Latest Pakistani Dresses 2022 and Everything to Know About Clothing Trends

Latest Pakistani Dresses 2022 and Everything to Know About Clothing Trends

Pakistani designers and brands have gained a respectable place around the world and on every forum they have proved themselves to be equally good as compared to other internationally recognized brands. Over the years, Pakistani fashion fraternity has surely gone through an evolution which has allowed it to reach new heights of success.

So let’s talk about Pakistani dresses, a cultural rich heritage that is easily and proudly showcased through wonderful pieces of attire that are put together with love and care. From the outside, all you might come across is the traditional shalwar suit bedecked with gotta work and stones while at a closer look, you’ll be fascinated to explore the variety that actually exists in the world of Pakistani fashion. The dresses not only categorize into the bridal armoires but from fabric types to seasonal wear, you can enjoy prepping up for every occasion and season.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses


In an Islamic society like Pakistan, a wedding completes “half of your deen”, so one utilizes all their energy, time and money to prepare for the best and most memorable event ever where a girl whishes to make the prettiest bride ever. Keeping in mind the importance of that one day when you’re going to sign down a few papers, you’re actually searching for exotic and exquisite bridal wear for your big day. Top designers like HSY, Maria B, Deepak Perwani and Nomi Ansari are a few to name who have been proudly dressing up brides-to-be in magnificent attires that are truly royal and regal.

From ravishing reds to tantalizing pinks, from scintillating gowns to gorgeous lehnga cholis, the bridal fashion in Pakistan has taken a huge turn, featuring royal attires that go perfectly well with your lavish celebrations. So if you desire to doll up in the best attires for a look that everlasting, choose your designers and dresses wisely.

Dress Collection for Every Weather



Pakistani is a beautiful country that enjoys the four seasons throughout gifted by the nature. from the heat of the summers to cold chilly winter nights, from the streets filled with dead leafs to the blooming flowers of the spring, there is no other country in the world that has this privilege for sure. And of course, with every season comes a different demand for dressing up that allows you to keep yourself safe against the fluctuating temperatures. So let’s talk about what Pakistan fashion world has to offer in every season to its people:

  • Spring Clothing Collection

A time of the year when you can see flowers springing out of the buds, a season when the air is filtered and clean and when all you can see around you is fabulous colors and happiness. Spring is a time when the temperature around the country isn’t much hot or cold and so to keep yourself protected against this moderate temperature, designers and brands launch their chiffon or cotton collection that is not only light but promises to keep you comfortable and energetic with its bright shades.

  • Summer Clothing Collections

When the scorching heat of the sun is draining you of all the energy, all you need is to spruce up in attire made from light fabric and presented in vibrant shades. Designers come up with spectacular lawn outfits that are not only created for casual wear but can easily be carried to formal gatherings, allowing you to breathe freely.

  • Autumn Clothing Collection

With the leaves falling all over the streets and trees naked to the core, waiting to welcomes winters with open branches, autumn is a season when you can actually feel the drop in temperature and hence before you could shop for sweaters and warm clothes, ladies can enjoy dressing up in cotton shalwar suits and linen/ chiffon outfits to battle against the changing thermal reading.

  • Winter Clothing Collection

Ah! The cold chilly winds blowing against your face, winters can be fun if you are spruced up in the right dresses. For the ladies, you can doll up in designer khaadar outfits or velvet shawls that compliment your formal yet keep you equally warm. From viscose to karandi, from palachi to khaadar, every Pakistani enjoys choosing from a wide range of fabrics that too according to the changing seasonal demands.

Something for Every Occasion




Growing up in a Pakistani society, you’ve happily attended about a thousand wedding celebrations and many Eid events until the age of roughly 25 years. And of course be it a lavish and musical mehndi function or auspicious occasion of Eid, ladies and girls enjoy the shopping spree to pick up the best formal dresses for them. Be it is a heavily embroidered peplum with sharara or simpler chiffon gown with straight pants; picking up dresses for occasion like these has its own charm. A tailed maxi or saree, an embroidered designer shalwar suit or short shirt with tulip shalwar, Pakistani ladies have a lot of choice to choose from and experiment with something different yet look charismatic and beautiful every time.

Fun With Latest Dress Designs


Okay so when it comes down to ladies fashion, every girl on this planet loves experimenting with her looks. Latest trends are meant to be followed and when you talk about the Pakistani Fashion world, the brands and designers work immensely hard to come up with newest and funkiest ideas that can easily be carried by gals and ladies belonging to every age group and field of life. Here are some ideas that you could try out for sure:

  1. Peplums

This is the “new” thing in today’s time. Peplums are short frocks that can actually be paired with anything and everything easily. From formal to casual, peplums can be carried by girls with short height and even longer ones without any hassle. It goes well with sharara, tulips shalwar and straight pants and hence could be paired up with anything you like to create the best look for yourself.

  1. Tulip shalwar

Another trending armoire that has been around since sometime is the tulip shalwar. A modern twist to the traditional shalwar with a cut at the front, you can garnish it with beads and lace or keep it simple to go with your straight short shirts or formal peplums quite easily.

