21 Best J. (Junaid Jamshed) Men’s Kurta’s and Kameez Shalwar From Summer Collection

21 Best J. (Junaid Jamshed) Men’s Kurta’s and Kameez Shalwar From Summer Collection

Are you in trouble while trying to find out some fine desi dresses for this summer? J.J is here with its vivid range;

Just like all other modern clothing brands, Junaid Jamshed is also now accessible with its online portal for online shopping. You just have to choose the dress you like, select the appropriate size, enter your postal address and confirm the order; the dress is shipped to you with in a couple of days.
Junaid Jamshed’s clothes are very popular among the mature and mellow sort of persons, especially men; because of the simple grace and still maintained splendor in their dresses. Their durability and endurance are also the key attributes responsible for their popularity.
J. manufactures products for all including men, women, teenage boys & girls and kids, but their main focus is on men’s dresses especially desi sort of clothing like shalwar kameez and kurtas.
Here we have enlisted some best kurta dresses from their vast range in order to facilitate you.

1. A Perfect Yellow Kurta For Mehndi

A shirt with plain front of sunglow type colour, embroidered collar, this kurta kameez is just fabulous. Its yellowish shade makes it quite suitable for putting it on in mehndi functions.
It can be put on with several shalwars of various colours but the most suitable one is white shalwar.
Price: PKR 2,785.00
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2. Milky White Kurta

This milky white kurta from J.J’s kurta collection is one of the premium kurta you will see. Its fully embroidered front is just stunning. Its collar also has embroidered designs carved on it. Its thin but tough cotton fabric is quite suitable for these hot summers.
To obtain an eccentric look, you may wear this kurta with a black shalwar. A white shalwar will do the best otherwise.
Price: PKR 5,690.00
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3. Kurta with Embroidered front

Plain collars, awesomely fully embroidered front, and made up of Chief Value Cotton fabric, this kurta is another master piece from J.J kurta collection. Its chocolaty brown colour dazzles the viewer’s eyes when it is put up with the contrast of white shalwar.
Price: PKR 3,185.00
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4. Kurta Mehndi Dress

This kurta has a stunning shiny yellow colour which makes it quite appropriate for the jolly type of persons. Adding to its traits, its whole front except arms, collar and button strip is fully embroidered.
As far as the issue of matching shalwar is concerned, you may find a shalwar of just the same colour (bright yellow) as that of kurta otherwise a plain white shalwar will always do the job.
Price: PKR 3,185.00
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5. Brown Kurta

Mature brown colour and simple plain front; this kurta is a symbol of simple beauty. It is made of fine cotton fabric. Its colour is also quite sturdy and don’t fades away even after a score of washes. It is quite suitably wearable along with a fine white shalwar.
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6. Embroidered Black Kurta

This kurta has a fine dull black colour with a plain front but still having quality pieces of embroidery. It has embroidery on its collar and its button strip is especially given the touches of amazing hand embroidery to add into its grandeur. It also has the dual capability of to be worn with matching colour or a white shalwar.
This kurta is more suitable for slim persons rather than chubby ones because of its petite narrowness from the wings.
Price: PKR 7,500.00
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7. Black Kurta

Another gift for black lovers from J.J kurta collection; this fine black kurta is made up of thin cotton fibre which makes it apposite for wearing it in summers. Its front is fully embroidered with simple polygonal designs. Its collar and pocket top are more prominently embroidered to add into its dazzle.
Price: PKR 3,585.00
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8. Printed Kurta

Are you allergic of heavy embroidery? Then this kurta is made for you, without any sort of embroidery but still prettily embellished with stunning prints on whole front including arms. The print outlining the button strip adds much to its allure and grace.
This kurta is more appropriate with white shalwar than any other colour.
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9. Thin Fabric Blue Kurta

With its astounding sky blue colour, this kurta is very suitable for summer clothing due to its shiny surface temperament and sunlight reflecting capability. Moreover, its fabric is also thin making it best for hot summers.
Its whole front including arms is adorned with random wavy patterns augmenting its joviality.
Price: PKR 2,485.00
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10. Fine Grey Kurta

