39 Latest Maria B Bridal Dress Designs

39 Latest Maria B Bridal Dress Designs

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Many designers in Pakistan work really hard to provide a variety of dresses which are affordable and according to the desire of the customers. However, in this particular regard Maria B. is one of the hardest working designers, who is my personal favorite as well. She not only satisfies the customers with all her amazing designs but is highly cooperative about the needs of her customers. There is a wide collection of dresses available in her designs which include formals, pret wears, unstitched, evening wear, morning wear, lawn and the casual ones. With all the variety of designs Maria B.’s collection is a one stop shop for all the amazing ladies out there. All bridal dresses are made on order and require duration of almost 6-8 days to be prepared. So keep a margin before ordering. In order the book the appointments you can leave your name and contact number on the website and the team will contact you as soon as your turn comes up.

From Mehndi to Barat Day to Walima Maria B Wedding Dresses Meets Need of Everyday Brides

Marriage is a divine and celestial knot. It is said that couples are made in heavens. It is one of the most important relations of this world. It fastens two families together, a chain forms and hence a macro sized friendly nexus is established which brings affection and harmony in society.
On the juncture of a wedding, there are several aspects which are taken into account in order to maintain the conventional decorum of the event. Such as catering quality, function’s food, dressing…bride’s dressing! Yes, the most crucial thing in a wedding function is the bride’s dress and her ultimate outlook and everyone is concerned about it. It is normal, because bride is special. So it is quite significant step towards a successful wedding function to choose your dress appropriately according to your physique, tone and physical outlook.
Just like every other stuff, the bridal dresses have also gone online, mean they are available on the online stores of the brands as well as outlets. Buying procedure is same as for other ordinary gears, but there is a petite difference, in most of the cases of bridal dresses, you have to order the dress about four to six weeks before you need it.
There are several famous brands in Pakistan regarding bridal dresses such as Nomi Ansari, Maria B, Fahad Hussayn, Kuki Concepts, Sana Safinaz, HSY.etc which produce quite stunning and gleaming bridal dresses. But here we are just focusing on the bridal dresses from the collection of Maria B.
Maria.B presents you with a vast range of bridal dresses having different origins of style, design and outlook. Their dresses can be categorized as follow:-
• Reds: All red type of dresses such as red lehngas
• Pastels: Bridal dresses having soft colours
• Saris: Includes the traditional Indian Sari type bridal dresses
• Shirt Trousers: Dresses similar to ordinary shalwar kameez
• Western Type: Bridal Dresses having western touch of design and style

For your convenience, here we have extorted some of the top best bridal dresses from the whole range of Maria B:-

1. Grey Bridal Dress

This is one of the most demanding outfits out of the bridal collections available for the bridal dresses. A crop top style paired with a lehnga of grey color has grey embellished work on it. This bridal collection can be paired with green jewelry and the bride will be ready to flaunt her look. Other than this the net dupatta with a heavy border is what adds beauty to the dress.
Product code: EX-116
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2. Beige Color Dress

This Mughal time’s inspired outfit is prepared with farshi lehnga and a knee length shirt along with a long duppata is a great piece of the artistic talents of the designer. Although the website shows the dress to be sleeveless but since the orders are made on custom so the sleeves can be added in the outfit for the ones who prefer wearing sleeves.
Product code: EX-124
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3. Grey Dress With Straight Trouser.

It has been seem in the last couple of months that cold shoulder short shirt and a straight trouser are the ultimate fashion solution for all kind of outfits you are trying to get for your events. This bridal collection is designed keeping in view this fashion style. The straight trouser with a lining on it gives it an amazing look. The amazing kundan work on the shirt makes it even more amazing.
Product code: EX-125
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4. Grey Lehnga Choli

Floor length dresses are among the most demanding dresses these days since they give all the brides a classy look also almost all the colors look amazing in this dress. This floor length outfit is one of the demanding walima dresses.
Product code: EX-126
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5. Blue Bridal Dress

These days’ mehndi dresses are kept traditional yet classy by using the amazing color blends just like using the shades of blue, green or pink. This blue bridal collection is paired with a blue gharara using the silk material with a short shirt having amazing embellished work on it. When paired with traditional jewelry this outfit will give an amazing look to the mehndi bride.
Product code: EX-122
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6. Traditional Red Bridal Dress

All brides love wearing red color so for all such brides this dress is one of the best possible options available. The color combination of the dress makes it look beautiful. The fawn colored dupatta with a sufficient length is paired with this dress.
Product code: EX-123
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7. Grey Long Tail Dress

For all the walima brides this is clearly the first choice to be made because of the great color combination and the amazing work done on this bridal collection by Maria B. These days all the colors in the shades of grey especially ivory color is in great demand so grab yours before they remove this from their collection.
Product code: EX-115
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8. Ivory Color Dress With Net Lehnga

When it comes to be wear the sophisticated resses with the blend ot tradition in them use of the fabric of net is clearly the first choice. Net lehnga with the amazing shirt having beads and kundan work on it is great for all the brides to be who want something traditional yet classy on their reception day.
Product code: EX-120
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9. Pink Color Wedding Wear

