List of 20 Best O’ and A’ levels Private Schools in Lahore

List of 20 Best O’ and A’ levels Private Schools in Lahore

An educational institute is not merely a building that consists of bricks and walls, but a place that shapes the future of a country. It is not supposed to run like a business that aims at only gaining profits, but schools play an important part in just not elevating the standards of the society but also placing the country progression the right path. Only with the highest population of youth will a country be able to stand out and strive to achieve excellence and develop at a rapid pace.

Choosing the right institution

Providing your children with the best education is what parents dream of. They want their kids to grow into successful people with mesmeric and confident personalities which can only be achieved by enrolling them into good schools that pay attention to grooming and clearing concepts that can last longer with them. so yes, when you child reaches a delicate age of 4, being responsible parents you start looking for schools that may be best in town because early education with strong basics will help build a stronger and firmer stricter in the future.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is one country that offers multiple educational systems that may confuse many parents. Should you enroll your children into “matric” schools or find the best “O’ and A’ levels” institutes is a major confusion. Those who can afford to pay thousands of fees every month get their kids into the elite schools while others simply compromise on their situation, landing their children in the “rattafication” system. But in the present, the government is working hard to introduce a single educational system around the country that matches the international standard. So if you can afford it and wish your kids to study in some of the best schools that nurture and nourish them, here are some renowned O’ and A’ levels schools in Lahore:

1. Beaconhouse School System

source: Beaconhouse official Fb page

One of the leading schools of Pakistan, one can ensure the best education and grooming for their kids if they get themselves enrolled in Beaconhouse for sure. Not only does every branch of this system consists of the best management and faculty but along with the finest curriculum they pay special heed towards physical and mental activities that help forming a secure future for the country.

Liberty Campus: 47-A/ -II, Gulberg II, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35711229, 35872274, 35763899

Defence campus: 488- Y Block, Defence Phase III, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35723150, 35723160. 35729212

Johar Town campus: 405, 406, 407-E, Johar Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35222925, 35222926

Official Site:

Facebook Official Page

Fee:15k to 25k*

2. Lahore Grammer School (LGS)

Spreading its roots all over Lahore with multiple campuses to their name, LGS is a private institution that includes some of the finest professors and teachers along with an amazing curriculum. They have been producing some of the finest and educated youth of Pakistan since 1979 and aim at complete knowledge based learning.


  • Elementary School at 30 Main: Lahore Grammar School, 30 Main Gulberg, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35777558, 35777783

  • Primary School at 31 FCC: Lahore Grammar School, 31 FCC Gulberg IV, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35750205, 35874329

Official Site:


3. American Lycetuff

american lyctuff

Operating since 1996, American Lycetuff offers both matriculation and O’ levels with branches spread all over Lahore. It aims at creating a caring, interactive and practical environment for the kids which enhances learning to build better future.

Shadbagh Campus: PG-O’ levels, Amir Road, Shadbagh, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)37282323

Johar Town Campus: 651-F2, Johar Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35310311

Official Site:

Fee: Fee:15k to 25k*

4. Bloomfield Hall Schools

4. bloom field gulberg branch fb

With a vision to provide British style educational all over Pakistan. Bloomfield Hall School along with its well trained and educated faculty offer kids to study and prepare for O’ levels and A’ levels examination and ace them with flying colors every time.

Address (Head Office): 13-A, Block S, Gulberg II, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35764687/ 35764290

Official Site:


5. Convent of Jesus and Mary

Those parents who are uncomfortable with enrolling their girls in co-education, Convent of Jesus and Mary is an institution that has all-girls population with some amazing teachers to look up to. It offers both O’ levels and matric and has been serving with the best, result-oriented curriculum since its establishment in 1867.

Address: 4-Durrand Road, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)36302157


6. Aitchison College

6. Aitchision college official

A semi-private boy’s school, AItchison College is probably one of the oldest and best educational institutes of Lahore. With competent teachers and staff, the environment offered here is best for learning. So if you want your boys to lead a successful life ahead, start with Aitchison for a stronger base that will take them a long way.

Address: Aitchison College, Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)111363063/ ext 201

Official Site:


7. Crescent Model Higher Secondary School

crsesent fb official

Crescent Model offers a complete curriculum for its students which not only includes preparing them well for the GSCE exams but focus at physical and mental activities that make them a stronger and better person with a successful career to their names. Some of the prominent personalities have graduated from here so one can know what scope opportunities will the future hold for your kids if they too graduate from this esteemed institution.

Boy’s Branch: 352-Shadman Colony, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)37421361-62

Girl’s Branch: 930-A, Shadman Colony, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35960725-26

Official Site:


8. Lahore Garrison Education System

This was one of the first few institutions to be established under the army administration. With well trained faculty and a friendly, learning environment to offer, the Garrison academy in Lahore gives your children a knowledgeable start that helps them form a brighter future for themselves.

Address: 9-Tufail Road, Lahore Cantonment

Phone Number: (042)36680047-48

Official Site:


9. The City School

Another renowned name of Pakistan, the City School is an educational institution that has been operating successfully throughout Pakistan to help create better and brighter future of the youth today.