This kurta is a blend of simplicity with respect to plainness and jauntiness with respect to embroidery; its whole front is plain meanwhile the button strip and collar are given a slight touch of hand carved embroidery. Its apparent grey colour has a brownish touch in it also.
Price: PKR 3,385.00
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11. Jolly Green Kurta

Having a stunning green colour with a slight shade of sky blue, this kurta has an entirely plain front and is quite light in weight to wear up on. Its colour is very ebullient and it suits young people very much. It is quite versatile as far as the matching shalwar is concerned; it can be rightfully worn along with shalwars of a number of colours such as a slightly lighter shade of that of kurta and the all-rounder one; the white shalwar.
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12. Copper Brown Kameez Shalwar

This dark copper coloured shalwar kameez has a mandarin/ban type of collar and depicts mature grace and mellowness. Its button strip and pocket are outlined with a fine decorative stitching. Its cotton fibre is soft as silk. It is made up of thin fibre to add to its comforts for summer season.
Price: PKR 5,485.00
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13. Photovoltaic Fabric Kameez Shalwar

Soft white colour and embroidered mandarin/ban type collar; indeed a fine dress from J.J’s kameez shalwar collection. It is made up of PV (photovoltaic) fabric which greatly enhances its capability to cope with heat energy coming from the sun as it converts it into static electrical energy (don’t be worried, it is totally harmless) hence reducing the heat reaching your body. The static net charge discharges whenever the clothes touch something. It facilitates you a lot in the sense of prevention of summer’s heat.
Price: PKR 4,285.00
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14. Dull Black Kameez Shalwar

Dress made for black lovers; this kameez shalwar set is second to none as far as grace and dazzle is concerned. Its kameez has club collars making it more spectacular. Despite the fact of its black colour, it is still quite comfortable to put up in hot summers as it is made up of thin fibre.
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15. Embroidered Kameez Shalwar

The kameez of this dress has a fully embroidered mandarin collar having touches of both computerized and hand done embroidery. The button strip is also outlined with a thin stream of embroidery of almost the same pattern.
Its unique onion + sand colour make it inimitable from other dresses.
Price: PKR 5,485.00
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16. Shiny Blue Kameez Shalwar

This dress has a sparkling zaffre blue colour which boosts its glimmer. The kameez has a double stripped mandarin collar adding into its charm. The button strip is embellished with a decorative stitching line. The corners of kameez front are softened/rounded making it exceptional. A fine kameez shalwar set indeed.
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17. Eerie Black Kameez Shalwar

Just another gift for black lovers from J.J’s kameez shalwar collection; with its dull/eerie black shade and fine cotton stuff and embellished with contrast appliqué, this is just a marvellous dress.
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18. Mandarin Collar Kameez Shalwar

Having a shimmering quinacridone magenta colour and ban type collar, this dress depicts the nimbleness of J.J’s designers. Its pocket is adorned with a pocket cover to add into its decoy. The corners of kameez’s front are assuaged to round curves.
Price: PKR 4,685.00
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19. Off White Kameez Shalwar

If you are a flash abhorring person, then this dress suits you best because of its dull off white dye. It is made up of cotton fibre of medium thickness making it suitable for putting it on in summers. The kameez has a club collar.
This dress is given the design and dimension of a slim-fit type of fitting so it is recommended only for wiry persons.
Price: PKR 4,485.00
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20. Decorated Mandarin Collar Kameez Shalwar

Having a light chocolaty brown colour, as if milk has been added to chocolate, this dress is the picture of elegance and class. Its mandarin collar and button strip is embellished with ornamental stitching lines. Speaking about the relative size of its kameez’s front length; this dress suits a lot on tall persons.
Price: PKR 5,385.00
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21. Copper coloured Kameez Shalwar

This kameez shalwar set has a genial light copper colour. The kameez has club collars and the shalwar is a bit flabby hence enhancing its opulence. The button strip of kameez is totally simple and overall it is the most general and conventional type of shalwar kameez dress with respect to its outlook, making it suitable for middle aged and mature persons.
Price: PKR 4,985.00
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