35 Best Pakistani Bridal Designers Lehenga to Enclave Instyle Wedding Dress

35 Best Pakistani Bridal Designers Lehenga to Enclave Instyle Wedding Dress

A pivotal point in every girl’s life, a wedding day is something but the ordinary. A day that completes turn you from a “daddy’s girl” to a “responsible bahu and wife”, bringing with new relations and responsibility. As much as you might be excited to start this new journey, preparing for the big finale can be exciting and difficult at the same time. Where you get to pamper yourself with unlimited salon appointments, purchasing the right bridal armoire can be really hard.
Most brides-to-be dream of wearing designer dresses that are beautifully embellished with stones and crystals and each one carries its own signature style, yet finding the right bridal dress for your personality can be hell of a task. Moving from one designer store to another’s studio is not only time consuming but also wastage of resources. So before moving out on a quest to buy your bridal outfit, here is a list of some of the best designer creations that will make you a drop-dead gorgeous bride. From HSY to Élan, from Umer Sayyed to Nomi Ansari, the list has pieces from the top fashion houses that will definitely prove helpful to you while picking up a final choice.

• The Talented Nomi Ansari

A famous name in the field of Pakistani fashion industry, Nomi Ansari has surely changed the face of bridal couture, blending the traditional and modern looks together to create bridal collections that are extraordinary. So girls, get ready to look at some of the best pieces from this brand’s collection

1. Shanghai

A unique combination of sea-green and magenta, the lehenga has been heavily embroidered with thread work while the peplum styled top has been beautifully adorned with floral thread motifs and zardozi hand work with a ban collar and fancy buttons that adds to the charm of this outfit.
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2. Champagne

Sequined shirt and a lehenga laden with floral ribbon pattern with addition of Sawroki stones and zarodzi hand work on a net fabric attached to a benarsi underneath, this lehenga choli comes along with equally wonderfully embellished duppata that will make any bride glow on her big day.
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3. Rose Quartz

Shine away in this pure self-printed raw silk lehenga/ skirt gilded with gold hand work and pink border, matched perfectly with a velvet and net blouse covered in stones and crystals and loop buttons at the back. And to top it off in the right way, a hot pink duppata with gold fabricated border is what you need.
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4. Gold Silver Pishwas

Nothing short of extraordinary, this gold pishwas is laden with ganga jamna embroidery on each panel while the net yoke is covered in gold and silver zardozi work. A traditional take on a bridal look, you’ll look like a princess straight of the Mughal Era.
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5. The Pink Sapphire

A modern take on cultural wear, this style is what you would want to carry on your big day. The hot pink, cotton net shirt with naqshi work and chatta patti detailing on the sleeves is paired up with equally amazing lime green and pink raw silk gharara is enough to blind others with its shine.
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• The indestructible Zara Shahjahan

Standing firmly to her name, Zara Shahjahan bridal collection is all about royalty and queen ship. Every idea conceived here is executed with perfection so that every bride-to-be can look like a vision of love and purity on her big day. So here are some of the most extraordinary dress from her bridal collection:

6. The Maroon & Golden Dress

When it comes down to the beauty of this bridal attire, words fail to justify it. the angrakha styled gown is heavily laden with intricate golden tila and zrdozi work with a plain inner that highlights each detailing. To compliment the heavily adorned top, the lehenga has been crafted with small dabka and crystal motifs, paired up with an equally embellished duppata. The extra embroidery on the sleeves and hanging tassels makes this bridal dress out of the world.

7. The Fabulous Beige Bridal suit

In the present times, missing out on gharara pants is absolutely out of question. Zara Shahjahan brings to you this light shaded bridal attire that consists of a short shirt adorned with tila and thread motifs all over matched with silk and jamawar gharara that is textured with golden zardozi detailing and a net duppata to complete your bridal look for the event.

8. The Hot Pink Garb

They say history repeats itself and this bridal apparel proves it right. The shirt reaches down to your feet is laden with floral design and booties made from dabka and gotta, going all the way down to the daman while the neck is covered with crystals and stone work. It is matched with a jamawar lehenga and raw silk duppata with “jhaalar” on all the four sides, given it a splendorous look.

9. The Sassy Ferozi Smock

Zara Shahjahan;s bridal collection is all about playing around with decent and simples shades that work together with intricate embroidery to enhance your personality. This chic styles ferozi shirt with a cut at the front is decked with kora and tila work with hints of colorful floral thread work. It is matched with a lehenga with stout border and a perfectly embellished duppata.

