Lake View Park Islamabad: A Look Over Most Recreational Site of Capital City

Lake View Park Islamabad: A Look Over Most Recreational Site of Capital City


Lake View Park is a recreational and wildlife park which is also known as Rawal Lake Park. It is built along the Rawal Lake, which gave it the name Rawal Lake Park. Rawal lake is an artificial reservoir that provides water for people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The park is located in the village of Malpur, on the Murree-Islamabad Highway, the Capital Territory of Islamabad. Sojourning from Islamabad to Murree leads to a road on the right side just before approaching Barakahu, there is the five-star park.

An Overview Over Park

The park was built recently and has grown to become the favorite picnic center for people of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and foreigners and has attracted the attention of many tourists. The park came into existence as a result of the unscathed efforts and persistence of Chairman Development Authority(CDA) Kamran Lashari.

A visit to spectacular Lake View Park recreational center can be a whole day fun and with lots of amazing experience with loved ones. The park is designed with the state of the art designs which enhances it beautiful surrounding landscape. It is always fully crowded in the evening due to its numerous attractions. It has several facilities with all the needed standard requirements.

While arriving at the park parking lots, the first thing to sight is it pedestrian passage which was designed with beautiful gardens, surrounded by long tall trees. And the passage ends at the Rawal Lake bank. There is also the availability of an open road train to convey people to the Lake bank. Getting to the bank of the Rawal Lake lies the stunning lake, with some colorful huts where visitors can relax and enjoy the full view of the Lake.

It is cheap to park in the parking lots with lots of vast area and CDA has designed many list for the optimal satisfaction of it guests and there are many workers to attend to the needs of visitors as well.

The park was built on the bank of the Rawal Lake based on international standard. It has both passenger train and buses. It has games and fun rides for children and adults. There is zoo for all kinds of flying creatures in the park.

Lake View PArk Children Area

Lake View Park Public Services

There are several facilities in the park that made the park a side attraction for both indigenes and foreigners. Some of which include;

  • Sporting Activities

The park has many sporting activities for its guest like wall climbing, paintball, scooter boats, speed boats, mascots, swimming pool and many more.

  • Amusement Park

Amusement park is available for all and sundry viewing. There are variety of birds, some cam be seeing walking and some are seen flying inside a huge net.

  • Bus Service Facility

Due to the vast area of the park, it is not easy for children and old aged to have a full tour of the park and this birthed the bus service facility. People now have access to the full amusement of the park.

Public transport is available to convey visitors from Rawalpindi and Islamabad to the park. Rawalpindi vans with root No. 10 and Islamabad vans with root No. 127 can be used to get to the park.

  • Lake View Dera Restaurant
Rawal Lake Islamabad

There is a restaurant called Dera that provides foods and refreshment for the park visitors. There are also some small food vendors available in the park. Visitors are also allowed to bring in their own refreshment so as to have picnic with their loved ones.

Dera restaurant is located on the Rawal Lake. It serves as a relaxation spot for visitors with it sleek sitting setting while enjoying a picnic time with family and friends in a beautiful water atmosphere. In order for the visitors to enjoy BBQ, the authorities made provision for grills on different locations in the park.

  • Water Boat Facility

This happens to be the only place where people can enjoy water boating in the whole of the Capital Territory. People often visit the park solely for water boating. There is also Manual water boat available for people in the park. There is also motorized and simple boats for both individuals and families.

  • Maintenance of the Park; Cleaning and Security

The lake view park maintenance, cleanliness and upgrading is under the responsibility of the CDA. There are Gardeners that tends to the garden and are in charge of its cleanliness on daily basis. There are also sanitary workers that are in charge of ensuring a hundred per cent clean environ.

So also, there are security guards on ground twenty-fours seven days a week. And, they are hired for different security reasons.

  • Restrooms Facility

There is availability of restrooms for both ladies and gents on different locations of the park due to its vast land.

Other Available Facilities

Rawal Lake Islmabad View Boating

Swimming pool, festival arena, ibex club (for the young ones to gym), live music for optimal entertainment of guests, fishing area are also among other facilities available in the park all these are designed for the full enjoyment of visitors.

In addition, the Lake View Park has undergone a recent renovation which now makes it more conducive for children to enjoy variety of plays and games.

Feeling bored or lonely, and you reside close to the twin region then, lake View Park is an amazing place to visit for relief from boredom. This park offers something for everyone, there is just something for everyone. Have a wonderful and unforgettable experience at this park and you will always come back for more. This is not just meant for the locals to enjoy alone as there are also many foreigners who come to have fun and relax in the park while enjoying the unending and uninterrupted views of the park as it is one of the best tourist attractions in Pakistan. This is good for the summers, just to enjoy the beautiful sunset scene.

In conclusion, many past visitors of the park have rated the park as beautiful, marvelous, bewitching, endearing, with conducive atmosphere.