Kalam Valley, a Lease of Freshness!

Kalam Valley, a Lease of Freshness!

With so much pursuit in life, trying to conquer the world around you, seeking that huge career changing business deal or working so hard to climb to the top of the ladder of success, we often lose sight of the many wondrous gifts of nature to humanity. We tend to forget to relax, leave behind our success stories, challenges, trials, failures and care to take just a few moments out of life to bask in the euphoria of what nature has offered us.

Kalam valley is nature’s gift to humanity, a safe haven away the ever busy life pursuit. This natural enrich site shifts your focus from the hustle and bustle you experience in places like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Swat district, Peshawar; all of the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan.

Nature offers humanity an opportunity to unwind, rejuvenate and be in a better state of mind to conquer our world; this is what you experience on a visit to such beautiful scenes. The valley offers some of the best scenery around Pakistan, a cool and natural touch of heaven on earth and is situated along Swat river bank in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Why Kalam Valley have to be  In Must to Visit Places

Kalam Valley Picture
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The valley provides such exhilarating scenery; you sure wish you could be there right away. It is a natural endowment, bequeathed by nature to humanity and filled with so much tourism potentials for both local residents and international tourists.

A visit to Kalam valley is all you need to re-energize yourself, away from the cruel and harsh reality of the world around. It offers a vast area of undulating land with mountains, valleys, river bed and plains.

This attractive place is a combination of heartwarming, peaceful landscape, surrounded by a thick forest cover, beautiful and cool lakes, meadows, waterfalls and a healthy looking green hill. The valley is about 6,000 feet above sea level and is a generally warm or humid subtropical area with snowy mountains at certain periods during the year.

The temperature at the valley ranges from around 13.4oC to 24.1oC, making it not so hot or cold generally. July being the hottest month has a temperature of about 24.1oC and January about 1.5oC as the coldest month.

Current weather situations at this site is between -3oC and 12oC which is mostly sunny and chilly either during the day or night time.

Kalam valley serves as a confluence for the swat river housing the Gabral and Ushu rivers. The valley and environs is a tourist delight as its offers high rise and falls, mountainous peaks and valleys. It offers lovely scenic views of the sky and nice looking v-shaped valleys as well as arable plains for relaxation and open camps.

Tourism and relaxation windows in Kalam valley

Kalam Valley Complete View
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There are so many things tourists can get involved in either individually or as a group at kalam valley. You can go on mountain climbing, swimming, boat cruise, play soccer, horse riding; all forms of field and track events; all as much as you are prepared to go in unwinding and having fun.

This human friendly place creates an avenue to basically take time out for a retreat personally or as a family/group and get the best nature has to offer.

No worries about safety or where to stay as there are different classes of hotels and lodging depending on your taste and budget. Some of the lodging around Kalam includes: Hotel Honeymoon, The Walnut Heights Resort, Hindu Kush Heights Hotel, Swat Serena Hotels, Al Jazeera Hotel and more are some of the lodgings some few kilometers from the valley.

So the next time you are thinking of where to spend your next vacation or do some tourism activity, Kalam valley provides you ample opportunity to both relax and enjoy your holiday.