The Power house- Fahad Hussayn

Innovative and sublime, Fahad Hyssayn’s bridal collection has always stood out because of the incredible designs and intelligent color combination. This brand has proved its stance of bringing fierce and beauty in creating traditional wear that shout loud of modernity. To all those brides-to-be on a search for the best bridal dress for themselves, here are some amazing pieces from Fahad Hussayn’s collection:

10. Shahjehanabad

Say good-bye to the traditional shades of reds and blues, go for this stunning off-white bridal attire that will make you look no less than a princess waiting to be crowned as the empress. The peplum shirt is garnished with zardozi work and 3D flowers complimented with a skirt decked with a huge floral motif in the middle. It comes along with a lehenga embellished with equally beautiful zardozi work and a choice of two beautiful duppatas to choose from, each one created with style and elegance.
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11. Mor Mahal

Walk down the aisle in this extremely heavy lehenga that is incredibly garnished with stone and tila work that will make everyone go “aww”. A long shirt with front cut, the top is densely covered in beautiful patterns of zardozi and tila work with floral thread arrangements all over and comes along are choices of a plain raw silk lehenga and a cream colored duppata or a “farshi” lehenga with fabricated border and a purple duppata with heavy work on it. choose your style and get ready to impress the audience.
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12. Odin

Fahad Hussayn’s master pieces are truly inspired from the Mughal era and so if you want to feel like a powerful empress who’s beautiful and elegant; this bridal dress is just what you need. Graced with green crystals complimenting the beige color of the outfit, the entire gown is covered in zardozi detailing along with dabka work and loop buttons at the back that enhances its charm and fascination.
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13. Gayan

The fabulous Gayan is ideal for valima brides seeking for something classy and sophisticated. The raw silk front open shirt is embellished with splendid thread work and zardozi motifs while the simple purple lehenga carries an embroidered bordered with bigger motifs at the front. As for the duppata, it has been massively adorned with golden and purple shaded floral patterns and cut work.
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14. Udaari

Keeping close to the signature style of Fahad Hussayn, the Udaari is crafted with gold and maroon resham work, decorated with 3D Swarovski crystals and zardozi detailing. Again, you get a choice to choose from two every different duppata styles that suits your personality the best.
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• The Prodigious Maria B

Another name that strikes you when talking about the top Pakistani designers is the uber talented Maria B, a lady who has successfully made a place for herself in this industry. Her bridal collection is complete depiction of Pakistani culture and her sense of blending and combining beautiful colors with hand work is an example of immaculate craftsman ship. So be a proud bride of Maria B and dazzle in one of these unmatchable creations:

15. The Stunning Lehenga Choli

With a lavish mehndi function on the list, dazzle in this red and mustard lehenga choli that is trimmed with silver tila work and gotta patterns while the ferozi duppata carries a small border on each side and is sprayed with tiny gotta detailing all over.
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16. The Soft Pink Bridal attire

This dress is something you would want to carry on your nikah or engagement ceremony. A simple legnha choli available in hues of oink, it consists of a fully embroidered gown with cut work at the sides, making it a perfect choice for girls who want to wear something chic and simple.
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17. The Ferozi Peplum

Peplum top fancied with cut work and silver zardozi and dabka work, it comes along with a raw silk gharara that has been adorned with fantastic hand work and a heavily embroidered duppata. Pair it up with matching jewelry and a great hairstyle; you’ll be all set to steal a million hearts away.
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18. The Incredible Fawn Lehenga

An armoire from Maria B’s collection that has won over a hundred brides, this fawn lehnga choli is nothing short of extraordinary. The lehenga is emblazed with cutwork and heavy silver tial and dabka work while the top has been equally adorned with embroidery and as for the duppata, the “jaal” pattern and massive border with tine beads around the corners adds to its specialty.
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19. The Fascinating Red Armoire

Well let’s not miss out this bridal creation which shouts loud of tradition and style. the lehnga choli is crafted with silver hand work, floral thread work and zardozi detailing with a net duppata complimenting the whole sophisticated look. So rock as the “desi” bride yet hold firmly to your style.
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• Deepak Perwani: Spontaneity and class

A man with an innovative approach and perfect execution of idea, Deepak Perwani is a known name when it comes down to the top designers of Pakistan. Here are some chosen dresses from his bridal collection that cannot be missed:

20. Orange Sherbet

A flare raw silk and organza lehenga with matching orange shirt, this dress is ornamented with the beautiful use of kora, dabka, zardozi, resham and stone work. The marvelous blending of all the different kinds of hand work is what makes this bridal outfit special.
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21. Rich Crimson

Available in the traditional red color, the shirt and lehenga have been created on chiffon fabric and are embellished with kora, dabka and zardozi work all over with bits of sequins and stones here and there. The price of this attire may come as a shock but the beauty and quality of it completely justifies every penny asked for.
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22. Bourbon Gold

A lehenga choli made with a difference, this red and gold armoire uses organza and raw silk fabric which adds a shine to it while the top is entirely covered in resham work along with zardozi detailing, the duppata and lehenga can be seen embarked with kora, dabka and sequin motifs which makes this bridal dress elegant and majestic.
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23. Majestic court

Talking about next from Deepak Perwani’s bridal collection is this atlas koti styled top laden with intricate embroidery and paired up with a lehenga done with stones, sequins, kora and dabka work. The net duppata with thread flowers and sequins chann perfectly pulls together the grand look of the bride.
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24. Opulence

