How J. Junaid Jamshed Clothing Brand Grew Over Time

How J. Junaid Jamshed Clothing Brand Grew Over Time

Season of Lawns:

As the season of Spring and Summer is upon us, we cannot help but notice all sorts of boards springing up on roads and buildings with a variety or innumerable lawn brands, models and designs. As soon as one steps outside the house, a whole plethora of lawn brands comes in front of one’s eyes. Some of the leading brands in the lawn/ clothing industry include Gul Ahmed, Sapphire, Kapray, Mausummary, Yahsir Waheed, Firdous and many, many more. Out of them, another famous brand in the Clothing line is Junaid Jamshed a.k.a J.. The lawn collection is not restricted to women’s lawn wear only. It includes women wear in the different types of fabric such as chiffon,silk, lawn, cotton, and karandi etc.Junaid-Jamashid-Clothing


J. has found its popularity more so in the last five years than its launch in 2002. Because of the beautiful and intricate patterns, excellent quality of the fabric, radiant colors and hues, and affordable price range, J. has made its mark and place in the clothing industry. J.’s journey began and expanded with many a different line. For instance, men’s clothing line, women’s wear (both pret and unstitched), children/ teen’s wear, groom’s clothing line (sherwani) etc. In the recent year, though, J. has expanded their business to other lines as well such as jewelry, make up and perfumes.


The range of fragrances for both men and women is varied. With affordable prices, J. offers you scents which are sweet and long-lasting and can easily be bought and kept at home or for gift purposes. In the men’s variety, J. has fragrances in the form of perfumes, body sprays, Attars/ Ittars and signature scents; J. has a variety of 3 body sprays with different flavors/ scents, 4 Attars and about 40 choices for perfumes for both male and female. The best gift that one can give to somebody is a perfume and my favorite from the J. fragrances is Uroosa. It is a must have in one’s perfume collection. The price range for perfumes is less than 500 pkr and goes upto 4000 pkr. The top-selling fragrance of J. is Wasim Akram, 414. Its ambassador is Wasim Akram and is available at an affordable price. J. has a history of associating big personalities with its name so that its credibility stays intact and the clientele develops and expands.

J. Junaid Jamshed Frangrance
source: J. Official


The jewelry line for J. is relatively new and hence, not many people know it. However, as soon as you walk into any J. outlet, you cannot help but notice the shine of different beautiful crystals from a corner. The jewelry is available in extremely exquisite designs and their earrings and rings have the best patterns. The jewelry designs and size of different items ranges from small tomedium to large. The jewelry line is unique in the sense that it is made up of small and large stones of different cuts and colors; their beauty lies in their intricacy and combination patterns; it can easily pass for gift purposes and is wearable and suitable for all occasions.J. Junaid Jamshed Jewlery


Another sub-brand line for J. is its make up launch which was done recently. After the huge success of clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and fragrances, J. has begun to make its mark in the field of make up as well. The initiative can be said to have taken due to the positive response and the trust which clients have on J.. Because of its new introduction, not all J. outlets have make-up available. It is mostly available in main cities such as Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The J. make up range is ideal for girls/ women as it ensures the use of tested and authentic products as well as a wide range of shades and colors to choose from. The make-up range includes products specifically for eyes, lips and face. The detail of a few of the products is Kajal and Eye Liner. The best product out of these is the dip eye liner which is easy to put, manage and does not smudge. The make-up line has also targeted the teens; as soon as one’s teenage begins, one dreams of buying and putting on make-up products. However, since the skin at that age is sensitive, one needs to be careful with what one puts on their faces and girls are only allowed lip products. J. caters to that and has a wide variety of lip-glosses available for teens/ young girls/ women. The make-up line also caters to working women or married women who require and buy make-up as a necessity. The make-up products for these women include foundation/ base/ bronzer/ highlighter/ blusher/ mascara/ eye color palette/ concealer/ eye shade pencil/ moisturizer/ eye pencil/ lip pencil/ BB cream/ matt and glossy lipstick.

Junaid Jamshed Makeup
source: J. Official

Online Store/ Etail:

Etailing is a new concept in the field of retail business. It is defined as the commonplace/ routine retail activities but done or carried out on/ through internet. The last 4-5 years have been revolutionary as far as the buying/ selling business online is concerned. Each brand which has a physical outlet or an offline store is an incomplete business till it also opens or develops an online store. Having an online store has many advantages and J. has been one of the pioneers in the online retail business. The website for J.’s online store is Once you log on to the store, you have multiple options to choose from. J. is one of a kind online store which has an e-catalogue for the customers who visit the site. The catalogue has complete detail about the products as well as the pricing of the items. The popularity of the products can be judged as people can rate the items anonymously. The online store has clearly defined pages for each line and its sub categories. For instance, in women’s wear, you can easily scroll through pages specifically set for pret, unstitched, trousers, chiffon/ silk outfits etc. The same is the case for men’s wear/ children’s wear and accessories. The online store also enables the customers to place orders/ shop online. To further make it easy for the customers to shop, J. also gives the option to choose the currency for online shopping. Since J. operates in more than one country, it allows the customers to shop in the currency of the country they are living in rather than Pakistan.


Lastly, J. has under its label 57 outlets operational in Pakistan and also has expanded its business and collection in different countries such as Qatar, London, and Dubai etc. The fever of J. and its products does not stop here; because of the extreme popularity and a positive response from the customers, J. has also held different exhibitions in different cities and countries all over the world.

Thus, visiting and buying from J. is a must experience because of the dazzling variety it offers and ready availability and since its inception from 2004 and 2017, the network of J. clients has increased and the future for J. looks promising as they continue to commit and deliver the requirements of the customers which is quality assurance.