15 Bridal Dresses Designers Brands of Pakistan to Make your Wedding Rememberable

15 Bridal Dresses Designers Brands of Pakistan to Make your Wedding Rememberable

There comes a day in every woman’s life when she has to eventually say goodbye to the life she’s been living for decades now. The idea has its set of perks and cons, while it’s something to look forward to, it is also something a person dreads. A marriage is endemic in countries like Pakistan, all these south Asian ladies with their sharp features and beautiful hearts are meant for great things but if they can be feminists, they can also be great partners. Faithful, loving and with a heart of gold that could conquer all. You only get married once, whether it’s an arranged marriage or a love one, you’ll have only pictures and some memories to look back to the day that turned out to be a revolutionary step in your life. As on any other occasion, the apparel you wear is the highlight of the function. You want to look your best and dazzle in front of the world, especially for that special someone who’s your better half now. Every girl wants to look gorgeous enough so eyes won’t stop tracing back to her and heads don’t stop turning.

Below are fifteen designers that are ruling the industry of Bridal Attire, if you want to look your best on your wedding day, consulting them is your easiest solution!

Hina Butt

Hina Butt Wedding Bridal Dress

Although this incredibly talented designer is very new to the industry, she is taking the fashion world by storm. Her delicate intricate that traces back to the Mughal Empire and gives the attire that unique Rajhastani look is making people a fan of her wonderful creations. She doesn’t complicate her dresses with colors, she designs them in a manner that’s precise and efficient.

Hina Butt won the best designer award as well, she is going on top as of lately and her customer feedback is very impressive.


Elan Bridal Dresses Wedding

it’s been decades since it’s incepting but in that time Élan has made its name, specifically engraved in the hearts of people. People even associate wedding dresses to this designer, think about a wedding? Élan pops up in your mind. The brand’s dresses makes you want to get married as soon as possible. Which speaks a lot about what Élan is made of? Confidence, style, elegance and beauty! Élan is a mixture of all these words. Khadija Shah, the owner of this exisquite collection of bridal wear line has always been fond of aesthetics and art, she brings out her passion into her dresses, thus making her one of the best there are!

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari Bridal Dress Urwa Hocane

A name known to the most of the Pakistanis, this super talented man started his career back in 2001 and has been ruling the fashion world ever since, Nomi Ansari is known for his intricate detailing and use of colors that is so fine and smoothly done that no one can accuse him of making a mess of his dresses (not even the people who like dulls colors, and also the people who hate Met Gala, loll). Nomi graduated from Pakistani School of Fashion & Design. His philosophy is simple, produce a mixture of colors that pop and sprinkle magic.

Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani Bridal Dress Ayyan Ali Wedding

Born in a Hindu-Sindhi community, it has been harder for this man to rise to this level of fame than the others journey ever was. Deepak has about five stores in Pakistan and his impeccable attention to his dresses’ detail has earned him praise on many occasions. He is one of those designers that are known across borders as well. He earned the “Lux Style Award for Achievement in Fashion Design”, making it one of his biggest accomplishments ever. He is known for men’s design too because he literally changed the meaning of Men’s Fashion for Pakistanis.

Zara Shahjahan

Widely known among young women who like to expand their tastes in fashion, Zara has been combining modern and traditional to create masterpieces that win the hearts of her clients, beauty personified—Zara Shahjahan is someone a girl can wholly depend on for the biggest day in her life! She experiments vintage and couture both, her great experiments are dresses that are breathtaking and hear the inner wishes of a lady’s heart.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz Bridal dress

Though not known for her wedding dresses as much as she is known for her great casual and party wear, which almost every lady in Pakistani owns a copy of the duo is still one of the greatest choices. Sana Safinaz is run by two sisters who have been making it big in the bustling world of style and glamour. This unique collaboration of two sister in-laws is heaven sent, they know about the art of creating magical south Asian attire that’s fit for a bride. Their streamlined cuts and cultural sophisticated embroidery is everything.


