Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses 2022 By Top Designers

Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses 2022 By Top Designers

You get married once in a lifetime of course and on the day when the room is filled with closed ones, you sign down a piece of paper, promising to spend the remaining years of your life with your soul-mate. Yes, the sacred bond of marriage is beautiful and when you are brought up in a typical Pakistani society, with the wedding on the cards, you get every reason to celebrate and spend hundreds and thousands of rupees on purchasing latest Pakistani outfits.


Nikkah-Dresses for Brides

A Day worth Million Memories

From grand mehndi functions to the emotional time of the rukhsati followed by the formal reception, a Pakistani wedding consists of traditionally three-day celebration which can get extended to four to five days if you plan on having dholkis and mayoon too. Either way, with the marriage approaching near, a girl only wishes to look her best. She not only puts in efforts to book the finest venue and stylist for herself, but most importantly spend days and thousands of rupees just to find that picture perfect bridal dress for herself.

Whether it is the ravishing red lehnga choli or the subtle sea green tail gown, a bridal dress says a lot about your personality and so choosing the right one hold high importance. Thanks to the Pakistani designers who have working immensely hard to introduce newest cuts and designs, the face of bridal fashion has changed too beyond once expectations. It’s just not the traditional red lehnga anymore, bridal outfits now extend towards gowns and peplums, each one personalized to suit the bride-to-be’s personality of course. Dream on to dazzle on your big day because days like your wedding are cherished for an eternity.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses and Designs to Wear

Shopping for your big day can be fun when you have a clear picture in mind that helps you in seeking the right attire for yourself. But of course with such amazing variety available in the market, it is easy to get confused and stray away from your objective. Making things easier so your precious time is saved up, here is a list of the typical Pakistani bridal dresses that can be found all around you. Visit a local shop or a designer’s outlet and you’ll come across these common types of attires for sure:

  1. Lehnga Choli

Inspired from its roots of the Indian sub-continent and the tradition, lehnga choli has become much more common than one could realize. A short blouse that is glamorously laden with embellishment paired up with flared lehnga is a choice that is bold and beautiful. Many designers are now introducing breathtakingly gorgeous creations that revolve around the traditional lehnga choli, for a look that is nothing less than ethereal and magical.

  1. Sharara with Short Shirt/ Peplums

Yes, you must have seen your mothers or grandmothers dazzling in fabulous attires that consisted of jamawar shararas and short embroidered tops. And yet once again, this fashion is back in the game. Reviving the old tradition and culture, designers have re-invented the look of shararas and shorts that could easily be crafted to enhance your persona. sharars go perfectly well with short shirt or peplums, a choice that is exciting and fun for the brides-to-be so choose wisely.

  1. Frock/ Anghrakha with Dhaka Pajama

For the perfect mehndi look, adorn in long frock or anrghkha styles drapes paired with Dhaka pajamas paired up with gotta net duppata. Frocks and angrakhas have been around since long and not only can you see brides dazzling in these cuts but many maid of honors and female guests could be observed carrying this style proudly. Designers like Nomi Ansari and Deepak Perwani are known to give a spectacular twist to these traditional cuts so that for the brides of this time, you can look gorgeous beyond words.

  1. Peplums

Well yes we known every second bride or lady can now be seen wearing a peplum but when it comes to your big day, you can definitely opt for this attire and experiment with your look. Pair up the embellished peplum with jamawar sharara or net lehnga for a look that is entirely royal and mesmeric because this piece of bridal fashion attire is here to stay for long.

  1. Gowns/ Tailed Gowns/ Maxi

Okay so here you have choice to either go for western gowns or amuse yourself with the classic eastern look. When shopping for your bridal dress, you might come across like a fifty different types of gowns, each one crafted and put together with unique fabrics and cuts. If you’re inspired from the scurrility of the western wedding than a net gown that drops to the flower will to the trick for you but on the other hand, an eastern gown can be created out of any fabric of your choice, laden with stones and crystals that might be followed with a trail. A simple gown or a tailed one is completely your choice because the wedding is surely your time to shine out bright.

  • The Fun Events

There was a time when weddings in the country were celebrated over a long period of a month. From unlimited dholki gatherings to the reception day itself, going down the memory lane wedding celebrations were much more fun in the decades gone by. Although the days might have been cut down, one still gets to enjoy the conventional function including dholkis, bridal shower, mayoon, mehndi and barat. For a much clearer idea, let’s take each day separately and talk about it.

  1. Bridal Shower

A time when your friends surprise you with gifts and throw a party just to pamper you before their best friend moves away to a new place is what bridal shower is all about. Bridal shower aims at celebrating the new chapter of life, giving a chance to all the girl friends to come along for a last time and have a blast.

  1. Dholki

When all the ladies of the house gather around, tap on the “dholak’ to sing the classic “tapay” or “wedding songs” just for fun and enjoyment. You can have one dholki or weekly gatherings, all depending on your wishes.

  1. Mayoon

As the tradition of mayoon goes, the haldi from the groom’s house arrives at the bride’s place and each lady of the family than garnished her body with that yellow paste to brighten her skin color. Once the bride takes baths, she is than not allowed to leave the house until the day of her rukhsati which usually is calculated to be around 10 days. The girl stays in the vicinity and is pampered al she wants to, having everything at her disposal.

  1. Mehndi

The dance floor set, the venue all decorated with flowers and dj ready to pump up the heat, a mehndi function is probably one of the most entertaining part of the entire wedding blast. The teams from groom’s and bride’s side burn the floor in a dance face off, each one trying to impress the crowd. From the delicious food to the fast paced music, mehndi functions in the country are now celebrated the grand way.

  1. Barat/ Rukhsati

With her pounding faster, the girl comes dressed in her bridal attire all set to sign down the “nikah-nama” and leave her house with the love of her life. guests from the family gather around to wish well for the new couple and the sister’s of the bride than go on with the conventional rasam of “dodh pilae” and “joota chuppae” to be gifted with money from their new brother-in-law. All such rasams are what makes a Pakistani wedding fun and full of colors.

  1. Valima

With valima comes an end to the long, tiring yet entertaining celebrations of an entire Pakistani wedding. It’s a much more formal event where everyone comes close and bid farewell before the newly-wedded couple head towards their honeymoon and blessed life.

  • The Top Designer’s of Bridal Wear

There are many known designers in the Pkaistani fashion fraternity that not only hold expertise in bridal wear but also recognized and respected worldwide because of their brilliant creations and ensemble. Here are a few of those designers that everyone in the country knows too well:

  1. HSY
  2. Deepak Perwani
  3. Nomi Ansari
  4. Maria B.
  5. Zara Shahjahan
  6. Fahad Hussayn
  7. Asim Jofa
  8. Elan
  9. Bunto Kazmi
  10. Asifa and Nabeel
  11. Tena Durrani

Know Your Style

Well because the wedding day hold great importance, before your end up purchasing an outfit four yourself, makes sure you are well aware of your style. Aim at enhancing your persona and opting for a dress that highlights your features rather than what is “in” these days because with the right dress on, you’ll be remembered as the prettiest bride for years to come by.