  1. Bow-tie pants/ Straight pants

Well choose your style, either it’s the bow-tie pants or the simple straight pants decorated with buttons. You can go for embroidered bottoms or just simple plain ones, depending upon your style and choice for the upcoming event.

  1. Formal Gowns

Heavily worked bodice with flared simple body, a gown is probably one of the most experimental Pakistani attires in the present. You can either opt for a totally western gown or choose a formal eastern type for your occasion. From net gown to embellished chiffon drapes, gowns can easily be found in a variety of cuts and designs, all stitched and styled according to your needs.

  1. Short Shirts and Patyalas

Defining the cultural beauty of Pakistan, nothing can beat the elegance of shalwar suit. Be it a gol ghair wali shirt with patyala or a simple shalwar kameez, you can experiment with a variety of styles and end up looking equally gorgeous.

  1. Front open Straight Shirt

You can either go for a simple plain straight shirt or one with a slit at the front. For you it’s either an angrakha styled long dress or an embellished long shirt that drops down to the feet, either way if you have an eye for fashion, you can easily go around experimenting with your shirts and pair them up with bottoms of your choice to create the right drop-dead gorgeous look for yourself.

Top Clothing Brands

In an attempt to win the race and to rule over the hearts of millions of Pakistani residents, the fashion world has surely given birth to new names and talents that are giving a tough competition to the already existing players. Clothing brands like Alkram and Gul Ahmed have been ruling the hearts of many since decades but over the passage of few years, you can easily see a change in trend since the entrance of younger players that have impressed the audience with their amazing collections. Here a few names that you can easily recall:

  1. Nishat Linen
  2. Warda
  3. Bonanza Satrangi
  4. Mausummery
  5. Kayseria
  6. Chineyre
  7. Maria B.
  8. Sobia Nazir
  9. Alkaram
  10. Gul Ahmed
  11. Sapphire
  12. Khaadi


To be honest, these are just of a few names that we can comes across yet there are many more designers and brands that could easily be counted on the tips of your fingers that promise to deliver highest quality attires presented in mesmeric shades and designs.

  • Fabric Types

Because Pakistan enjoys four different seasons in a short span of a year, one needs to be geared up for the changing thermal readings all the time. Taking advantage of this, most designers and top clothing brands launch their collections that showcase a variety of fabrics, each one targeted to fit to the changing seasonal needs. For those who know less, here are the few of the many types of fabrics that can easily be found wearing by Pakistani people:

  1. Lawn

Probably one of the lightest materials available, lawn is a hot favorite of women when it comes down to the heated days of the summers. The fabric is super comfortable and is easily featured in elegant designs and fun shades, keeping you pumped and active throughout the summer days.

  1. Cotton

A slightly thicker material than lawn, cotton is a fabric that can be best worn in changing temperatures. It comfortable and can easily be carried in chilly nights when you don’t really feel the need of putting on a sweater.

  1. Chiffon/ Krinckle Chiffon/ Pure Chiffon

One of the ladies favorite, going to a wedding or an important event and you’ll never miss out on different armoires beautifully crafted from this delicate piece of fabric, chiffon. Chiffon itself comes in different shades and types and what adds to the fun is it can easily be cut and designed in brilliant outfits that fit perfectly on every body type.

  1. Linen

A perfect fabric for changing season, linen is a little thicker than chiffon which is usually adorned at the end of autumn when winter is about to start as it keeps you protected and cozy against the sudden temperature drop.

  1. Khaadar

A hot favorite winter fabric of Pakistani ladies, khaadar is not only super comfortable and warm but now comes shaped into fabulous designs, patterns and colors that add glitz and glamorous to your winter looks.

  1. Karandi/ Viscose

Another fabric commonly found in Pakistan during the times of extreme temperature drops, karandi and viscose belong to the silk/ khaadi family that wonderfully fall down on your body and can be experimented with stones, embroidery and embellishments to create something magical for special events.

  1. Raw Silk

From digitally printed shirts to bridal attires, raw silk has stayed around for decades serving as one of the most versatile and important fabrics to work with in the fashion world. Stitch it into a mesmeric gown or simply decorate it with embellishments, even a simple raw silk shirt will create the perfect gorgeous look for you instantly.

  1. Velvet/ Palachi

Let’s admit it, an all time favorite, velvet and palachi has been running as everyone’s favorite since the times of our grandmothers. And recently you can actually see this material become the hottest trend where ladies are seen enjoying wearing heavily embellished velvet shawls and embroidered dresses for a killer formal look.

A Comprehensive Understanding

Unlike the international fashion fraternity, the Pakistani fashion industry is proud of its cultural heritage and so that is why one can easily observes designers and brands introducing patterns, cuts and armoires that are rich in colors and crafted with immense craftsmanship, depicting the true beauty of this country. Pakistan is a nature’s miracle that enjoys different season and so if you’re residing within its borders, you’ll be privileged to be entertained by its fashion offerings.