17 Best Shopping Malls of Lahore

17 Best Shopping Malls of Lahore

Lahore is the capital city of Punjab. Shopping is an important culture in Lahore. The city of Lahore is now witnessing one of its greatest trade expansion for housing some of the biggest sub-continent shopping mall. It is the home of many mega shopping malls which are well equipped with the latest electronic appliances, home needs, and fashionable wears. When it comes to talking about fashion and entertainment, Lahore is unbeatable. It houses the most fashion conscious set of people, great fashionistas that knows the in depths of fashion and every trending fashion out there. What will then make Lahore not to have the best shopping centers in the country?

These brings about a sweet and classy experience to those residing in the city. On yearly basis, new set of retail stores are renting spaces in these shopping malls. This article features the best shopping malls in Lahore and this was done based on the chain of customers that patronize them, brands availability and the number of stores that are been set up on daily basis. These malls comprise of many restaurants, parking lots, cinemas, recreational centers and many more fun centers which are fully air conditioned.

Highlighted below are the best shopping malls in Lahore

1.Emporium Mall

Emporium mall is the largest and biggest mall in Lahore. It houses wider varieties of major brands. It is an eleven-storey building mall comprising of over two hundred stores and a five-star hotel. It has an amazing architectural design.

Emporium Mall Lahore
source: dilkashpakistan.com

2.Mall of Lahore

Just as the name implies, Mall of Lahore is located at Lahore and justice is not done to this list if this mall is not mention. It is rated as one of the city’s largest multi-purpose shopping malls which comprises of a wide broad range of both the local and the international brands. It is indeed one of the major biggest shopping malls in the country and Punjab largest.

Mall of Lahore
source: gaminglounge.pk

3.Fortress Square

Fortress Square is an entertainment and shopping mall located near the Fortress Stadium, Lahore. This shopping mall is the house of almost one hundred shopping stores and has a food court and a cinema for entertainment.

Fortress Square Mall
source: HomesPakistan.com

4.Pace Shopping Mall

Pace Shopping Mall comprises of many series of shopping mall complexes. This Shopping Mall happens to be one of the old and top notch shopping malls in Lahore.

Pace Shopping Mall Lahore
source: Hamariweb.com

5.Jasmine Mall

Jasmine Mall that is also been referred to as Bahria Town Shopping Mall as it is located in Bahria Town in Lahore. Jasmine Mall is rated among the largest shopping malls in the Province of Punjab.

Jasmine Mall Lahore
source: jasminemall.pk

6.Gulberg Galleria

Gulberg Galleria Lahore

The Gulberg Galleria is a three-story arcade, comprising of thirty-nine outlets on all its three floors. Gulberg Galleria houses designer fashion outlets for the clothing and shoes of men, ladies, children, and also has outlets, spa, coffee, restaurants and others.

7.Liberty Mall

It is located at the center of the city. There is wide availability of high quality brands, gold, electronics, great designer boutiques, textiles, and so much more.

Liberty Shopping Malls
source: vmag.pk

8.City Towers

This mall provides wide range of products with several stores like Gul Ahmed. Local and international brands, sales of local and international luxury are available in the mall.

City Towers Lahore Pakistan
source: umergroup.com

9.Defence Shopping Mall

This shopping mall is situated on the main Boulevard of Defense Housing Authority and happens to the largest shopping mall in the area, in a pleasing environment in Lahore. It has wide varieties of women clothing and accessories, and home renovation products. It also provides solar power to all shops and offices for their businesses. It state of the art design makes it to have an edge over other malls.

Defence Shopping Mall lahore
source: zameen.com

10.Saremco Heights Shopping Mall

It is located in the commercial area of the city of Lahore called Bedian Road. It houses many stores and varieties of brands and entertainment facilities.

Saremco Heights Shopping Mall
source: eSAREMCO

11.Siddiq Trade Center

the shopping mall was opened some years ago and has since then grown to be one of the famous shopping mall in Lahore. It has many outlets and channels of designer brands.

Siddiq Trade Center Shopping Mall
source: skyscrapercity.com

12.Al-Fatah Exclusive Mall

The mall is a nice shopping mall to buy both expensive and important products. It has wide range of products availability like wrist watches, electronics, clothing, luggage, branded clothing for both men and women and many more.

Al Fateh Shopping MAll LAhore

13.Xinhua Mall

The shopping mall is located in Gulberg, Lahore. There is availability of domestic and international brands. Large number of customers. Conducive atmosphere. Enough fun for children.

Xinhua MAll LAhore

14.Hyperstar Mall

It is the first ever mega shopping mall. Relatively cheap price and free home delivery for every product. It has all the concepts of everything just under one roof.

Hyperstar MAll Lahore
source: Hyperstar

15.METRO Cash and Carry

Metro Cash and Carry is located at Thokar Niaz Baig, along Multan Rd in Lahore. There is availability of both local and international products. It has a structure, reasonable prices. Neat and well managed. It is large place to buy all kinds of items.

Metro Cash and Carry LAhore
source: SkyscraperCity

16.Vogue Towers

Located on M.M Alam Road, Lahore. It houses brands like Fashion Avenue, Fashion Exchange, Little London Company, Moda in Pelle and many more. Wide varieties of clothing and accessories, cinema, coffee planet and entertainment spot.

Vogue Tower Lahore
source: paktravel.net

17.Panorama Shopping Center

Panorama Shopping Mall LAhore
soutce: twitter.com/lahorethedefenders‏

Located on the Mall Road and Shahrah e-Quaid Azam, Lahore. It sells varieties of men and women clothing and comprises of several stores on ground floor. It has large number of customers and sell at relatively low price.

In conclusion, this list was compiled based on numerous customers reviews. If you are yet to visit some of these malls, kindly do so. Endless fun and purchase at its best. Lahore shopping malls are designed to suit customers tastes and satisfaction.

Lahore also witness several of historical places which makes it perfect choice for tourists as well.