Few of the Best Shopping Malls in Karachi

Few of the Best Shopping Malls in Karachi

Karachi is the center hub of our country in many ways. First its sea side and second, it’s the biggest city area wise in the country.

Most of us aren’t that interested in these points as majority of us wants to see the colorful side of this beautiful city. Well, in that manner Karachi won’t disappoint anyone. The city has numerous such facilities available to entertain the majority of people including theme parks, restaurants, several sea sides and shopping malls.

Talking about shopping malls, Karachi has many of them. One reason for the existence of these malls is the fact that Karachi is the center hub of our showbiz industry. Many serials are shot here, majority of the production houses are based in Karachi and the list goes on. So, in order to satisfy the shopping demands of such media personalities Karachi has number of quality malls. But, all of these aren’t the best in the city. Which are the best malls then? Well, for that purpose we have listed down the best seven shopping malls of the city. Let’s take a brief look at all of these.

1: Ocean Mall:

Ocean mall or ocean tower is considered as the tallest tower of Pakistan. Measuring about 120 meters in height, not many buildings in Pakistan are even close to such figures. Considering its height and size, there are number of lifts available in the mall for the convenience of people.

Ocean mall is one such place in Karachi where showbiz personalities don’t hesitate to shop around. The mall has many brand outlets of famous Pakistani designers.

2: Dolmen Mall Clifton:

One of the largest shopping mall in Pakistan, Dolmen mall is probably the best place to visit in Karachi offering everything under one roof.

The mall has dedicated food court, kids playing area and number of local and international brand’s franchises. Combine the number of all these brand outlets and you’ll reach somewhere around 120, 130.

3: The Forum Mall:

Forum mall is one another decent place in Karachi for shopping and dining in.

This mall may not have outlets of all the national and international brand chains but surely has enough shops and a decent food court for serving the basic need.

4: Park Towers:

Park tower is a very popular shopping mall in the city. The mall has variety of shops, couple of car showrooms, a food court, kid’s area and a decent parking lot for its customers.

A good place for those who want to shop for all the national and some international brands under one roof.

5: Millennium Mall:

The addition of the new cinema which recently opened in this mall gave it the real fame. Now, a part from shopping, majority of the people would be able to watch their favorite movies at this mall.

The mall has number of shops, food corners and an entertainment area. Millennium mall is not only a shopping mall, it has several other activities going on every time which attracts many people.

6: Atrium mall:

Basically known as Atrium cinema. This place is now much more than a typical cinema.

It’s now a proper shopping mall too and has variety of shops including food chains, clothing stores and shoe stores. Many renowned brands also have their franchises located in this mall.

7: Emerald Towers:

This place is more than a standard shopping mall. As the name indicates, it’s basically a tall tower which houses number of residential flats and offices.

Though, you will find majority of local and international brand chains name here and also this place isn’t short in term of renowned food chains.