When it comes to the bridal dresses especially the dress of barat all the bride are very conscious if the color scheme will go well or not well for this dress I assure that the amazing color scheme of pink and purple would look exceptional and add to the beauty of all the girls. So orders and make your big day amazing.
Product code: EX-104
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10. Red Color Dress In Net Material

With jamawar border on the border and the embroidery using golden thread and kundan with hands this outfit is no less than the masterpiece from the old times. The fabric of net and jamawar combine to form the most beautiful dresses of all times.
Product code: EX-111
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11. Red and Fawn Bridal Dress

This amazing lehnga choli is paired with a long fawn dupatta having red color work in it to keep the contrast of the dress alive. For all the brides looking for a mixture of fashion and tradition this is the best thing to put your hands on. Make your customized orders and enjoy you amazing wedding day and hey don’t forget to gather all the compliments you will get after slaying in this bridal collection by Maria B.
Product code: EX-109
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12. Grey and Light Pink Dress

Wearing open shirt on the wedding days is considered to be the old fashion trend but it doesn’t remain old fashioned when you have the collection from Maria B. bridal designs. This open shirt is paired with a silk lehnga of light pink color which adds to the grace of the dress.
Product code: EX-106
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13. Carrot Red and Beige Dress

Long floor lengths dresses or the dresses styled in the form of pishwas like the ones used to be worn in the Mughal era are some of the fashion trends that are loved by girls of all ages. That is why designers don’t forget to add such type of dresses in their collections in order to satisfy their all kinds of customers. This amazing carrot red and beige color outfit seems like the abstract act thing done by an artist. It has silver color work on its base and a long duappta with the same color scheme. Other than this it has buttons on its front portion.
Product code: EX-102
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14. Maroon Color Dress

Baraat brides don’t seem to be baraat brides unless they are wearing red or maroon color. Looks like our designer Maria B. is very well aware of this thing that is why there a huge number of red or maroon color dresses in her bridal collection. This amazing maroon color dress has silver work done on it. It has tassels attached to all the four sides of the long dupatta.
Product code: EX-78
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15. Turquoise and Fawn Color Dress

These days a trend has been seen which makes sure that the mehndi brides create a new trend in their mehndi functions. There are a number of ways to create the trend. Either by organizing the versatile mehndi functions or by making sure that the mehndi dress of the bride is different, unique yet beautiful from the usual ones. What if a mehndi contains both these things? Then it would be like the dream come true. Well as far as the making the versatile dress is concerned Maria B. always plays the part of an artist. This dress paired with amazing sharara of purple color and the fawn dupatta will make your brides look no less than angels on the earth.
Product code: EX-85
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16. Light Blue Dress

Wondering what to wear and slay on the mehndi function? Don’t worry the team f Maria B. under the supervision of the amazing artists makes sure your big day passes by with ease and comfort with all the compliments coming in. This mehndi dress with amazing light blue combination has silver work on it. It has a long dupatta which can be worn in any style you want.
Product code: EX-71
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17. Light Green Color Dress

When it comes about deciding the dress for reception often the light colors which look good on the bride are preferred. Well this is another option available for the reception dress which can be worn with ease. This light green dress with full sleeves will surely be the choice of so many brides to be.
Product code: EX-110
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18. Off Cream coloured Pastel

With a sleeve less top having heavy and extensive embroidery at the border, simple round neck and pointy designs around the neckline, this dress is overall quite expressive. The skirt is a sort of trousers and has broad bottoms and its material is quite silky and fluffy.
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19. Full sleeve Silver coloured Pastel:-

The shirt has a shiny greyish silver colour and has full sleeves. The arm cuffs have distinctive borders having tetragonal designs etched on it. The skirt is of floor length. Its upper/starting portion is fully covered with simple but elegant embroidery and as it comes down, the design changes its pattern gradually and finally there is border which is embellished with glittering silver threading.
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20. Sky Bluish Pastel:-

The top is a bit flabby, is sleeve less and has a gleaming sky blue colour. The neckline is densely embroidered. Shirt’s bottom is also given slight touches of a bit flowery embroidery. This dress is quite suitable for you with respect to its shirt if you are a bulky type of person. It will hide your humps and lumps quite well.
The dupatta along with it is also remarkable. The skirt is of floor length and has shiny blue as its base colour. The borders of the skirt are embroidered.
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21. Pastel with net Skirt:-

This light onion coloured dress consists of a fine dupatta with a fully embroidered border and small flowery designs carved on it at random distances. The top consists of two parts, one is blouse and other is the gown. Blouse is short and is navel exposing. Gown is also made up of net and has immense embroidered designs over it making it less see through. The skirt is also net made but is composed of multi layers. It quite stunning and adds much to the charm of this dress. This dress is quite suitable for you if you are a bit open minded and searching for a bit divulging dress.
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22. Silver coloured Pastel with full sleeves blouse

With a dazzling blouse having full sleeves and a stunning work of embroidery over it, this dress is quite remarkable. Its skirt is also striking. The skirt is of floors length meaning it slides on the floor as you walk.
The variant quality of this dress is that it comes along with an amazing red dupatta which gives a fine contrast to the overall outlook of the dress.
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23. Shirt-Trouser Dress with Net Dupatta

