23 Beautiful Valleys Of Pakistan

23 Beautiful Valleys Of Pakistan

When it comes to praising your own country, there’s not a dictionary in this world that’s enough. Everyone loves the place they’re born and bred in, a country is your pride and your identity. And if it’s beautiful and people from around the world visit it to witness it? You just feel a tiny bit taller…

Pakistan is a country not lacking in beauty, it’s been kept away from the hands of a man (dodged a bullet?) for a long time. You can call it not bothering with the work of enhancing the natural beauty but even without the help of human’s, this country’s most appealing destinations have held on their own for a very long time now—never ceasing to amaze us with it’s breathtaking charm.

Pakistan is richly blessed when it comes to Valleys because all over the country—you’ll find many valleys scattered about in northern areas or any place where you can smell the distinctive smell of water and rainy soil. These places like heaven slither between towering mountains, echoing in their novelty as the birds chip by and the animals who find these valleys a home come out to graze. The rocks have glossy sheen on them that never dries because of the flow that the majestic water keeps. The Hunza Valley for example is the most famous spot our country adorns, it’s mesmerizing appearance gives the vibes of a blue lagoon which is further enhanced by the grassy green plains that spread about like never ending plains. A replica of Ireland, just safer so it can be called a secret heaven…the valley might not that much recognition worldwide but that doesn’t mean it is lacking in ethereal beauty.

Here are some of the many Valleys in Pakistan that are sure to entrance you and entrap you in their magic:

1. Shigar Valley

Shigar Valley Pakistan
source: hunzaadventuretours.com.pk

Shigar gets watered by the river of the same name, it’s located in Gilgit-Baltistan which is home to many other exquisite valleys as well. This beautiful natural holdings begins and ends at the measurements of 170km from Sakardu to Askole. It’s a ladder to the epic mountains of Karokaram.

2. Gilgit Valley

Gilgat VAlley northern Areas Pakistan
source: pakimag.com

The Gilgit Valley is among one of the most popular valleys of all time, it’s provided for by the Gilgit river and calls Gilgit (hence the name) it’s home. Snowy mountain peaks and then blazing sun combined with the grassy plains. It’s God’s heaven.

3. Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley Pakistan Beautiful
source: tribune.com.pk

This valley sets its root in the extreme northern part of Pakistan, specifically in the region Gilgit-Baltistan. This mountainous heaven is beauty redefined, a tourist spot as well as a home to many farmers.

4. Nagar Valley

Nagar Valley Pakistan
source: dawn.com

Nagar Valley is adjacent to the Gilgit  and is loved just as much, it doesn’t lack in beauty and people who visit Gilgit  sure take a trip around to this part of land and mountains as well. This valley takes roots on the elevation of almost 8000 feet.

5. Skardu Valley

Skardu Valley Pakistan Beautifull
source: pakistantoursguide.pk/

The 10 km wide and 40 km long valley which Skardu is the proud confluence of two great rivers; Shigar and Indus. Again, this valley also calls Gilgitits home. It’s one of the most important tourists spots of the country as its hugely loved.

6. Rupal Valley

Rupal Valley PAkistan Northern Areas
source: trekearth.com

This valley is located in the Astore District of Gilgit, Pakistan. You trek through this valley to reach Rupal Face which is deemed to be one of the most popular and highest mountain faces that exist in the world. This valley is near Nanga Parbat and loved by tourists a lot.

7. Yasin Valley

Yasin Valley Pakistan Northern Areas
source: yasinviewpoint

This valley can be found in the Hindu KhushMountains, the majestic setting gives vibes that makes your soul sing with joy. It’s in the north western Ghizer District of Baltistan. Even the Yahsin-Tehsil takes over its territory. This place spreads its roots like a bitterly. Much loved by everyone.

8. Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley
source: dawn.com

Naltar is one of the more famous valleys that set in the Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. You can pave way to this beautiful valley through jeeps, it’s 40km long and is very safe if you’re considering as a tourist destination. A habitat for wildlife, pine forests and a peaceful sanctuary. All in one.

9. Bagrot Valley

Bagrot Valley

Bargot is near the famous Karokaram mountain range which makes it more accessible for the visitors. This valley merges itself with the Gilgit-river and constantly provides for Oshikhandaas and Jalalabad. Bargrot is home to many villages and the people that live in them. They speak the Shina language and live a totally nature consumed life.

