Neelum Valley: Sense The Nature

Neelum Valley:  Sense The Nature

Pakistan is a beautiful state. it’s all four provinces have some exclusive tourist spots which are well-known and out of all four provinces Baluchistan and Khyber pakhtunkhwa{ previously known as N-W-F-P} are considered the best two having tons of beautiful locations to attract everyone’s attention.

Coming to Khyber pakhtunkhwa, the province has number of great tourist locations which most of us are familiar with. Located not that far away from KPK, Azad Kashmir is one such region which is considered as heaven on earth due to its natural beauty. What makes Azad Kashmir so special are the number of beautiful valleys located in this region which are absolutely stunning. The most popular valleys of Azad Kashmir are Neelum valley, swat Valley and Hunza Valley. Here in this article we will be discussing the well-known and beautiful Neelum valley. Let’s take a brief look and explore what makes this valley so special.

Neelum valley:

Located at just 40 kilometers away from Muzaffarabad {capital of Azad Kashmir} resides one of the gorgeous valley of Kashmir, the famous Neelum valley.

Now, we won’t say it’s the best or the most beautiful place as it would be like saying apples are delicious obviously, they are.

Same is the case with this valley. Its second name “Paradise of Kashmir” says it all. The word paradise justifies the natural beauty of this valley in true manner. It is the most visited tourist spot in Azad Kashmir.

The valley was named as Neelum as a famous river passes by the valley known as river Neelum. The view of this river from this beautiful valley is absolutely pleasant. It was the natural scenery and the beauty of this river on behalf of which this valley was named as Neelum valley.

Well, Neelum valley a part from the famous river has many other tourist spots too which are as beautiful as the valley itself. Let’s take a short look to some of the renown places of valley Neelum.

1: Upper Neelum (Keran)

As the name indicates, this spot is located slightly above the valley itself due to which the view one is able to see is absolutely stunning. The occupied Kashmir area can also be seen from this spot. The lush green fields of the valley are obviously there and makes the view more pleasing.Neelum Valley

2: Kel

Kel is one another small valley located in the Neelum valley.

This spot basically serves as a base camp for those who are interested in mountain hiking.

One can access this valley by hiring mules. Also, in the valley there are several ponies available for rent. Riding on pony and viewing the beauty of this valley is one great experience.

3: Gurase valley

A small valley full of natural beauty located around the Neelum valley. The valley is located at a close distance from LOC {line of control}.

This valley is rich in terms of greenery and wildlife. Majority of the basic facilities are available at Gurase valley.

4: Dowarian

This place is basically a small village located in the valley Neelum. A famous lake passes by this village known as “Ratti Gali Lake”. The scenery and the view is gorgeous and the place also has few rest houses for the convenience of travelers and tourists.

5: Tao Butt

Tao Butt is the ending point of the valley Neelum. The view from this place is absolutely breathtaking. Due to the variable climate conditions, summer is the best time to visit and admire the natural beauty of this spot. Being so close to LOC, you might need to show your identity before entering this spot.

Let’s us know comments if there is anything tourists must have to visit.