19 Jaw Breaking Facts About Orange Line Metro Train Lahore

19 Jaw Breaking Facts About Orange Line Metro Train Lahore

Orange Line Train is an under construction rapid transit project. It is considered as the continuation of the Lahore Metro Bus Project. It is one of the most modern rail-based train systems in Pakistan.

Following are some facts that relate to the Orange Line Train:

1. Financing of the Orange Line train

The orange line train project is considered as the part of the major CPEC project.

  • The train is expected to cost $1.6 billion.
  • The federal government of Pakistan has agreed to contribute $300 million to the project.

Whereas the remaining amount will be carved out of the soft loans granted by Government of China.

2. Management Operations

The joint venture controls the management operations of the train system. The management is under the China Railways and Norinco. The operations are handed over to the joint venture for the first five years after its completion.

3. Starting off the project

The project was jointly initiated by the Government of China and Pakistani in May 2014. For starting the project, the Chinese Bank Exim Bank agreed to grant a soft loan of $1.55 billion for the project.

4. Rolling Stock

The Orange line train will have five wagons. The Chinese company Norinco manufactures these wagons. The wagons will be automated and driverless.

5. Trains

A total of 27 passengers trains will be incorporated to start the trains system. But along the years a total of 54 trains will be added through the year 2025.

6. Seating Capacity and Lighting

The trains will have five wagons and four doors which will be illuminated by LEDs. A seating capacity of overall 200 people and can accumulate five people per square meter.

7. Expected Lifespan

The expected life span of the Orange Line Trian system is calculated out to be 100 years, provided that routine maintenance is done and conventional repair techniques are adopted.

8. Route Description

The path of the train system consists of 26 destinations. The route starts from the DeraGujran Terminal to the Ali Town Terminal.

9. About the Stations

The 26 stations are as follows:

1. Ali Town2. NiazBaig3. Canal View 4. Hanjarwal
5. Wahadat Road6. Awan Town 7. Sabzazar8. Shahnoor
9. Salahuddin Road10. Bund Road11. Samanabad12. Gulshan-e-Ravi
13. Chauburji14. Lake Road15. Central 16. Lakshmi Chowk
17. Lahore Railway Station18. Sultanpur19. UET Lahore 20. Baghbanpura
21. Shalimar Gardens22. Pakistan Mint23. Mahmood Booti24. Salampura
25. Islam Park 26. DeraGujran Terminal

10. Description of Track

The lines of the train system extend to about 26.23 km out of this 1.15km is underground, and about 0.7 km of the track is elevated between the underground and elevated sections.

11. Electric Supply for the Project

It is estimated that the whole train system would require:

  • 74 MWs of electricity power to operate the trains.
  • Around 80 MW’s of energy have been stored

by the Lahore Electric Supply Company for the operations.

12. Hours of Operation

Like the metro bus systems in Islamabad and Lahore, it is planned that the Orange Line train will be operated for a total of 18 hours per day. The timing will be in between 05.30 to 23.30.

13. Speed of the Train

The maximum speed of the train is about 50 mph. And the riders will have to stop by 26 different stations. The total time from on terminal of the system to the other ending terminal is about 45 minutes, which is much fast as compared to the current transport system which takes about 2 to 4 hours.

14. Projected Ridership

The projected ridership is estimated to be 30,000 passengers per train hour. It is expected that the

  • Orange Line train will carry 250,000 passengers per day.
  • The ridership will be increased to 500,000 in the following three years.

The whole system is designed to offer a ride of 2 minutes to each destination. Initially, in the first year of operation, the train will be able to serve 24,520 passengers.

15. Features of underground Stations

Underground stations will have automated doors. These entries will be placed on the trains and platforms.

16. Air Conditioning

the public areas of the stations will be air-conditioned, and the elevated platforms will be naturally air conditioned through the construction procedure.

17. Historical Sites View

Many historical locations and assets were found on the way of the track of metro train project. It is said that the government has plans to follow the route no matter what comes in the way.

18. Other Cities on Go

This project when done, will definitely strengthen the transport system of Pakistan. Keeping in mind that government has plans to expand this metro system to other cities of Pakistan.

19. 10,000 Plus Job

Initially this project will create a good number of jobs for youngsters of Pakistan. With the passage of time number of job would be increased in this project.

The orange line metro train project is under construction and will take around 3 years for its completion. Now, some people are in favor of this project while some are against this project.