Borjan Shoes The Smartest Foot Wear In Pakistan

Borjan Shoes The Smartest Foot Wear In Pakistan

Psychology states that first thing another person notices about you is your “Shoes”, Borjan has kept their customers loyal by providing shoes which provide value, comfort, quality and a wide range to choose from. This elegant shoes brand also provides a comfortable female wear shoes, for every occasion and season. The shoes are designed carefully, cushioning and comforting your feet with light weight sole. These chose provide a design and comfort which leaves you feeling comfortable for special events. Borjan has an old name and famous name in Pakistan’s fashion industry.

Here are some distinctive and beautiful types of shoes Borjan sells:

Men shoes

Borjan Shoes For Boys Men

With the smartest collection of shoes this quality shoes brand has a shoes line for men which is up to date with blend of fashion and comfort. The men’s shoes are long lasting. Borjan provides shoes for numerous occasions from wedding events to office meetings to casual wear shows. Here are different types of shoes available for men:

  • Joggers

These types of shoes are perfect for those who love sports since they provide comfort and ease while playing or running. Due to the top notch quality stitching and fabric, these shoes are resistant to tearing despite the heavy usage and are easily washable. Apart from sports, they are for those who love joggers, as Borjan provides with unique design and colors to choose from. Apart from all these qualities the price is also reasonable.

  • Men’s sandal

Sandals For Boys Borjan Shoes

Borjan provides comfortable everyday wear shoes for men. It has best selling Peshawari sandals, which matches perfectly with shalwar kameez (eastern dress). The sandal style ranges from teenage boys to adult men. For teenage boys they provide sandals with funky colors like blue or red and for adult men sophisticated colors are there, such as dark brown and black.

  • Flip Flops

For those who aren’t found of wearing sandals much, This smartest Pakistani shoes brand provides for them another comfortable footwear, flip flops. Either it’s a perfect day to beach or for daily casual wear, Borjan provides the best quality flip flops with unique designs.

  • Loafers

Borjan provides loafers, which are perfect for both formal and casual attire. it provides with top quality loafers made by skilled labors

Women shoes

Borjan Shoes For Girls

For any event, for women, shoes play an important role. Ladies go through a lot of trouble to find the perfect matching shoes for certain attire, but Borjan solves this problem for them by providing them with stylish shoes with wide range of colors to choose from. Not only they provide shoes with elegance but also with quality and comfort. Here are various types of shoes borjan sells:

  • Wedges

Wedges look perfectly for both eastern dresses. Borjan provides with various unique style wedges with flamboyant colors. Not only they provide comfort but also are balancing making your feet pain free. Wedges provide support who love wearing heels but are afraid of tripping

  • High heels

High heels for girls is a must have. The major issue, most girls who wear heels face are blisters and unease while walking. Borjan solves this problem for its customers, by providing comfortable heels which are blister free and cushions your feet providing. Borjan provides stylish range of high heels for young girls. Borjan provides wide range of heels like stilettos, pumps, platform and kitten

  • Flats

Those who prefer flats, borjan provides comfortable range of flats. These flats are excellent for work and everyday use, making you look distinctive and dashing. Apart from masses, these flats are also adored by actresses due to its ease and style

  • Flip flops

Borjan shoes provide flip flops with arch support which with supports arch muscles putting less pressure on forefoot. Arch support  provides good health, relief and comfort.

This quality focus brand also carry huge selection of accessories including handbags and wallets for men.

Hand Bag For Girls Borjan