If you are a diffident and submissive type of person and don’t like those heavy and hefty sort of bridal dresses with a skirt sagging and sliding off miles behind, then this bridal dress is made for you. This is just a simple type of common shalwar kameez if its bridal design works are removed. The shirt is fully embroidered and has net sleeves.
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24. Sleeveless Top Shirt-Trouser Dress

One of the most concise bridal dresses one should say; dupatta-less dress having a sleeve less shirt with cleavage exposing deep neckline. The shirt’s front is stunningly embroidered and is embellished with pretty small red flowers. The trousers are fitting and have almost identical designs on it as those on shirt.
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25. Sparkling Sky Blue Shirt-Trousers Dress

Another remarkable simple type of bridal dress from Maria.B’s shirt-trouser bridal dress collection; with a thrilling and glittering sky blue colour and marvellous pieces of embroidered designs, this dress is composed of a net overhaul with embroidered borders and cuffs, and the inner opaque piece making it quite unique. The trousers along with this dress are also quite stunning.
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26. Shirt-Trouser Dress with Flabby Trousers

Soft and stunning pinkish creamy colour and sleeveless shirt, this dress has one of the finest embroidery work done on it and is a model of the art. It is a dupatta-less dress.
The trousers are quite flaccid and flabby hence making it quite cosy.
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27. Shirt-Trouser dress with a skirt type shirt:-

This dress is quite unique from the traditional desi bridal dresses and has a western touch in it. Its shirt gives dazzling look of a skirt and has full sleeves. It has flowery designs embroidered over its front.
This dress is dupatta-less and the trouser is embellished with a fine design of glistening bands which have a touch of golden shade in them.
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28. Red Coloured traditional Lehnga

This is a customary type of bridal dress having pure rose red colour and loads of stunning embroidery all over the shirt, floor length skirt and dupatta. The skirt border has shining artificial jewels etched on it on a glistening black base colour.
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29. Cream Coloured Lehnga with Red Dupatta

A bit unique lehnga bridal dress because of its rare cream base colour; this dress comes along with a dazzling red coloured dupatta which has a fine work of embroidery done on it and is net made. The shirt has long front and back panels just like a traditional kameez. The borders of the lehnga skirt are sensational with dark bluish shades.
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30. Glossy Red Coloured Lehnga

This lehnga dress is a model red coloured bridal dress because of its shiny and sparkly outlook. The shirt has full sleeves. This dress package includes a fine opaque dupatta with dark bluish borders on both the terminals.
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31. Multi-coloured Lehnga dress with Orange Shirt

This dress is a fine amalgamation of different beauteous colours. The net made dupatta has a bony greenish blue colour, the lehnga skirt has a bit light red colour having splendid works of embroidery done over it and borders of the colour of dupatta. The unique feature of this dress is the orange coloured shirt which enhances its charm and allure.
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32. Cardinal Red Deep Backed Lehnga Dress

Another fine lehnga dress from Maria.B’s bridal dress collection; the shirt has a bit cardinal red colour and the base colour of lehnga skirt is just unique i.e. fuchsia colour (mixture of red and purple). The shirt is a bit deep backed and quite suitable for you if you are confident enough.
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33. Pure Western type Peculiar Bridal Dress

This is a pure fashion-show/cat-walk function’s dress about which common people say after watching that which duffers buy and wear such clothes? Well, it’s not that weird but still quite outlandish. If you like to be eccentric and to give yourself an odd and unique look, then this bridal dress is made for you.
It has a dirty cream colour. The shirt has one sleeve full and other one is absent. There are pretty flowery designs over the neck line. The trouser along with it is also fine and has perforated borders.
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34. Beauteous Black coloured Western type Dress

Are you a black lover? We have a hearty gift for you on your wedding, a marvellous and splendid black coloured bridal dress having a western cut. It is a deep backed dress and quite suitable for long heighted girls.
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35. Western Cut Shirt-Trouser Dress

This dress has a cream coloured sleeveless top, a matt black fitting trouser with embroidered broad borders and a net made over haul. Overall this dress is quite smart looking and is quite suitable for long heighted and slim girls.
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36. Sleeveless Shirt Western Type Dress

The top of this dress is sleeveless and has jewels etched and embroidery work done on it in such a way that it gives a look of old fashioned armour as far as its sparkle is concerned. The skirt if of floor length and has pretty square shaped designs carved on it in a regular pattern.
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37. Rose Red Coloured Bridal Dress

Another remarkable western type bridal dress from Maria.B’s collection; this dress has tight fitting trousers which are covered under a long skirt of floor length which is made up of net and has multiple layers hence reducing the transparency. It has a soft natural type of red colour. The blouse portion of this dress has velvet red colour as base colour and has patronized golden flowery designs etched over it. This is a sleeveless dress.
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For all those people looking to book their appointments or contact the Maria B can contact on the following number or the email id:
Website: mariab.pk
Phone: +9242 3571 6700, +92 332 4122 262
Email: orders@mariab.pk