23 Best Women Clothing Brands in Pakistan for Designers Fashion Dresses

23 Best Women Clothing Brands in Pakistan for Designers Fashion Dresses

Pakistan is a country that enjoys all four seasons of the nature. From the blooming of beautiful flowers in springs to the freezing cold winter nights, people living in this wonderful country know how amazing it is to live through all the different seasons. And of course with such a variety available, one needs to prepare for it accordingly.

The Available Fashion Choices In Pakistani for Girls

And of course, a Pakistani society is a depiction of rich cultural heritage where celebrations are taken as sacred. Be it the happy days of Eid or matrimonial celebrations of a couple. The people of Pakistan are very outward and fashion conscious when it comes down to such events. Men may not have a verity of choices to choose from, but the local women wish to dress up in designer attires in a race to look better than the other, hence this has given birth to new talent and brands that have risen up to becomes famously known for launching most amazing collection for ladies.

If your seeking for designer lawn outfits to keep yourself comfortable in summer heat or cambric shirts to attend winter weddings, here some of the top clothing brands in Pakistan that deal in such fabric, offering you the best lines of prêt and casual wear, each one designed to satisfy your seasonal needs.

1. Gul Ahmed

Gull Ahmed Dress
source: gulahmed.com

With the slogan of “ideas for life”, Gul Ahmed has been ruling over the fashion industry since decades. Not only is this label one of the strongest textile players of the country but deal in  a variety of seasonal fabric that offer a huge range of colors, designs and cuts. From cambric wear to lawn collection, Gul Ahmed has always impressed the ladies with its offerings.

2. AlKaram

source: Alkaramstudio.com

Another popular brand amongst the ladies of Pakistan, Alkaram is probably one of the oldest players of the fashion industry, serving women with exclusive collections that prepare them in the best ways for every occasion and season.

3. Khaadi

source: khaadi

Founded in 1998 with a vision to re-introduce the ancient craft of handloom, presented with a difference, Khaadi started as a small set up in Karachi and over the years has surely won a strong position for itself in the market, with many more stores to its name.

4. Nishat Linen

Nishat Women Dress
source: nishatlinen.com

With advertisement campaigns showcasing the top models of Pakistan, Nishat Linen knows how to make its presence felt to the world. Nishat Linen is a part of one of Pakistan’s biggest textile mills, Nishat Mills Limited and surely knows how to impress the ladies with immaculate creations that are blasting with vibrant colors and prints that exquisite for sure. Unlike the name, the house of Nishat launched premium clothing collections each targeted at fulfilling your seasonal needs.

5. Sapphire

source: sapphireonline.pk

Sapphire is surely a high-street band that has successfully combine pure fabric with prodigious designs resulting in designer wear that is uber comfortable and chic enough to be carried to various events with pride and style.

6. J. By Junaid Jamshed

j. By Junaid Jamashed
surce: J.

Owned by the a man whose great character spoke for his reasons of fame and fan following, J. by Junaid Jamshed has definitely becomes one of the most favorite clothing brands for women over the years. Offering spectacular cuts and shades that are combined with intricate designs, this place not only has the best clothing lines for women, but caters to the needs of an entire family.

7. Warda

warda lawn
source: warda,com

Descending down to the year 2006 when the brand was established, since than Warda has never seen back. This clothing brand is known for its inexpensive prices yet clothing lines that are put together with premium fabric and intricacies which simply enhances the persona of the wearer. Warda is most definitely a label that aims at satisfying the needs of every class.

8. Bonanza Satrangi

source: bonanzasatrangi

Continuing its legacy of over 40 years of providing excellent fabric and premium quality, Bonanza Satrangi has aesthetically appealing creations for a look that is surely drop-dead gorgeous. From peplums that are chic and fresh to cambric collection with sublime designs, this label knows who to make one fall in love with their launches.

9. Firdous

source: Firdouscloth

Firdous has a decent history associated with its name with huge levels of satisfaction from customers from around the world. a brand that was mostly liked and worn by our mothers and grandmothers, recently Firdous has tried improving their fashion game by introducing highly girlie and sassy attires both stitched and unstitched to convince and cater a larger market consisting of young girls.

10. Sana Safinaz

sana safinaz girls dress
source: sanasafinaz.com

This dynamic duo of two extremely talented ladies, Sana and Safina came together to form a team and change the whole game of fashion which is what they achieved in a short span of time. From their lawn collections to prêt wear, the designs that they offer are surely unprecedented and remarkable. Their focus is to bring out the fashionista inside of every lady and give them a look that is trendy, sassy and truly ethereal.

