15 Places to Visit in Lahore for Kids Recreation

15 Places to Visit in Lahore for Kids Recreation

The advent of summer brings along with it the most anticipated part of their lives,i.e.,The Summer vacations. As the summer vacations arrive, kids start filling up their minds with thoughts of joy, excitement, fascination and amusement. It is the time where parents get the most time to spend with their kids, and it eventually means that they need to loosen up their pockets, as their children might expect nothing less than each day of their vacations being full of enjoyment and extravaganza.

Recreational places like zoos, amusement parks and water parks are the best places to give your kids the days they have been long expecting from you. And if you are living in Lahore and are having a hard time thinking which places to visit with your beloved ones, then we are here to make your choice more difficult.We have handpicked some of the best recreational places for Lahore which are bound to give your kids one of the best time of their childhood.

1. Joyland

Joyland Lahore

Joyland is one of the largest recreational parks in the city spread over 6 acres and an employee count of more than 200 people. The park embodies one of the most thrilling rides providing unlimited fun to its visitors and is very innovative in trying on different projects to entertain its visitors as much as possible. They provide a variety of packages such as school and birthday package enabling people to visit this park frequently. It is considered very safe and has the honour of being the only park in the country with ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Website: https://www.joyland.pk

Entry Fees:

2. Sozo Water Park

Sozo Water Park Lahore Kids

Sozo is the first and the largest water park of Pakistan covering a total area of 25 acres and welcoming thousands of pleasure seeker everyday. The park is home to some of the most heart packing, action-featured and breath-taking water slides, whichmake this place a heaven for swimming lovers. The park’s chemical treatment and stand-alone water filtration machines ensure that the environment is independent of any harmful germs or microorganisms. Their rides are keptunder supervision with the finest engineers of University of Engineering and Technology(UET),and none of the rides operates without the certification from UET.

Website: https://www.sozowaterpark.pk

3. Sindbad’s Wonderland

Sindbad Kids Play Area

Sindbad’s Wonderland provides you with the most technically and technologically advanced rides built specially to give you the most mesmerising experiences. They have a separate area for toddlers where you can give your kids all that they desire along with the best eateries so that they do not spoil your mood with hunger. Their main attractions are unique rides like venture, which is there to give you a futuristic 3D experience you cannot simple experience elsewhere in the city.

Website: https://www.sindbadwonderland.com

4. Fantasy Land

Fantasy LAnd LAhore

Fantasyland is a very well known recreation center in Lahore providing entertainment facilities to toddlers and teenagers. They are located inside a shopping complex, and their services include, a car racing track, swings and slides, Arcade games, 3D cinema and much more.Their biggest attraction is the car-racing track, which many teens in Lahore crave for. Their services are available at a very low and affordable price, which might give you another reason to visit this fantastic place.

5. Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort

Lahore Oasis Park

If you are looking for some outdoor activities, then Oasis Resort is there to show you how great the outdoors can be. Providing golf facilities to the adults combined with a water park and some leisure activities is something unique and what I have not seen or experienced before. They offer a great diversity of outdoor activities including go-karts, Tennis, Archery, Horse Riding, Cycling and a separate children area. The facilities are so diverse that you cannot simply experience each and everything this amazing park has to offer in a single visit. Therefore, this park is perfect for family expeditions.

6. Lahore Zoo Safari Park

LAhore Zoo Safari Park
source: fwf.punjab.gov.pk

Considered as an extension of Lahore zoo, safari park is a recreational wildlife park spread 242 acres. It was a government-funded public facility until it was handed over to the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department (PWPD). The zoo has a diverse variety of species, and safari park lets you spectate them in a very close yet safe manner using Safari tracks. Fishing and boating facilities have also been developed in the park.

The government has already spent millions of dollars on this safari park for accessibility reasons like developing roads, which lead into the park and link one section to another. The safety measures taken by the authorities are enough to satisfy you that you are safe while being immersed in the beauty of nature.

