Latest Pakistani Men’s Dresses 2018 Trends and New Collections

Latest Pakistani Men’s Dresses 2018 Trends and New Collections

Men’s Dresses in Pakistan

The Islamic republic of Pakistan is a country that is just not respected for being a nuclear power or its spectacular historic background, but also earns a reputable place around the world because of its high-end fashion sense. A country that takes pride in its national dresses, Pakistani men proudly spruce up in the traditional shalwar suits no matter what the occasion is or where they are.

The Fun in Going All Traditional

Well unlike women, men do not have much choice when it comes down to dressing up all fashionable and stylish. All they have is a choice between the funky jeans shirt or shalwar kameez to experiment with. From faded jeans to brightly dyed shirts, from embroidered ban collar kurta’s to plain shalwar, Pakistani designer’s have put in a lot of effort to make dressing up fun for guys too and people like Amir Adnan are the ones who have successfully changed the face of men’s fashion in the country.

As much as it is fun to go all traditional, guys too wish to adorn in attires that are trendy, classy and brilliantly designed. For the love of conventional style, here are some armoire styles that define the true Pakistani colors:

  1. Shalwar Kameez

A knee length kameez with ban collar paired up perfectly with wide ghair wali shalwar is what reflect the rich cultural heritage of this country. One can either go about and choice from per meter fabric made available in exciting colors or visit any designer outlet to get their hands on ready-to-wear collections. To add to the fun of traditional wear, men can now amuse themselves with embroidered kameez with plain shalwars that can be found in a variety of shades. Pair it up with waistcoat or blazers and your set to rock the event.

  1. Kurta Shalwar

Well for common men, a kameez and kurta might hold the same meaning but upon closer investigation, you’ll easily be able to distinguish between the two styles. A kameez is longer in length while a kurta is measured to be shorter. It can be styled with gol gheer or straight cut coupled with the classic shalwar. Kurta can either be with embroidered plackets, a fancy collar or decked with fancy buttons. The style you choose will surely reflect upon your personality so be wise when it comes to sprucing up in kurta shalwar of your choice.

  • Types of Fabric

It doesn’t matter if guys cannot have the privilege of trying on high-end fashion attires but they can surely stay super comfortable and relaxed based on the needs of the seasonal changes with the variety that can be found in fabric types. To enlighten you with man’s fashion, here are the different types of fabric that can be found easily in Pakistan:

  1. Paper Lawn

Never heard of it? Well with summer on its peak, guys too can adorn themselves in the super light fabric known as paper lawn which is light and airy and of course can be found in unique shades that will excite you to the core.

  1. Cotton

Soft and graceful, cotton is one of the best fabric to play with and will keep you comfortable even in days when the sun is burning you with its scorching rays.

  1. Wash And Wear

Most elderly men in this country go for this fabric especially those who want their shalwar suits to be pressed with perfection without any slits. Wash it with hands or put away in the machine, this fabric will stay with you for years to come by.

  1. Khaadar

A fabric purely for winters, the dark shades and warm texture is simply exciting. Pair it up with waistcoats and you’ll be gracing the show for sure.

  1. Boski

Around since decades, boski have added liveliness to weddings where men are seen dazzling and shinning in this glamorous and expensive fabric. The elegance this fabric type holds is what makes it’s costlier than the others.

  1. Raw silk

Usually used in crafting pant coats and groom sherwanis, this shiny fabric is loved by men around the country and can easily be adorned in both winter and summer seasons.

  1. Velvet

If you have winter weddings to attend than velvet sherwanis and blazers are simply the perfect choices for you that will not just keep you warm but styled like a pro.

  • Formal Wear for Men

Like women, men cannot surely dazzle in glitzy attires like lehnga or gowns. But even with the limited options available, guys can surely come across as stylish and handsome with the choices they make. Shalwar kameez is just an attire for casual wear, it can easily be worn to functions like mehndi and engagements if paired up with the right accessories to created the most trendiest and classic look for yourself. For those with limited options, here are some commonly known fashion choices that guys can actually experiment with:

  1. Waistcoat

The perfect match for your shalwar kameez, waistcoats can easily be spruced up by men of all ages. With designers working hard to introduce newest trends, one can now enjoy waistcoat styles and designs that are not just unique and exquisite but are uber fun and exciting. So if you still think waistcoats are just for your fathers and grandfathers, then you might just want to reconsider that point.

  1. Sherwani

There was a time when sherwani symbolized as a groom’s wear only. But over the span of few years, Pakistan has surely seen an evolution in the fashion world where the grooms and bride’s friends, brothers and cousins can be seen dressed up handsomely in elegant sherwanis. From velvet attires to raw silk outfits, guys can choose their favorite fabric type to put together sherwani that are designed with immaculate craftsmanship and polished skills.

  1. Pant Coat/ Dress Suit

Whether you have a presentation in university or a reception to attend, one can never go wrong with dress suits. Pant coat have always graced important events and formal occasions where guys need to leave a lasting impression that is highly decent and polished. From raw silk coats to velvet blazers, your style all depends on the occasion you have upcoming on the calendar.

  1. Blazers with jeans

For a more casual look, you can pair up casual blazer or coats with your favorite jeans and simply stand out of the crowd with a look that is unique and dignified.

Choosing the Right Style

One may have many high-end fashion choices to their name but what’s important is that you just not dress up right according to the occasion or event on the list but also choose a style that enhances your persona. Fashion is what suits you and so grace yourself in attires that are super comfortable yet make a perfect match with your personality.