Latest Grooms Sherwani Design 2018 By Top Designers

Latest Grooms Sherwani Design 2018 By Top Designers

Pakistan is a country that takes pride in its rich culture and traditions. From the sacred matrimonial bond to fulfilling the responsibilities towards one’s family, this country is taken up wonderful people who respect their cultural heritage and every occasion is purely a depiction of their strong roots.

The Sacred Bond of Love

Being an Islamic state, marriage is considered to be sacred bond, a matrimony that just not only ties two people in a relationship of long time love and respect but also brings together two families that promise to stand by one another in times of happiness and need. Although the old, Islamic way of getting married is less complicated and lavish but because the cultural norms of this country go back to the grand and magnificent celebrations of the sub-continent, marriages and wedding in Pakistan surely gain inspiration from down the lane of history.

And with the passage of time, it is just not the bride that takes great interest in her dress and get up for the day to look exquisite and fashionable, but in the present guys or rather grooms-to-be can be seen equally worried for their look for the big day. From booking salon appointments to spending numerous hours in the markets, guys getting married soon spend a lot of energy and time finding the perfect match for their wedding look.

Traditional Wear for Men

Be it a sherwani or the handsome dress suit for the reception, guys today is not compromising on anything. So for all the young men out there with the weddings on the card, here are wedding wears that are equally traditional and trendy, promising to create the best look for you on your special day:

A Complete Guide About Sherwani for Pakistani Men


Yes, the most commonly worn attire on the wedding day is definitely a sherwani which is loved by all. a long coat with an open slit and ban collar, sherwani is usually worn over a simple white shalwar suit that makes it even more graceful. Some grooms-to-be prefer sprucing up in this traditional wear put together with simplicity while other look out for some embellishments or embroidered work on it. Either way, when you talk of the nikaah day, nothing can grace the look of the perfect groom better than the wonderful sherwani.

  • Types of Sherwani Fabrics

Just like all the other formal and casual wear, men can now amuse themselves by dressing up in sherwanis made out of their favorite fabric. Designers all around the country have definitely worked hard to re-vamp men’s fashion by introducing trendiest and comfortable fabric that will surely enhance your persona. From the glitzy jamawar to the glamorous velvet, pieces of cloths like these are now commonly used in crafting sherwanis of highest quality and style. Here are the different types of cloths that you’ll come across when shopping for any traditional attire:

  1. Jamawar

Self printed and shinny fabric, jamawar has always been around helping designers unleash the creative artists within them and come up with patterns and cuts that are brilliant. Well not just the ladies enjoy dolling up in this glitzy piece of cloth but men too can be seen handsomely carrying jamawar sherwanis and waistcoats that simply add more colors to their celebrations.

  1. Velvet

The perfect winter cloth, as much as ladies love carrying embellished velvet shawls to weddings, guys can now adorn themselves in sherwanis made especially for a look that is super hot and classy. One can either go for a simple velvet sherwani or choose to wear an embroidered one but if you’re talking about this fabric, the beauty surely lies in simplicity.

  1. Banarsi

A fabric much similar to jamawar, banarsi cloth is slightly heavier than jamawar yet is available in fabulous shades and prints that what makes it fun to experiment with. It can easily be crafted into any shape and size and if you’re looking to shine out on your big day or an important event, a banarsi sherwani it is for you!

  1. Raw Silk

Super expensive and glossy, this piece of fabric was surely loved by the Mughal and the beautiful texture is what makes it stand out from amongst the other types of cloths. It drapes amazingly down your body, giving you the perfect handsome fit.

The Exciting Traditions

Those residing within Pakistan know the wedding season never comes to an end. Be it summers or chilly winters, you’ll definitely have a marriage to attend and whether it is your own or someone else’s nikaah, you can surely attract the ladies with your spectacular fashion sense all spruced up in traditional attire.