10 Best Edenrobe Sherwani Designs For Grooms

10 Best Edenrobe Sherwani Designs For Grooms

The company was founded in 1988.The company took a initiative which turned out be a huge success, the company became popular for its kids wear & later expanded as EDENROBE – providing the finest variety of clothes in the market & always meeting the challenges to fit in the finest. Let us take you in the world of Edenrobe and show you all the ah-ma-zing products that you can avail from all the Eden robe branches near your house. Edenrobe has always been promising when it comes to quality and they can never compromise on that as they have been a part of the market since a very long time, so don’t worry and buy whatever you like from your nearest store. Whenever the season begins, your final destination for amazing luxury clothes is Edenrobe, they have a great name in the market as they have been contributing a lot in the fashion industry in terms of amazing clothes and trendy styles. Edenrobe is on the top charts, when it comes to buying clothes that are reasonable, trendy and chic at the same time. Lets indulge yourself in the Edenrobe collection to pick our favorites of this season. Stay tuned as you’re definitely going to witness some amazing clothes , which will be a must have for sure.


Black is all what you need to look sharp and attractive. The elegantly embroidered sherwani neckline looks very sophisticated with platted front. The sleeves are plain to maintain the elegance of the outfit. It comes with a black trouser. All man in black look uber classy! Pair them with dress shoes or golden khussa to complete the look. The best investment for you will be this sherwani as it looks ahh-mazing with this minimal amount of work. It can be easily taken on and off with the help of the zip on the neckline. Get comfortable and in style with Edenrobe. The sherwani is available at 50% off ( the right time to run for the stores).
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Winter is just around the corner and we all are super duper excited to attend all the cool weddings which are going to take place very soon. This elegant dark brown velvet collar sherwani is what you need for this season. The light brown threaded plates on the front of the sherwani with long velvet buttoned neckline looks very cool. The sleeves are plain to keep it decent and regal at the same time. Comes with a dark brown trouser. Pair it with golden khussa or dress shoes to look oh-so-classy at the event. A classy brown watch can make a huge difference to the look. Make a statement with this dark brown sherwani. You can avail a discount of 50% on this elegant piece.
PKR: 10,795.00
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Edenrobe brings all the trends and fashions in the most appealing way ever possible. Look at this sherwani that has a western touch to a desi look. The jamawar fabric sherwani looks gorgeous with a black silk buttoned inner. The sherwani has red lining to enhance the look. It comes with a black color trouser. Pair it with black khussa to complete the look with elegance.
PKR: 7,99.00
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The bold blue color with a blend of purple looks very interesting and appealing to the eyes. The black velvet collar enhances the look. The button neckline makes up the fine details required to make the look complete and chic. The broach gives a regal look and is very attractive to wear. Comes with a black trouser, pair it with black khussa to look like a prince. It wont even effect your budget and make you look stunning at the same time.
PKR: 10,875.00
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The grey jamawar fabric with a blend of black looks refreshing to the eyes. The velvet button neckline gives you the right vibe with a black inner shirt and a embroidered motif on the pocket. Comes with a black trouser, you can pair it with silver dress shoes and a silver dial watch to be the king of the evening with this classy sherwani.
PKR: 28,900.00
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The jamawar fabric sherwani with a touch of greyish black and purple Platte on the top make it a perfect choice for all the wedding seasons. The embroidered sherwani collar with buttoned neckline looks very attractive. The combination of purple and black blends very well. It comes with a black trouser. Pair it with black dress shoes or sandals to complete the look. It is available at a very reasonable price and is one of the most trendy outfits you can have for this season. Get this beautiful sherwani and set the floor on fire.
PKR: 12,300.00
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This sherwani is a blend of different materials and looks stunning. The embroidered grey collar with buttoned neckline looks very cool. The detail on the end of the sleeves completes the look with grace. It comes with a black trouser and you can pair it with a grey or black handkerchief. Pair them with your favorite dress shoes and watch to look great at the event. The most trendy and casual sherwani you can have for the season. The perfect option for a friends wedding.
PKR: 6,950.00
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The sherwani has a twist of jamawar fabric with platted front and embroidered collar with neckline. A completely different style for the weddings. The sleeves are made of jamawar with detailing at the end. Pair them with shoes of your choice and look appealing. You can avail a discount of 50% on this sherwani with staying in your budget. So, don’t wait and get in trend with edenrobe.
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The different collar style with embroidery and the loop button neck style with a change looks nice. The screen printed sherwani fabric is differently used with detailing on the sleeves at the end. Pair them with white or black trouser. Have a great time at the wedding and look handsome in this bold sherwaani.
PKR: 10,975.00
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The shiny fabric with a touch of floral embroidery looks different but trendy. It can definitely make a statement with its bold look. You can pair to with black trouser or shalwar. The sleeves also have embroidery on the ends to make the look perfect. Pair it with silver dress shoes and look stunning. Avail a 50% discount offer on this sherwani and stay in fashion with class.
PKR: 11,390.00
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Edenrobe provides a great range for everyone, from all the gentleman to all the gorgeous ladies who love to stay in style & the kids who are their absolute favorites as they launched their brand from kids clothing. Lets start off with the collection that comes for all the trendy man out there. They have a huge variety when it comes to SHIRTS, TROUSERS, CEREMONIAL, ETHNIC WEAR, MEN SUITING & WINTER COLLECTION. Cherry on the top! They have their SALE going on for all their valued customers. So go and avail all the chance to look chic and on point.
Edenrobe provides a great range in men suiting and the ethenic wear that makes you look sharp, to attract all the gorgeous girls around you. We all know and believe that a well suited man gets all the attention and is a attraction for many.
Edenrobe also does WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT in 2000 only/- so grab all you want for your loved ones this eid, wedding, new year, christmas and enjoy with edenrobe. You can also check the website for all the new clothes and varieties that you want. Get all the benefit from the sale which is almost 50% off on most of the items, so what are you waiting for, HAPPY SHOPPING & ENJOY WITH EDENROBE.