Gul Ahmed: A Unique Collection of Traditional Clothing and Fashion

Gul Ahmed: A Unique Collection of Traditional Clothing and Fashion

The dark side of the modern era has forced people to look for the best and the most reliable tag/brand name/. In simpler words the majority is more conscious while looking for a specific product. Everyone wants to shop for his/her basic needs such as clothing and food items form a reputable brand name. In order to get the attention of such majority, there are number of reputable brands offering top notch products.

Clothing is one necessity of life and the majority especially women are always in search for top notch clothing brands. In Pakistan, Gul Ahmed is one extremely popular clothing brand and is fulfilling the clothing needs of the majority from decades.

In this article, we’ll explore the brand as a whole and will find out its specialties. Let’s dive in.

Brief history:

Gul Ahmed Textile Mills limited is a relatively old name in the textile industry and is considered as one mature brand in its existing competition. Gul Ahmed started its production from the early 90’s and gradually became popular and got the utmost attention of the majority. There are many reasons why Gul Ahmed competes with the lading textile and clothing brands of the country, one is the vast experience the brand has in exporting textiles.

At the moment, Gul Ahmed has become one extremely popular brand and enjoys a great market share in the textile industry.

Products offered By Gul Ahmed:

Gul Ahmed offers number of products for wide variety of customers but being a textile brand its clothing range is discussed and liked more than its other products. The Majority of people are familiar with this brand name just because of its variety of clothing options. Let’s take a brief look and find out what Gul Ahmed has to offer when it comes to clothing.


Gul Ahmed Women Lawn
source: Gul Ahmed official

As mentioned earlier, women are always looking for such renowned clothing brand. In fact, it was the women majority which made this chain so popular.

Gul Ahmad has such a wide range of women related accessories which can attract any women. Be it clothing, bridal dresses or even house hold items Gul Ahmed offers a complete range of all such accessories. Below mentioned are some of the highlighted women clothing items and accessories Gul Ahmed offers:

  • Stitched suits
  • Kurtis
  • Tights
  • Scarves
  • Sweaters
  • Shawls
  • Trouser
  • Bags


Gul Ahmed men Clothing Collection
source: Gul Ahmed Official

Men are often overlooked in this regard but, Gul Ahmed offers complete clothing range for men too. Below mentioned is the range of men clothing range.

  • Kurta
  • Shalwar kameez
  • Formal shirts
  • Casual shirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Sweaters

Ideas by Gul Ahmed:

Gul Ahmad group was already offering so much under a single brand name. In 2003, Gul Ahmad revealed its sub brand Named as “Ideas by Gul Ahmed”. The main aim was to offer the majority of clothing options and the relevant accessories under one sub brand name.

Ideas went extremely well for Gul Ahmed. When we talk about Gul Ahmed as a clothing brand the name ideas instantly comes in our mind. Currently, ideas offers a wide range of clothe designs for men and women and also retails number of house hold accessories.

Other Accessories:

A part from clothing, Gul Ahmed offers number of house hold accessories which mainly includes:

  • Bed sheet sets
  • Duvet cover sets
  • Blanket and throws
  • Blanket covers
  • Cushion covers
  • Floor mats
  • Towels

Global shipping:

Obviously, a brand of such fame will have international customers too. Furthermore, majority likes to shop online. For the convenience of such customers Gul Ahmed offers shipping on their all products both locally and internationally.

Branch Network:

Discussing such top end brands one can’t forget the branch network of that particular brand. Gul Ahmed has a wide branch network spread throughout the country, offering more than 40 outlets to facilitate the large number of customers.