14 Best Khaadi Khaas Dresses To Experience the Luxury

14 Best Khaadi Khaas Dresses To Experience the Luxury

When it comes to getting ready for a get together or a kitty party, the first thing comes in your mind is what your gonna wear, and KHAADI KHAS is a life savour with its amazing ready to wear clothes with all the charisma packed in a outfit that you would definitely like to flaunt.
Here we have a couple of amazing dresses listed, only for your ease.
So get ready to look FABULOUS girls. Choose one from here and then prepare replies for the countless compliments you are about to get!
Let’s dive in and enjoy!

1. Beige Embroidered Kurta

Here we have this finely embroidered kurta, which is a must have for all the amazing get togethers to get all the attention,it has embroidered front & back with sleeves, which looks chic and eye catching at the same time, it is also an ideal dress for Pakistani desii weddings, if you pair it with a embroidered trouser.
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2. Floral Yellow Embroidered Kurta

This kurta has all the OOHS & Wows for the girls, who like keeping it simple yet trendy, this kurta comes in yellow color with hot pink color flower embellishment, you can wear it with black or with trouser, to get a amazing look for your daily routine.
Yellow it self is a amazing color, that brings out the best in you.
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3. Golden Pink Embroidered Kurta

This kurta has a sky blue base with golden & dark pink embroidery, which makes it more beautiful and elegant for a get together or a desii wedding, the entire dress is embroidered with elegance and will be personified, if a embroidered trouser is used.
t is currently out of stock, it will be back soon with all the shine on your nearest khaki branch.
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4. Green Floral Embroidered Kurta

This kurta is one of my personal favourites from the collection, it has this beautifully embroidered neckline and sleeves, giving it an amazing girlish look,specially for a girl who loves playing with colors, the colors used in this kurta are bright and feminine, grab all the attention girls.
pair it with a trouser or a ghagra , to keep it trendy.
The price is 15,000 pkr, but girls you should not miss out on something like this, believe us on that.
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5. White Embelished Top

WHITE WHITE & WHITE, is the only trend that is rocking everyone this year, from all the celebrities to all the divas, everyone seems to be in fashion with their white clothes and accessories.
Here you have this white top with pink embroidery on the end of the sleeves, which gives life to this refreshing trend, pair it with a trouser or a jeans to keep it cool and sassy.
Price:12,000 pkr.
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6. Tulip Red Embroidered Kurta

It has a foan base with floral embroidery of red and orange tulips on the sleeves and front, the slightly long back,keeping it simple yet classy at the same time, you can wear a statement necklace with the dress and pair a embroidered trouser. This complete outfit will make a bold statement and speak for your personality.
Price: 13,000 pkr.
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7. Classic Blue & White Embroidered Kurta

This is a classical blue and white embroidered kurta, with blue embroidery on white base, it is a must have for all the semi formal parties, it has embroidered front and back with sleeves and a V neck, this is on the top chart of khaadi khas, pair it with a trouser and have all the attention and elegance.
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8. Grey-Yellow Embroidered Kurta

Grey will always remain on the top charts, cause it adds this charisma to every color, this dress it a match of yellow and grey, with embroidery on the entire dress, with trendy sleeves, talk of the town sleeves basically, pair it with a trouser and you’re done for the day.
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9. Grey-Pink Embroidered Kurta

This kurta is a blend of all the pinks and reds, with embroidery and elegance, adding some great charm to the dress, with the beautiful blend of colors, which can be used in all the seasons, add some spice with a grey trouser, and you’re good to get all the compliments coming your way.
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10. Pink Embroidered Kurta

This kurta has an off white base , with pink and peach embroidery on the front and back with long sleeves which are also embroidered, it has a round neck and perfectly compliments this kurta, to add some glamour , wear some long pearl earrings to stand out in the crowd with a beautiful smile.
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11. Black Embroidered Kurta

This kurta has a pink base with black embroidery, on the front and back, it has this girl next door look, that adds all the glamour to the look itself, wear it with jeans or trouser to play smooth, you can add sleeves to this kurta, or it can be used as sleeveless top.
You can spice it up from conservative attire to very stylish modern look. No worries, this dress has got it all!
Price: 12,000 per
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12. Red Floral Embroidered Kurta

This kurta gives you more of a desii girl vibe, with all the red floral embroidery and the black embroidery detailing, it has embroidered front and sleeves, with plain back to keep it elegant and easy to wear, pair it with a black trouser and you’re done .
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13. Tea Pink Embroidered Kurta

The kurta here has all the ingredients to be a perfect parry wear, cause it has a good blend of dark pink and tea pink embroidery on the sleeves, front and back.
It can be paired with a trouser and you have a complete look.
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14. Pink Embroidered Dress

A dress that puts you at ease,a ready to go pink kurta, with a white trouser is all you want in this busy routine, it has a round neck with embroidered front.
Very elegant for day wear or for office. For casual to semi formal, this will get you noticed in a room full of ladies. And we all want that, don’t we?
Price: 12,000 pkr
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There might be several dresses are out of stock in online store, but do not worry! It will be available with all the shine on your nearest khaadi branch.