21 Latest NDure Footwear for Men to Get the Perfect Look

21 Latest NDure Footwear for Men to Get the Perfect Look

Footwear is considered to be one the most noteworthy part of one’s dressing. The type of shoes one wears can tell a lot about an individual’s personality. But when it comes to men, they are a little more obsessed with them. On the contrary to impressions, comfort is utterly important when it comes to the choice of shoes. Nobody is willing to walk to his office in shoes that keep on distressing him, nor with highly comfortable but dull looking shoes. So in order to help you choose the best shoes for yourself, NDure is here! They offer the best quality shoes with the perfect combination of rocking designs and comfortable material. NDure has a wide variety of shoes varying from cool casuals to daunting formal.
Some of the best-selling items of the NDure 2020 Collection are mentioned here for you.

1. Sporty Men’s Shoes

If you’re into sports and have an athletic personality then these pairs of shoes are a perfect fit for you. These are manufactured with quality durable material and have a cozy insole. PVC outsole ensures your grip on the ground and lets you easily hop to anywhere you want. You can pair these shoes with any plain t-shirt and jeans and can look effortlessly presentable.
Colors: Tan, Blue.
Price: PKR. 4999/- |PKR. 2999.00/- SALE
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2. Athletic Shoes for Men

Another match for the sporty guys out there. If you’ve a vigorous routine then you better go for these shoes. The EVC outsole grip and the comfortable insole of these shoes can make your workouts a little less painful. The appealing design of these shoes is enhanced by the light shaded stripe on it. You can pair them up with any of your jeans, T-shirt, even jumpsuits and you’re good to go.
Colors: Blue, Black, Maroon.
Price: PKR. 1839/- | PKR 2299.00/- SALE
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3. Men’s Casual Loafers

Loafers are the best semi-formal footwear. These casual loafers by Ndure are made of the best leather quality along with a square toe shape that ensures comfort as well as durability. Lightness of the show is taken care of by using PVC outsole. The neat design and dotted texture can look good with anything in your wardrobe.
Price:PKR. 2499/- | PKR. 2249.00/- SALE
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4. Traditional Men’s Sandals

Let’s go desi with these pocket friendly Ndure Traditional sandals. These sandals depict pure class and are a perfect fit for your salwar kameez and desi attire. Leather gives it the decent look and PU outsole provides the grip and waterproofing. The multi strap design not only makes it look great but also makes them easy to wear.
Price: PKR. 1999/- | PKR. 1399.00/- SALE
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5. Comfy Men’s Sandals

These are a perfect choice for summer. Ndure Comfort sandals are light weighted, open, easy to wear and what not. Round toe shape and quality leather material makes them look the finest and appropriate for any summer activity. PU material is used for the outsole that provides grip to these sandals.
Price: PKR. 2999/-
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6. Traditional Men’s Chappals

These classic chappals are a go to footwear for anyone. Whether you want to go to a grocery store, shopping mall or to any relative’s house, these are the best casual fits for you. PU outsole makes them light weighed with a better grip. Leather ensures durability. Whereas the textured double straps give them a fine look.
Price: PKR. 2999/- | PKR.2099/- SALE
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7. Men’s Casual Sneakers

Who doesn’t admire the powerful comfort, pain relief and support, Sneakers with a PVC outsole bring out for you. These casual sneakers will prove to be an all-rounder for you, pair with any western clothing and you’re good to go!
PRICE: PKR. 2499/-
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8. Comfortable Men’s Sneakers

Durable and breathable sneakers with a PVC outsole accompanied with a classy touch is all you would need for your perfect all-day wear.
Colors:  Blue and tan.
Price: PKR. 1999.00/-
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9. Comfy Men’s Loafers

An easy slip-on style pair that’s going to save a lot of your time and energy. It’s finely fly knitted and has a rubber outsole, enabling its durability and good gripping. These casual or semi-formal loafers are yet another light option for you to slay the game.
Colors; Brown
Price: PKR. 3499/- | PKR.2799/- SALE
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10. Textured Men’s Loafers

The finely threaded Denim textured loafers offer you a decent yet a well finished look. The slip-on style with a round toe shape offering stability makes this one a must have in your weekday wardrobe rotation.
Colors: Dark Grey, Blue.
Price: PKR. 3499/-  | PKR. 2799.00/- SALE
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11. Men’s Casual Ontario Shoes

