Khaadi Handbags to Clutches These Are Best Latest Collection For You With Prices

Khaadi Handbags to Clutches These Are Best Latest Collection For You With Prices

A woman’s handbag says a lot about her personality. Every woman wants to carry herself in a “This is who I am!” attitude whenever she leaves home. Be it a housewife or a workingwoman or a college going teen girl, she would absolutely want to slay in her outlook. And that makes her pick up the best fit when it comes to buying bags.

The trend to buy branded and designer wear bags has already gone up in Pakistan since last few years. And just like leading top notch brands, Khaadi, which is the premium clothing and lifestyle brand of Pakistan, has also been providing its beautiful hand-woven and embroidered bags since years. Just like the outfits of Khaadi are well known for their fusion of colors and styles that compliment both east and west using hand-woven designs, their bags also have similar patterns and vibrant colors on them.

Since, Eid is close by you can match these pretty bags with your outfits to complete your look. In their collection they have a variety of styles, including traditional shoulder strap bags, trendy chain bags and beautiful clutches with and without chains for hanging. The clutches come with intricate embroidery on them that you can easily carry with your Eid outfit to gather an elegant eastern look.

I am sharing the best pieces of handbags from their collection available online, that you can order or buy directly from any of their nearby outlet considering your comfort.

1. Blue Handbag with multi-color fabric tassels and metal coins

The bag that has caught my sight completely is in blue color. It’s an embroidered hand bag which is beautifully decorated with colored fabric tassels and metal coins on it. It also has an embroidered fabric strap on it that makes it look fancier. The strap is separable so its multi use, for both hand carrying or hanging depending on the desire to carry. It has a beautiful floral print on its front in pink, orange and mustard colors that can go with every dress. The stuff of the bag is durable and sturdy and that would keep your stuff protected. Its also spacious as you can store your accessories, perfumes and other essentials in it. It also has a zipper inner pocket and a mini pocket on the outside in which you can carry our phone or keys easily.

The price of this bag is PKR 2,400 which is not very expensive.

Shop it online at:here

2. Embroidered Leather Chain bag:

This bag has a fabrication of leather and an embroidered front at the opening. Its looks beautifully handcrafted with colors of mustard, pink, green and white. A fusion of all of these colors has made it a complete go with every outfit. And a leather fabrication gives it a lavish touch. Not only it’s fancy but sturdy as well. The bag has a sleek zipper pocket inside. And a silver colored metal chain shoulder strap for hanging on the shoulder. There’s also a zipper at the front as well to give it a finished and a trendy look. This bag is special because you can carry it with western wear as well as it would look absolutely stunning if paired with blue or black jeans.

Product code: HB16501-Default The price of this bag is PKR 2,400, again quite reasonable.

Shop it online at: here

3. Brown Embossed Handbag

This third bag which looks super classy is more of a formal kind. It’s a brown colored strap bag with a sturdy leather fabrication that gives it a look. It’s durable and more spacious as you can easily store your novel or books along with all other important stuff in it. It’s more suitable for ladies with “all in the bag” approach and you can also use it as a travel bag.It has a textured front and zippers at its sides that compliment its style. It also has a zipper inner pocket. The smart cut and shape of the bag makes it one of a kind. You can take this bag to your office everyday with an attitude of worthiness.

The price of this bag is PKR 4500 Size: 12×20 inch

Shop it online at: here. It is also available in a royal navy blue color with the same price.

4. Red Embossed Handbag:

Another bag that is in red color is the most flattering one of all. The color red gives it a flirty look. It also has a leather fabrication and an enduring stuff. It has a textured design on its corners with a simple front. The strap of this bag makes it look super trendy because of its unique design. It has got a nice detailing on the edges and can be carried both for formal or casual wear purpose.All of these features make it a must buy!

