Packages Mall Lahore A Perfect Location For One Window Recreation and Shopping

Packages Mall Lahore A Perfect Location For One Window Recreation and Shopping

In this modern Era, when people want to do everything with a gesture of their fingers while sitting in home, Malls are bringing a vast change in their lives either the person belongs to a middle class or elite class. This venture and trend of modern technology and advancement is affecting everyone’s life equally. Lahore being the focus of such developmental ventures is progressing rapidly, and every businessperson and investors from the whole world are interested in investing there. Mall trend is unbeatable in Lahore, as a new mall by Packaging Ltd has just made its way in lives of lively Lahoris,i.e., the Packages Mall.

Packages Mall is a new developmental venture by a most influential company of Pakistan that has been serving us for so many decades. This deals in packaging the products like Rose Petal, Tetra Pack, Mitchells and Nestle milk, hence the name packages Ltd.


This mall is a new revolution and constructed at spacious space occupying an area of 1.2 million sq.ft, located at Walton Road Lahore and not be mentioned here; it is the 2nd largest mall in Pakistan.

Brands Shops in Packages Mall

This mall has some quite interesting feature like 200 shops that are given on lease to the famous brands of Pakistan like Gull Ahmad, Alkaram Studio, Warda, Chen one, Breakout, outfitters, Ethnic by Outfitters.Alongside more brands such as Storage, cougar, Khaadi, Generations, Limelight, Engine, Mocciani, Monark, Junaid Jamshaid, Bareeze, Kayseria, Leisure Club and also the international brands like Levis, Adidas and Nike are available to shop there in this mighty mall of Pakistan.

This mall is successful in catering the cosmetic cravings of all the women out there with the facility of AL-Fatah, The body shop and Makeup city. You will not be bored in this mall once you entered.

Recreational Features

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Along with that, this mall has a vast entertainment area for young and adults with the facility of screening at the multiplex movie theater. Yes, there are 9+ screen Multiplex in the mall.

Food Court

There is the biggest food court in the country including a list of 35+ national and international food cafes and restaurants catering the needs and entertaining the people who are not fond of shopping and just came out with their family. This food court makes the refreshing end of shopping spree possible.

There is a vast playground too on the premises of this majestic mall where your children can have their fun moments while you have yours.

Grocery Shopping

A Hypermarket is also there in the mall that has all the things you need to have in your home or your office or your class, in short everything for everyone from groceries to utensils,electronics, stationary and all other goods.

Grand Parking Area

The noticeable feature of this mall is its parking that can accommodate more than 2000 cars at a time. The parking area includes the open parking and parking under the shade. The mall has multiple entries and exit points so that you do not have to suffer from the rush and there will be an organised rush at the mall in most active hours of the day and especially on the weekends.  Traffic is well controlled and organised by the two roads that ultimately help in organizing the crowd.

Dine In Facility

There are some fine restaurants in this mall to dine in with your love ones and family to spend the special occasions or for a casual get together. It also provides the medium to ceremonial celebrations.


This new retail project is progressing rapidly. It remains open from 10 AM to 2:30 AM for seven days in a week.  This mall is just right to the DHA that has a great impact on this as all the people of DHA can easily access this mall and it can be accessed through Ferozepur road easily.

This mall is going to be a revolutionary step by the packages Ltd as it already making an impact on the lives of people residing in Lahore. As it has the best location and peaceful area to shop in and for recreational point of you, this mall is unbeatable and far better than any mall in the City Lahore. People of Lahore got a new place to cherish their leisure time in such a peaceful environment. Packages Ltd are now looking forward to extending its boundaries and also working on other projects to make such malls in Faisalabad, Gujranwala and other cities of Pakistan.