The Centaurus Mall, Isalambad

The Centaurus Mall, Isalambad

City of Islamabad is the capital of the country and due to this reason is of great attraction to many foreign and local people. In past few decades where there are many developments and construction done throughout the country, Islamabad also has been revolutionized with all the latest constructions and development, be it flyovers, official building or malls. The Centaurus Mall is one of those latest developments done in the city which has not only gained attention by the locals but people from other cities and even foreigners. Located in one of the prime location of the city Sector F-8, the mall is used for various purposes.

The 10-th tallest building of Pakistan with a full height of 110 meters, Centaurus malls are combination of three building, the combination includes 36 floors of hotel, 23 floors of residential blocks, corporate offices, five story shopping malls, cinema, play area, restaurants, and much more. The project is managed by Atkins group which is a multi-national company based in England. There are many international and local brands which are running businesses in the mall. It is one of the most sophisticated and leading shopping malls of not only the city of Islamabad but also the country. Being situated in one of the posh areas of the country it’s the shopping attraction of the elite class of the society.

Centaurus has gained attention of many people as it’s the hub of more than 250  international brand and local brands like Charles & Keith and Dockers to Amir Adnan and Sapphire. The place is the combination of all the classy and trendy item for all, men, women, and children and after getting tired you can find the source of entertainment at the food court and enjoy all the delicious deals the place had to offer with more than 25 restaurants outlets, parents and guardians can relax while their kids enjoy at the exciting play area designated for the kids. Teenagers and others can have a fun time by enjoying the latest movies in one of the famous chain of cinemas present at the mall i.e. Cineplex.

The mall know how to connect with people and be closest to them as they have their instagram, facebook, and twitter along with it they have a regular newsletter offer to keep their customers updated about all what’s happening! They have their app built to be installed in your phone and know all about the malls! The mall also know how to be connected to its people as it arranges various events related to the latest occasions like events on 14th August, bike show, cooking show, and more. There are also exciting discount deals which are offered in the shopping mall.

There are many services which are given in the mall for providing the best customer care to the customers coming to the mall. There are wheelchairs, prayer rooms, ATM, Mobile charging station, for mothers there are special units like baby changing room, baby strollers, and kiddie carts.

Apart from their successful running shopping mall which has everything you need in one single place other than that the project based on three building also has cooperate offices which are of many companies. Their residential block is of the extreme luxury style, highly maintained and ultra trendy. It’s the perfect icon of lavish lifestyle with basement served as parking lot, gym, and sports club. They are also working with a multi-national hotel movenpick for their hotels.

In the recent, there was a debate which was noticed against the malls as it was told that the management is charging entrance fees. There was a list issued for all those who would be free from paying the fee, the discrimination done was highly criticized by many on regular level and social websites.