HSY bridal Dress Wedding

HSY is a name famous among many Pakistanis, he is not only great at what he does but is admired by the whole country for it. So many people put him as a first choice and with great reason. A comprehensive collection of fancy clothes that includes modernism, traditionalism and a tang of both in one creation. He sure knows how to top in his game. He started out as a bridal wear designer but his ventures into other routes are just as famous now making him one of the best in Pakistani!

Umar Sayeed

Umer Sayeed Bridal Dress Pakistan

Umar’s name is engraved among the best ones, all his life he has been serving woman of all ages with clothes to wear on every occasion but his impeccable attention to his bridal wear all throughout the years has made him The Master of wedding attire and people learn from the ones who have experience, Umar Sayeed is your safest choice when it’s time for you to finally get married! His intricate embroidery and traditional touches have earned him the title of a great designer. From celebrities to the audience that cheers them, everyone loves Umer Sayeed.


Mehdi Bridal Dress Design Pakistan

Another one of those graduates who studied in Pakistan and proceeded to struggle to make in the fashion industry which is filled with talent to the brim, it has to be hard…but Mehdi turned out be someone special. His knack for knowing how to balance the colors and make sure the dress stands us in all its beauty is condemnable. Mehdi’s rise to fame was quick and lasts to this day, ladies think he is the best choice when it comes to attire associated with your wedding.

Maria B

Maria B Bridal Dress Pakistan New Design

A beautiful blend of elegance and trend, this incredible talented woman known as Maria B is the favorites of many in the fashion circle, everyone adores her and her designs. Maria is a professional in creating dresses that match the wanting of her customer. Every year her collection is sold out in seconds, sported by many ladies of various ages and sizes…who all have different tastes. Maria’s wedding apparel is admired and spoken of greatly which makes her another good choice for your perfect day. If you want to impress your husband with a dress that would take his breath away this lady is your one destination spot.

Asifa and Nabeel

Asifa Nabeel Bridal Dress Pakistan

This collaboration of two very brave personalities is famous for it’s lawn and it’s authentic prints but Asifa and Nabeel have had their bridal dresses adorned by beautiful models to walk upon the ramp on more than one occasion. They’re a pair much liked by the audience because of their unique sense of style when it comes to their products, the duo has been a mainstream choice for people for many years now. Their hundred percent traditional dresses truly represent our culture.


Karma Bridal Dress Pakistan Wedding New

When it comes to Karma, expect dresses that will take your breath away, mostly because their philosophy is to keep in and their clientele, which is what makes them such a catch in the eyes of the customer. Run by the gorgeous and very intelligent, hardworking Maheen Kardar, whose been keeping the brand together for so long. Karma offers haute couture, formal, pret and semi-formal wear to it’s customers.

Fahad Hussayn

Fahad Hussayn Bridal Dress Pakistan

Another designer who’s born and bred in his own country, Fahad Hussayn is a celebrity favorite as well as any other person who’d be lucky enough to set sigh on his wondrous creations. His dresses are  great choice when it comes to bridal wear, he keeps it elegant and light without fussing with complicity.

Zainab Chottani

Zainab Chotani Bridal Dresses

Zainab’s dresses are more than exisquite, she has always been in love with fashion and its many aspects. Ever since she was a young girl, that passion drives her to do her best when it comes to her fancy dresses. Their detailing is beyond gorgeous.

Kuki Concept

Though, not as popular as the other ones, Kuku Concept is also a suitable selection when it comes to bridal wear. Their dresses are pure desi and beautiful enough to make your breath hitch!

Faraz Manan

Even Kareena Kapoor and famous personalities beyond borders praise this guy’s work. Faraz Manan is the fashion guru of many, his success when it hit his lucky stars—touched the sky! Faraz Manan’s dresses give you a touch of reality and royalty, they are ethereal and make you feel like the princess of some realm. He is your best choice albeit a expensive one!

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