Perfect choice when it comes to relax and be at ease. These easy slip-on shoes are specially framed with a fly knitted material that ensure flexibility, with the rubber outsole providing solid grip. The textured upper surface adds to clean decency, justifies to be worn on a daily basis.
Colors: Beige, Navy.
Price: PKR. 3999/- | PKR. 3199.00/- SALE
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12. Men’s Casual Ontario Sneakers

Sneakers make the most of the chosen foot wears of all, due to their stability and performance.
These textured casuals made up of fly-knitted material, have a lace-up style, perfect for your morning run!!
Colors: Beige, Navy.
Price: PKR. 3999/- |PKR.3199.00/- SALE
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13. Tasseled Men’s Formal Shoes

Formal shoes made up of leather have always been Man’s’ first priority when it comes to get formal. This pair is made up of fine quality leather that ensures strength, rubber outsole for good grip and decorated with tassels, altogether make it a perfect addition to your sophisticated personality.
Colors: Burgundy, Black.
Price: PKR.7999/- | PKR.5599/- SALE
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14. Tasseled Leather Men’s Formal Shoes

Formal Dress shoes made up of good quality Leather and rubber outsole. These are embellished with tassel and round toe shaped. The lavish look is ideal for your important events and business meetings.
Colors: Tan, Black.
Price: PKR.7999/- | PKR. 5599.00/- SALE
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15. Men’s Sporty wear

For your adventure’s craving, the sportswear by NDure comes to the rescue. They are designed chiefly to be more breathable, man made leather mixed with mesh material and a dual textured exterior makes it even more sporty.
Colors: Black, Red and White.
Price: PKR. 7999/- | PKR. 4000.00/- SALE
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16. Velcro Strap Men’s Sandal

If you are a fan of easy get-to-go foot wears, then this pair of strap sandals are a huge YES! They provide you easy to wear comfort and grip, the leather-made upper combined with strappy style and a PU soft insole makes it suitable for All-Day-Wear!
Colors: Brown, Black.
Price: PKR.2999/- | PKR. 2399.00/- SALE
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17. Men’s Peshawari Chappal

Peshawari Chappals are a must have for every Pakistani or Asian man with profound culture. For men to wear Shalwar Kameez be it on the beatific occasion of Eid, a jummah prayer or a dawat., the dress coat is fixed. NDure brings a range of comfy, trendy and our very own traditional Peshawari Chappals, they are made of leather with a shiny finish, having buckle closure and comfortable insole for all day easy wear.
Colors: Maroon, Black.
Price: PKR. 2699/- | PKR. 2429.00/- SALE
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18. Textured Men’s Chappals

A unique, preferable stylish pair of strappy shoes that lay out easy fit with an open toe style. Smooth man made leather with a soft PU insole, making it a good option for all day use. These are dual textured that add to its definition.
Colors: Brown, Black.
Price: PKR. 2599/- | PKR. 2159.00/- SALE
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19. Men’s Tasseled Loafers

This pair of manmade leather based tasseled loafers do the job of two, they are perfect for your formal use and even good to go in casualty. These slip-on styles are durable pairs of shoes, they have a PVC outsole which favors good grip and comfort.
Colors: Tan, Black.
Price: PKR. 4499/- | PKR. 3149/- SALE
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20. Men’s Single Monk Strap Shoes

Leather Monk Strap Shoes make a unique and high-class Formal wear, made up of fine quality leather, beautiful buckle detailing and overlapping finish. A sheet outsole gives good grip and comfort. This is an ideal option to enhance your sophisticated personality.
Price: PKR.5499/- | PKR. 3849.00/- SALE
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21. Men’s Boots

Winter calls for snow, citrus and BOOTS!! Boots by NDure are made up of high quality leather, they are tough and resilient. The TPR outsole gives them a good grip. The boots have a lace style with a smooth finish and slip-on style which favors its easy put on. For your winter adventures, they would prove to be your best partner.
Colors: Mustard, Brown.
Price: PKR.5999/- | PKR. 2999.00/- SALE
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Which one of the above listed 21 NDure footwear has caught your eye?