7. Jallo Park

Jallo PArk LAhore
source: siasat.pk

Jallo is another wildlife covering an area of over 450 acres and having a possession of some of the most common mammals, birds and reptiles. Their additional attractions include boating, water slides and fishing.Furthermore, the landscape of this park is truly attractive and makes its visitors forget everything in the world and totally engage in what nature has to offer. They also have a botanical garden, which houses more than 120 distinct plant species and hence is a great place for people associated with botany or just some random people gathering to praise the beauty of nature. They do not have a parking and entry fee, and the recreational activities are usually available at a very economical rate.

8. X Park

X PArk LAhore Kids Area

X Park offers exclusive services like Go-kart rides, wall climbing, jumping, free running, ATVs, mini motos, etc. The sporting facilities are available for people of all group ages including children, teenagers, middle-aged and above. It will provide you with an exhilarating experience especially if you are a huge fan of motorsports and bringing your friends along with yourself will make your visit memorable. They have different sorts of tracks for each kind of motorsport and gives you an even more professional exposure.


9. Kid’s Klub

Kids Club LAhore

Kidz Klub is a perfect place for kids providing them with the mostly healthy entertainment in summer. They offer membership to kids up to 10 years of age, and their summer camps are ideal. There are a bunch of amazing entertainment facilities like pottery, go-kart and Tae-Kwon-Do. The classes for many activities like Tae-Kwon-Do are free of any extra charges opening a new gateway for kids to experience something new. These services are available for your kids throughout the week. They provide a very safe and challenging filled with a series of fun and exciting events.


10. Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park

Gulshan Iqbal Park LAhore
source: geoview.info

With an area covering over 67 acres, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park is one the biggest recreational parks in the city. The park has a huge artificial lake for boating and has many interesting rides, which you might not have seen before in your city. Although, security and safety is an issue of this park you might still want to consider it due to their serious inventory of rides and the green atmosphere. Many Lahoris visit this park frequently and is very popular among them. This is one reason you might find it crowded all the time

11. Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty Play Land Lahore

Humpty Dumpty is another indoor entertainment site for children providing them with attractive redemption machines and high-tech simulators. They possess one of the most fun-filled activities for kids, which include kiddie rides, basketball and prize machines. Special birthday packages and promotions are what they offer out of the box other than indoor games. They have around 6 branches in all of Lahore spreading fun within your reach.

Website: https://www.humptydumpty.com

12. Wonder World

Wonder Land LAhore

Wonderworld is the biggest indoor adventure centre, custom built to provide activities to children in a fun and challenging environment furthering their physical development. Their facilities include a go-kart track, trampolines, ball pools, indoor football, slides and much more, whichare exclusively built for kids. The centre is full of exciting events and is constantly evolving to meet children’s growing interests. They have 6 fantastic party rooms especially for birthday events, and their additional services include a café, restaurant and free Wi-Fi.

Website: https://www.wonderworldpk.com

13. Super Space

Super space LAhore Kids Palying
source: Info-360.com

Super Space is indoor, kid’s entertainment place recently inaugurated in DHA,Lahore. The place contains rides for kids of all ages, and their main attractions include 6D motion rides and arcade games. Super Space is one of the finest places designed especially for toddlers and kids, entertaining them in a clean, fun-filled and peaceful environment. If you have kids and you live in Lahore, then you should pay a nice visit to this amazing place giving your kids the exact experience they require.


14. Skyland Water Park

Skyland Water Park Lahore
source: emap.pk

Skyland is another water park you might want to consider residing in Lahore. The place is very well constructed and provides rides at a very affordable price. They have a distinct name in water park business due to their amazing variety of pools and slides keeping a great care of hygiene and safety. People visit this park very frequently in summers due to extensive heat andbecause there are no extra charges for most of the slides, but they do charge some extra on special slides.

15. Jillani Park(Race course park)