Also this bag has a justified price of PKR 4,000..Product code: HBEM16002-RED

Shop it online at: here. It’s also available in blue color. Details are as follows:

Product code: HBEM16002-BLUE Size: 12×20 inch

5. Embroidered Metal Box Clutch:

Clutches give your personality a sassy look, and they look so distinctive. Khaadi clutches are different than usual ones as they are embroidered and they have better colors. This clutch is a spot choice, if you want something to carry with your casual lawn suits. Its yellow and parrot colored metal box clutch and looks super cute. The intricate embroidery with a well balanced color approach has made it look absolutely stunning.

It also has a gold colored metal chain strap that makes it look elegant. You can also use it on mehndi or any other festive since it has the perfect combination of yellow, green and skin.

The price of this beautiful clutch is PKR 3,500 which is not too heavy on the pocket!

Product code: CLT16504 Size: 5×6.5 Inch

Shop it online at: here

6.Red and Gold Embroidered metal Box Clutch:

This clutch is much alike as the previous one. But it’s in red and gold color which makes it more festive and formal. It has a beautiful front with embroidered red and gold floral print on it. It also has a gold colored metal chain strap and a gold clipper at its opening.

It’s a perfect choice to pair up with a wedding dress as it has the color of red in it that most bridal dresses have. It has a black colored back side that adds variety to its look.

The price of this clutch is PKR 3,500. Product code: CLT16506-Red Size: 5×6.5 Inch

Shop it online at: Here

7. Shimmery Clutch Purse:

Adding up variety to the Khaadi’s collection, this one is a fusion of clutch and a handbag. It’s a shimmery gold clutch purse with a metal strap chain. It has a sophisticated front with a pattern on it.

Again this one is also multi use as it can be used on occasions as well as for casual wear. It’s a light and take-anywhere kind of purse that will attract the teen girls more as they don’t like carrying heavy bags usually. It’s lightweight and handy. The edges of this clutch purse are delicately lined with a silver colored fabric to give it a nice finishing.

The price of this hand bag is PKR 3,500. Product code: HBEM16004-Golden Size: 5.5×6.5 inch

Shop it online at: Here

Its also available in black color with the same price.

8. Yellow Embroidered Handbag:

This one is more economical and for casual use. It can be used by college going girls as it has a subtle design and vibrant colors. This pretty handbag has a turquoise colored base and a floral imprint on it in pink, blue and green colors. It also has a braided black colored strap on it. This bag looks more thematic as it has a unique design and can be carried with Khaadi and other lawn suits easily.

It’s spacious and adjustable. One can carry books and all other essentials in it easily. It’s not too over sized and not too small as well. It also has a zipped inner pocket.

The price of this handbag is PKR 1800 which is very economical. Product code: HB16005-TURQUOISE

Shop it online at: Here

9. Red and Skin Fabric Tote Handbag:

This bag has a red and skin colored lining imprint on it. It is a casual wear smart choice with pink and orange colored fabric tassels on it. It can easily be paired with lawn suits as most of them also have fabric tassels on them these days. This bag is spacious and absolutely high-performance as you can carry it anywhere everyday. The light fabric used in it makes it expandable and easy to wash.

It would be well suited to the needs of college going girls and teen girls as well. And other ladies can also use it with equal ease. It’s both trendy and fashionable.

The price of this bag is PKR 2,800.

Product code: HB16001-RED

Shop it online at: Here .

This bag is also available in the color black and skin.

10. Pink and Red Embroidered Metal Bo Clutch:

This beautiful clutch is also one of a kind. Manufactured by Khaadi’s state of the art embroidered fabric, it looks just fabulous. It has a fusion of pink, red, black, white and yellow in it which makes it a good choice for lawn suits. Multi colored clutches are always a good choice to invest on.  It has a gold metal strap chain with it to hang on the shoulder and gold clipper at its opening.

This price of this clutch is PKR 3,000.


Product code: CLT16004-DEFAULT

Shop it online at: here. Its also available in a mix of red, black and white colors.

All of these handbags are a smart choice to collect in your wardrobe. As they are well suited to everybody’s needs and can be taken anywhere.

I am mentioning the link to buy them online below for your convenience:

Go grab them and look like a chic these summers!