11. House of Ittehad

house of ittehad

The house of Ittehad is known for its creativity and innovative approach which is what has kept people hooked to them since so long. They offer a variety of fabricated options to their clients including Ittehad premium lawn, Ittehad chiffon collection and Ittehad Swiss Volie each one aiming at the varying needs of the society.

12. Generation

A name that is relatable to every urban Pakistani women working hard to attain balance between their personal and professional life, yet forget to take care of them. in a race to manage household and work, Pakistani ladies end up losing their own selves and this is where Generation jumps in. it encourages every women to take care of her fashion needs and stay dolled up because no matter what age you reach, every lady has the right to look beautiful.

13. Mausummery

source: mausummery

Mausummery was established in 1997 with a vision to spruce up Pakistani ladies in attires that were enticing, sublime and ethereal. With designs that are extraordinarily conceptualized and executed with perfection, Mausummery offers a variety of seasonal lines that satisfy your needs to dress up with style and comfort.

14. Limelight


Starting off with women’s fashion wear, the 2010 saw a huge change in the fashion fraternity when Limelight stepped into the market with its flairy cutlines, swanky fabrics and phenomenal textures. Extending its portfolio in the recent times, Limelight now offers a clothing lines for not only women but also kids and men while one can enjoy buying other accessories including bags and shoes from them too.

15. Kayseria

Kayseria has successfully achieved a harmonious synchronization between tradition and modernity by introducing clothing lines that capture the essence of timeless beauty and show a world without boundaries where everyone is dressed in vibrant shades and flared cuts celebrating the joys of life.

16. Sobia Nazir

Yes, you must have come across many lawn replicas of this brilliant label which simply indicates her vindictive work of mastery that is nothing less than extraordinary. Sobia Nazir has definitely revolutionized women’s fashion in Pakistan with her exquisite lawn collections and over the time, has successfully launched her chiffon and winter lines, each one of which contains sublime cuts and outstanding prints.

17. Ethnic by Outfitters

Taking over the population with its versatile use of fabrics, glamorous shades and powerful patterns, Ethnic by Outfitters has surely become one of the leading clothing brands of Pakistan. It has many stores all over the country and has expanded its product line which now includes excellent attires for kids and men too.

18. Bareeze

bareeze girls dresses
source: bareeze.com

Founded in Lahore, Bareeze is a high-end fashion store which targets Pakistani women with intricate master pieces which are super sassy and comfortable to wear. Be it attire for wedding or dressing up for casual parties, Bareeze has a variety aiming to provide you the best choices for each occasion, adding more colors and happiness to your celebrations. This brand is just limited to women’s wear only, but operates under different names like Minnie Minors, Chinyere, Leisure Club and Kayseria which provide outfits for both children and men too.

19. Maria B

Maria B Dresses
source: official maria b

Maria B. is probably one of the leading designers of this country who have gradually managed to earn a reputable name for her around the world as well. Maria B.’s outfits are definitely one of a kind, where every dress is put together with immaculate craftsmanship which simply adds beauty to her creations. Her collections include exotic prêt wear and fantastic lawn clothing lines so that ladies can stay dolled up every time.

20. Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa
source: asimjofa.com

Another designer whose work has been copied over time and again is a prove of his brilliant crafty and skills. Asim Jofa is one talent guy who knows what the modern women of today’s time desire. His ideas are original and each execution focuses to achieve perfection so that the ladies have something exceptional to amuse them with.

21. Ego

Making its way next on the list is Ego, a fashion brand offering premium kurtis and tops for fashion conscious ladies whose fashion sense has always kept them famous amongst the crowd. If you’re on a search for an outlet that offer tops with incredible and stunning design than Ego is the store to heads towards.

22. Kapray

The latest entrant in the Pakistani fashion fraternity is a brand by the name of Kapray which instantly became popular amongst the female population of the country due to its trendy attires and fresh prints. A shout out to all the young gals of the country, if you want to spruce up in the trendiest of armoire, Kapray is definitely your spot for shopping!

23. Thredz and Motifs

This label is loved by all the fashion lovers out there. from traditional frocks to the most exclusive party and bridal wear, Thredz and Motifs steals the limelight with its highly impressive concepts beautifully put together to achieve unprecedented and fascinating outcomes.

Who’s your favorite?

With these and many more to name, the ladies of this country definitely have to make some tough choices when it comes down to prepping themselves with style and fashion. Each brand comes with its own signature style and that is what states its exclusivity to the world. For all the fashion conscious ladies, it’s high time you choose your favorite label and upgrade your wardrobe with cuts and patterns that are ready to swipe away the world with its strong presence.