Khaadi Clothing A Unique Combo or Art and Fashion

Khaadi Clothing A Unique Combo or Art and Fashion

Khaadi, the name needs no introduction at all. Webbing its feet in the fashion industry of Pakistan back in 1999 under the talented supervision of Shamoon Sultan.
Right from day one, Khaadi has been a dream-come-true for Pakistani women. The attractive colors, delicacy of fabric and uniqueness of the design is the signature of this brand and also prime reasons to justify its popularity.

Since the day it was introduced, it because an irresistible emblem of traditions and fashion crisp in Pakistan. The first store was opened in Karachi, and the stock ran out in less than a week, that spoke for the quality they were providing.
Over the years, the brand has matured and achieved a lot. Winning 6 Lux Style Awards, It has been an absolute sweetheart among women.
The brand broadened the horizon of their collections and services and introduced a lot of other unique products that clearly have no parallels in the fashion world.


Khaadi Unstitched Girls Dress


This clearly is what makes the brand popular. This apparel brand offers beautiful unstitched collection for women, in the fabric that best suits the weather. The colors are unique and make a statement. Dupattas are the main focal point and the place where the designers put most effort.
Usually in each season, Khaadi comes up with two collections: one at the beginning of the season and second probably in the mid.
You can avail the two piece collection or three piece upon preference, however you cannot purchase just the shirt or dupatta separately.


In the all the above fabrics, Khaadi also comes up with Pret collection. The designs mostly are different, however sometimes you have few of unstitched dresses available in stitched form as well.
You have Kurti, Kurti Shalwar and Kurti Dupatta available in three different categories, which gives you freedom of choice and selection about what particularly you want.


As the name already suggests, “Khaas”(important) is the premium luxury collection. This mostly has high-end fabric, with heavy embroidery or motifs work, which makes this particularly suitable for formal occasions, weddings and parties.
This collection has pret wear mostly. “Khaas” is located in some particular locations, however the elegance and innovation in color selection, stitching and style shows that Khaadi does not only master in lawn and cambric, the talented artists are pretty revolutionary when it comes to formal wear as well.

 MEN Collection

Khaadi Clothes for men

Recently, Khaadi also jumped in the field of men wear confidently, giving the already established men apparel; brands a tough run for their money.

Khaadi Men further offers four subcategories:

  • Short Kurta
  • Kurta
  • Kurta Shalwar
  • Bottoms What makes their men wear a unique product is that unlike traditional Pakistani Kurta brands, they offer an entirely different range of colors and cuts. They have expressed their creativity by introducing bold colors, parting ways from the traditional browns and blacks.The color range is not typical or what you see most men wearing. But the way bold colors are elegantly amalgamated with decent stitching cuts, it makes the dresses very comfortable to pull off and carry.


Khaadi Bags For Women

To compliment that stunning bright lawn dress, you need some accessories to steal the spotlight. Well don’t worry, Khaadi has got your back here as well!

They also offer a wide range of creatively made accessories to give you that chic ethereal look.

In this particular category, they offer:

  • Footwear
  • Perfumes
  • Handbags
  • Scarves
  • Shawls
  • Earrings and other jewelry

Notebooks and diaries.

All these services further shows that it is one of the few brands in Pakistan that perfectly know how to multitask. Dress of this stunner brand accompanied with right accessories from them can easily make you a spotlight staler.

Khaadi has already achieved many milestones, and certainly the way they are dishing out the best of fashion and are keeping the eastern spirit alive simultaneously, it will steal Pakistan’s heartbeat for a long time.