10. Chiporsun Valley

Chiporsun Valley Gilgit
source: infomazza.com

Chiporsun’s villages are its pride and it contains about eight of them. Kil, Raminj and Result are some of them. The languages they speak are Wakhi and Borushki. It’s a delightful experience visiting this place witnessing unique cultures.

11. Chorbat Valley

Chorbat Valley
source: fuzon.biz

Another valley of the home of valleys that Gilgit-Baltistan is, surrounding by the towering snowy peaks of Karokaram range, Chorbat is known for the wildlife it possesses—especially birds. Though the winters here and cold, the rain scarcely pours, the villages make do and live a peaceful life that’s a sight for seeing.

12. Gorikot Valley

Gorikot VAlley Pakistan Gilgit
source: infomazza.com

This valley consumes most of the space and is called the largest valley of Astore district. Its local name is Gue and the incredible place is home to many government official headquarters now. Dingot and Gyunrike are some of the small villages in the Chorbat valley.

13. Hispar Valley

Hispar Valley

This valley meets ends with many valleys and is near the Nagar Khaas. It’s approximately 28 kilo meters away from the main town that Nagar is. Tourists often pass by this hidden valley because its not that famous or been prominent but the villagers living nearby have a lot of knowledge about its history.

14. Hopar Valley

Hoper Valley Pakistan
source: wikimedia.org

This portion of mountainous area and a exotic wildlife is the air of hopper and the famous Skantik glaciers. It’s truly a sight to behold, for some people the weather can either be too harsh or slightly bearable but the beauty of this valley makes up for everything.

15. Ishkoman Valley

Iskoman Valley Gilgit Baltistant
source: worlds123.blogspot.com

Ranging from the altitude of 7,000 to 12,000 feet this valley borders on the exiting lines of Afghani border. Almost four different languages are spoken by the villages located in this valleys or the ones around it. History says it was ruled by the Katoor Dynasty and British had a lot to with its upbringing. In 1888 it was under Mehtar of Chitral.

16. Jhelum Valley

Jhelum Valley Pakistan Kashmir
source: jeevaypak.com

This scenic portion of beauty is in the HattianBala District, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Lush green sceneries are surrounding this nature’s heaven, this valley is very advanced and has many facilities that tourists can avail to. From a five start hotel to a range of restaurants. The roads are clean and are made as beautiful as one can possibly manage.

17. Leepa Valley

Leepa Valley Pakistan
source: jovago.net

105 kilo meters away from Muzaffarabad, this valley is one Azad Kashmir, Pakistan’s other masterpieces. The roads are steep and the water walls a sight for sore eyes, this historic valley is a favorite of the locals as well as the tourists.

18. Samahni Valley

Samahni Valley Pakistan
source: jeevaypak.com

Samahni is in the Tehsil of district Bhimber and sports many historical destinations like forts. The valley is filled with mountains that sore to the heights and make the valley look like a ethereal Helen of Troy.

19. Bandala Valley

Bandala Valley Pakistan
source: pakistansource.com

The famous bear mountain runs parallel to this beauty of a valley, its separates its flow from the River Tawi and continues to flow bountifully in the direction of Bandala. The valleys around are famous for fishing and Bandala’s own water is crowded with many species of sea-life.

20. Kas Chanatar Valley

Kas Chanatar Valley
source: webchutney.pk

Located near the border, this valley really is one of the most visited spots of Azad Kashmir. As far as your eyes can see you’ll encounter cool greens and soft cold breezes. This valley is a blessing for farmers who grow beneficial food courses here, this valley is home to many wild pigs and huge eagles.

21. Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley (1)

One of Pakistan’s most pretty valleys, it is named after the Neelum river is a neighbor to Kaghan Valley. These two run parallel to each other and separates by freezing snowy mountains. People acquire can services to reach this destination or use their own car by using the directions of the Muzaffarabad road.

22. Tikri Valley

Beautiful Pakistan

A town and a valley of Battagram, it’s named after the Gujjars who ruled the land for so long. This beautiful spot calls Khyber Pakhtunkhwaits home. History says in 1490 it was wrestled away from its current rulers—Timur’s army by immigrant Swatis.

23. Miranzai Valley

Pakistan Natural Places

Expeditions and ventures of the British Army scarred this land back then, but now nature took its course and restored it to its original beauty. The enthralling valley of Miranzai is a mixture of two valleys, running across the plain grassy fields of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. A home to Bangash and Orangkzai people.