Hunza Valley: A Glimpse of Heaven

Hunza Valley: A Glimpse of Heaven

Hunza Valley is a rugged valley situated in Gilgit. It ranges under the administration of Pakistan. Therefore, the capital city is Karimabad, which was once known as Baltic, and it is the most prevalent traveler’s goal place. It is a well-known valley for its breath-taking beautiful sights and a tourist destination. The general population of this beautiful place is additionally notable for their amicability and cordiality. In fact,in the winter season, the Karakoram Highway is frequently obstructed by the snowfall. Not at all like most of the areas in Pakistan, has Hunza-valley had a high education rate of over 90%?

The guests of this nature enrich town are overwhelmed by the magical spell charms and the tough appeal, the delightful scent in the air and the trees of poplar and a green silk carpet like the over of fields of wheat resting against the foundation of snow-secured mountains. Arranged at a height of about 2,438 meters, thus this heavenly tourist attraction point vacationer season starts from the month of May to the mid of October. Moreover, Temperature in the month of May is highest 27oC and 14oC is the least. The temperatures in the mid-Octoberare greatest 10oC and least 0oC. Brushuski is the nearby spoken language and the vast majority of the general population likewise comprehends English and Urdu.


Baltit Fort is the old fortification of Hunza valley on the Heritage of UNESCO uncertain rundown. The fortress goes 700 years back prior thus; it had been remade and changed throughout the hundreds of years. It is situated at a stature, and one should either take the path to walk or go by jeeps to arrive there.  The view from the porch is likewise a magnificent elevated sight on the places of Karim Abad town.

Borith Lake

Borith Lake is situated close to Gumit, which is the upper zone of Hunza. The elevation of this beautiful lake is about 2,600. Although it is not very easy to reach there because one has to go through a course of going by an unpaved 2km jeep from Husseini town, and is additionally available by 2 or 3 hours of trekking course specifically from the icy Ghuylkin; but it is worth it. The spot is an essential haven for moving birds and is an absolute necessity visit for flying creature lovers and admirers of nature. Amid the times of March from June people can eyewitness the ducks spread all over the lake.

Pictures of Hunza Valley

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The most popular place for trekking is the Hunza Valley. Many groups of people actually come to enjoy the exotic trekking adventures. The second most noteworthy pinnacle of the whole world is K2, which is situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan area; where the valley of Hunza is likewise found. There are different trekking visits, which visitors can benefit from.


Hunza valley is exceptionally renowned for their nearby diner, which serves at the majority of the eateries situated in Karimabad showcase zone. Some portion of delicious servings for customary nourishment is diram-fete,sharbat, and muleda among numerous others. Prepared with butter spread and brought down in oil, however, are set up every so often because they are costly dishes.


There exist no less than 50 shops,lodgings, and restaurants, which are situated on Karimabad’s clamoring boulevards. On top of the greatest fascination, here are the assortment of valuable and semi-valuable gemstones and minerals. Numerous visitors stopover the Gilgit-Baltistan range consequently.


From a careful budget-spending plan, Hunza gives you the best stay experience. You can locate the best lodgings of Hunza by logging on to best hotel deals.


It is extremely protected and the general population is famous for their friendliness. Like all Pakistan urban communities, it is better to dress moderately covered and unassumingly. Ladies be obliged to cover their knees and their shoulders and couples ought to dodge open showcases of fondness.

You can carry on with a truly comfortable life while being in your home in a huge metropolis as it is a never-ending adventure. However, when you go toward the northern territories, you find that the genuine significant serenity and peace exists in these wonderful mountains.

Some time ago, individuals used to visit Hunza for restoration. However now the tourism calculates has expanded a great deal more than some time recently. From winters to spring, nature is by all accounts in a move period. This place stays astounding with each evolving season.In the aroma of mountains,one feels in solitude; segregated from melancholics, detached from everything except for the cordial individuals of northern ranges, the adoring and minding individuals that they are. Spring is the one-time frame, which sustains and upgrades the up and coming climate, time, and the conditions and beauty. What’s more, it likewise supports one’s creativeness.