How Greater Iqbal Park Changed With Passage of Time

How Greater Iqbal Park Changed With Passage of Time

One really needs some extraordinary skills to talk against the importance of historical heritage. It is so precisely connected with the culture of a particular nation due to which it is hard to take a stance against its importance. The word “culture” also has a lot do with a particular society. Considering its importance, culture let alone can describe the importance of historical heritage. In our country, Lahore is the city which holds an excellent historical heritage. Located in the heart of Lahore, Iqbal Park is one such place which has a direct relation to the history of our country. The ceremony for the resolution of Pakistan took place here.

Realizing its historical background the park was recently renewed resulting in a number of changes. In this article, we’ll go throw those changes and will also take a closer look to them.

What has changed?

Iqbal Park went through many changes with the passage of time. But the major change took place recently when the government of Pakistan decided to renew the park which resulted in many noticeable changes. Let’s take an in-depth look at those changes.

1: Cultural Heritage

As mentioned earlier, Iqbal Park holds a strong historical background and one has to admire this fact.

Talking about the cultural heritage, the greater Iqbal Park takes this factor to a whole new level which is a huge plus. The park now has several memorial monuments built inside representing the culture of each province including Azad Kashmir region. This may sound ordinary but this is an excellent way to represent the cultural diversity of the country.

The whole park is spread over acres covering almost 125 acres of land. Such a huge land is enough to cover the majority of the historical heritage of Lahore. Being able to view the number of such places from a single point is one great experience.

2: Recreational Facilities

When we hear the word “park” recreational activities automatically comes in our mind.

Previously the Iqbal Park had below average recreational facilities. The greater Iqbal Park covers this gap pretty well. The whole park, the way it has been renewed seems a good place to hang out with friends or family members.

Till now, the artificial lake which also houses the dancing fountains attracted the majority of visitors and tourists. Such add-ons are rare to find in public parks, the greater Iqbal Park to date is the only such park.

There is a proper food court located inside the park for the convenience of people. A number of popular food outlets can be found here so, the availability of hygienic food doesn’t seem a big deal here.

For literature lovers, there is also a library located inside the park. An open air gym can also be found inside the park.

3: A Trade Mark

In Pakistan, theme based recreational parks are hard to locate. You might be familiar with few names and that’s pretty much about it. Going further down at the public level there was not even a single such park before the greater Iqbal Park.

Now with the inauguration of the Iqbal Park, a new trade mark has been set. Let’s understand this in simpler words. We finally have a theme based public park in our country.

This new trend or trade mark would encourage investor’s and private organizations to build up more such parks which are a healthy sign for our country.

Bottom line

There is a lot to say in the favor of the greater Iqbal Park. The way it has been inaugurated is a great move.

The number of provided facilities are top notch. The most exciting part is the fact that finally, a public park of our country has those add-ons on behalf of which it can promote the positive image of the country. Moreover, it also promotes the culture of Pakistan very well.

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