Winter weddings can be hard to attend and when you’re the bride, wearing something chic that will keep you warm is just what you need. And fulfilling this requirement is this black organza cape enriched with resham, diamante and pearl work and a plum lace inner matched with an opulent velvet lehenga adorned with floral embroidery. It comes along with a richly crafted velvet shawl that can easily be carried with grace and style.
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25. Gold Dust

Simplicity can say a thousand words and so this maxi amplified with resham, pearl, kora and sequins work with a soft pink duppata will make all eyes fall on you because with this dress on, you’ll definitely make the prettiest bride ever!
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• The Handsome Asim Jofa

You might have come across replicas of this brand, but the original Asim Jofa’s creations are one of a kind. Rich in quality and stylized to perfection, this man brings to his customers only the best and so here are a few dresses to pick up from his bridal line that will make your day:

26. The Luxurious Golden Attire

Front open styled organza shirt has been densely ornamented with kora and dabka work with a waist belt featuring sequins and cut work all over the front. Paired up with it is the perfectly crafted banarsi lehenga with embroidered motifs all over, finished with cut work at the border and the duppata is completely covered with golden booties and cut work as well going down all the four sides of it.
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27. The Decked Blue Bridal Wear

A trail gown fixed with gold and silver kora and dabka work on the body with a belt and fully worked panels and done with hot pink cut work appliqué borders and hemline, this bridal dress is paired up with embroidered navy blue pants so that when you walk down the aisle, compliments and applause is all that follows you down.
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28. The Golden Missouri Ensemble

This dress has been exquisitely designed with intelligent use of colors and different textured fabrics. The net dress has been conceived with heavy embroidery on the neck with contrasting navy blue velvet fabrication and cut work all over the front while the back has been displayed with scattered appliqué designing, chann and booties. the look is finished off with orange jamawar slip, a golden palazzo consisting of cut work at the bottom and a duppata hand crafted with sequins and booties sprinkled all over.
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29. The Aesthetic Green and Red Lehenga Choli

An incredible combination of emarald green cut worked lehenga and red top beautified with patterns of sequins, pearls and cut work at the hemline and daman, this bridal garb is a stunning creation of various hand work form, blended in well together to create an extraordinary wear.
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30. The Shades of Fun and Joy

Next bridal apparel from Asim Jofa’s is this hip and happening outfit, filled with joy and energy. The use of different shades of orange, beige and ivory findihed with kora, dabka and gotta work is what makes this attire fun to wear on your mehndi. Pair it up with a maatha patti and jhumkas and you’ll be running magic all over.
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• Zainab Chottani: A choice of the superiors
A confident lady with a vision to create a difference, Zainab Chottani jumped in the fashion industry with a brand after her name and stole the audience away with her excellent designs and creativity. So here are some chosen bridal dresses from Zainab Chottani’s collection that are worth consideration:

31. Red & Maroon Bridal

A red short shirt worked graced up with gold and silver kora, dabka and kundan work contrasted with colorful thread embroidery that goes down to the daman which is furnished with heavy cut work. The back is made equally bright with work on the neckline and motifs scattered all over and this goes well along with a “farshi” maroon jamawar gharara too embellished with hand work
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32. Ash Grey & Pink Armoire

Inspired from the get up of princesses of olden times, this bridal wear is uniquely designed with distinctive embroidery that makes its royal and regal. The grey shirt is fully laden with crystals; dabka and kora work with cut work borders and net sleeves. Paired up with is a pink sharara embarked with floral motifs and organza borders. The duppata is crafted in charcoal grey color with sequins sprayed all over to complete your bridal look with perfection.
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33. Blue Floral Net Dress

While one cannot take any risks on her big day, yet experimenting with this dress will definitely be a wise and gutsy choice. The navy blue net shirt drops down to the floor and is massively adorned with silver kora and dabka detailing and floral embroidery on alternate panels. With it comes along a jamawar and blue sharara and a beautiful beige duppata covered with appliqué borders and gold kora balls.
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34. Gold Peplum Bridal Attire

A representation of the Mughal glory, this gold and gradient maroon ensemble is garnished with crystals, rubies and dusky emeralds with a touch of floral embroidery, making this contemporary dress majestic and supreme. So if your impressed with this style, get one made for your big day right away.
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35. Coral Pink Bridal

Searching for something special for your wedding day? If yes than this next one in line from Zainab Chottani’s collection is sure to impress you. The soft pink shirt is festooned with kora, dabka, and pearls and cut work which is the signature style of this label. Next comes with it is a heavily embellished sharara and blush pink dupatta with sequins sprayed all over so getting past this piece is definitely not easy.
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Well this is just not the end of the top bridal designs one can choose for their special day. The list is never ending with choices that simply go beyond your expectations. So when choosing a bridal lehenga for yourself, make sure you’ve done your homework so that finding the right attire becomes easy. When you know what you’re looking for only then will you be able to make a bride that you’ve always dreamed of.