Shalimar Campus: 32-E, Industrial Area, Gurumangat Road, Gulberg III, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35755020-23

Boulevard Campus: 6 Ali Block, Garden Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35911191-92

Paragon Campus: Plot no. 35, Burki Road, Paragon City, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)37160491-5

Official Site:


10. Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges

pakturk school lahore

Pak-Turk Schools are a private international chain of Turkish schools that have been operating in Pakistan since 1997. It offers both CIE and FBISE exams so with your children enrolled here; you have surely given them into trustable hands.

Raiwind Campus: Al-Rehman Chowk, Main Raiwind Road, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35324221, 35322035

Islampura Campus: Afghan Park Chowk, Sannat Nagar, Islampura, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)37153327

Official Site:


11. Queen Mary College

 QMc Lahore

Incorporating classes one to postgraduate level, Queen Mary is one of the oldest institutes of the country with a history of great academics and curriculum to its name. It is spread over thousands of acres and is an all-girls school/ college.

Address: 2-Durrand Road, Garhi Shahu, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)36278789, 36362942, 36293339

Official Site:


12. American Lyceum

Well do not confuse it with American Lycetuff because both of these are two different institutions led by different management under separate principals yet just like the first one, American Lyceum is equally good at nurturing and nourishing children that will form the future of Pakistan one day.

Township Campus: Main Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Township, Lahore

Phone Number: 0322-4772707 (Ms. Khushbakht)

Allama Iqbal Town Campus: Main Boulevard, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore

Phone Number: 0346-4292923 (Ms. Ilma Noman)

Gulshan Ravi Campus: 26-F, Main Boulevard, Gulshan Ravi, Lahore

Phone Number: 0322-4772708 (Ms. Warda)

Official Site:


13. St Anthony High School

With the motto of “knowledge is virtue”, St Anthony High School with its dedicated faculty members has always been able to groom and teach young minds into exploring new career opportunities for themselves and contribute into making society a better place. This school has been around since decades and if you’re planning to send your kids to a good O’ levels and A’ levels school that is affordable too then this one is surely the right choice.

Address: St Anthony High School, 2 Lawrence Road, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)36303040

Official Site:


14. Customs Public School

customs public school

A school that provides great learning environment with growth opportunities, Customs Public School has been able to position itself as one of the finest O’ levels and A’ levels school not only in Lahore but all over Pakistan.

Address: 52-A, Main Gulberg, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35977912-3, 35877914, 35757070

Official Site:


15. The Lords International School System

Located at Gulberg III, the Lords International school system prepares children for the GCSE exams under the provision of competent teachers which has allowed them to score wonderful grades every time.

Address: 84-B-III, Gulberg 3, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35760753, 35873862

Official Site:


16. The Bahria Town School

Not only does this school has a highly attractive building, but the curriculum followed by the faculty of trained teachers allows the kids to be molded into better human beings with superb ranks in the Cambridge exams. The fee may be high but nothing can be more important than securing the future of one’s kids through good education.

Address (Pre-school Boys and Girls): Sector-A, Bahria Town, Lahore

High school (Girls): Sector-B, Bahria Town, Lahore

High school (Boys): Sector-C, Bahria Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)37862641-5

Official Site:


17. Forman Christian College

More commonly known as FC College, this is one of the most reputable institutes of Lahore that is standing firmly with the motto of preparing a learned and educated youth of Pakistan. Many known diplomats, politicians and people belonging to other known fields of lives have graduated from here so yes; the future of your kids is definitely in good hands.

Address: Forman Christian College, Ferozepur Road, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)99231581 up to 88

Official Site:


18. The Punjab School

After it was able to stand firm on the grounds of Lahore by making a successful name for itself, the Punjab school moved to less privileged areas of Lahore and Punjab to make education easily achievable by students who otherwise couldn’t afford. Their strong vision and dedication has helped this school to become a leading name in the industry of education where every year thousands of students ace their Cambridge exams.

Address for Township campus: Sector C-1, Block 2, Township, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35123451-55

Address for Kot Khawaja Saeed campus: Sher Shah Road (near PSO petrol pump), Kot Khawaja Saeed, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)36848851-55

Official Site:


19. The Renaissance School

The Renaissance School is another leading names of the country that offers both matriculation/ intermediate and O’ levels/ A’ levels to its students under the provisions of highly educated and well trained professors and teachers.

Address: 3-Ali Block, Suharwardi Road, New Garden Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)35863102

20. Froebel’s International School

It was founded in 1975 following the matriculation system with a few students and faculty members. But over the years the management with their dedication and hard work helped the school achieve its goal of making education common amongst the youngsters and today it runs five campuses in five different cities of Pakistan with a standard of education that is definitely unmatchable.

Address: Lake City, Raiwind Road, Lahore

Phone Number: (042)38749292

Official Site:


Education for Everyone

It is unfortunate that Pakistan does not support a single education system that meets the standards of international levels but it is wishful to see a united and common system over the years to come by. O’ levels and A’ levels is a standard followed internationally and those parents who can afford it should definitely enroll their kids into schools that follow this pattern so that their kids may not be left behind in the worldly race where everyone is trying to outrun each other on the basis of talent, knowledge and education.