product Code:B03001001
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6. Red and Brown Sandals

Men these days are even more conscious about their looks and their fashion statement. Keeping in view their demand for fashion Borjan has introduced a couple of sandals which go with the amazing summer dresses. Besides these sandals will look amazing with the t-shirts as well which really go with the color scheme.
Price:Rs 1,990.00
Product Code:B03001014
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7. Brown Stylish Sandals

Tired of wearing the conventional sandal styles? Looking for something that is innovative yet fashionable? Looking for footwear that is more of a classy thing wear? Well to all these questions this sandal is the answer. The amazing zigzag work with the stripes and the open thumb add to the class of the sandal. Well this is a must thing to add in your wardrobe. Order away or rush to the nearest Borjan outlet to get yourself a little treat. This would be the perfect thing to wear on the cultural festive like Eid and Mehndi functions.
Price:Rs 1,400.00
Product Code:O03ZE0011
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8. Light Brown Sandals With Laces Style

Planning on going to a trekking trip? Get the entire package complete with these comfortable and reliable sandals satisfying the fashion needs of the person as well. This sandal is available at affordable price so get yourself ready for your trekking trip with these.
Price:Rs 1,345.00
Product Code:D03000046
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9. Dark Brown Sandals

These super cool sandals are great for your summer wardrobe. Their sole is comfortable and the sandals are available in two other colors as well that is black and light brown shades. Although there a little less sizes available online but there is nothing to worry about since your city must have so many branches of Borjan that you can head over there and get the desired size. This footwear is available at the flat 50% sale.
Price:Rs 630.00
Product Code:A03009864
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10. Blue And Black Sandals

Summers can be very hard in finding something that can make your feet cool during the days in the scotching heat. These blue and black sandals are the best comfortable sandals to keep your feet cool in the hot summer season. All the Borjan shoes are made with good stuff that makes the people their constant buyers.
Price:Rs 2,690.00
Product Code:O03BD0008
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11. Two Tone Color Sandals

Tired of wearing sandals that are having single colors? Want something in the shades of a single color and want it to look classy as well? This isn’t too much to ask for. Grab these two tone sandals in the shades of brown. These will look good with the eastern and the western style clothing as well. So get yourself the perfect go to sandals in affordable rates. Beat the heat in summers with these great sandals.
Price:Rs 2,350.00
Product Code:B03000922
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12. Black Sandals With Brown Base

These plain black sandals are good for the casual events even you can wear these sandals in your day to day routine as well. Cool feet assure the cool mind as well. So if you want to stay cool in the office routine buy these amazing sandals and make your day amazing.
Price:Rs 650.00
Product Code:A03009869
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13. Black Classy Sandals

Other than the conventional styles of sandals, there sandals have a different style of statement. Looking like in the form of a shoe these sandals are comfy and also available on the sale these days. The rope like texture of the sandals gives it a classy look.
Price:Rs 1,775.00
Product Code: B03000950
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14. Blue and Brown Sandals

Although these sandals seems to be a little more fashionable but aren’t you having the desire to try something new fashionable? Other than the amazing color combination these are easy to wear and come in different sizes as well. A buckle strap in the sandal is making it even more desirable.
Price:Rs 1,550.00
Product Code:O03GA0003
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15. Brown Leather Sandals

These sandals are made with leather and gaps are left at places so that your feet don’t get hot in the summer season. Also, they can be easily wore with summer attires and jeans as well.
Price:Rs 1,450.00
Product Code:C03000716
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16.Dark Brown Buckle Strap sandals

This footwear is made with synthetic material but the manufactures have made sure to keep in view the ease of the customers by keeping it soft and easy to wear.
Price:Rs 1,690.00
Product Code:A03002187
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17. Light Brown Cheetah Print Sandals

This shoe is an amazing blend of art and creativity in it with the cheetah texture on it. It can be wore in the daily life routine for spending great days.
Price:Rs 2,790.00
Product Code:O03NI0002
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Borjan with its so many branches working successfully all over Pakistan is the trustable Footwear brand with great collection.
Happy Borjan Shopping!