Places you must have to visit in Islamabad

Places you must have to visit in Islamabad


Islamabad is not only the capital of the Pakistan, it’s also one of the most beautiful city of Pakistan.

Situated near the Margalla hills, the city is well known for its natural beauty. There are number of great places located in Islamabad, which are a must to visit for any tourist. Let’s take a look to these places.

1: Faisal Mosque

After Badshahi Mosque, Faisal mosque is the second best and famous mosque of Pakistan, it is also known as the national mosque of Pakistan.

Situated near the Margalla hills, the mosque can accommodate thousands of people at the same time. Also, the mosque is well decorated and looks beautiful from each end.

The mosque came into existence during nineties, {1976}. Developed by Turkish architectures, the mosque was an initiative of Saudi king Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz.

2: Centaurus Mall

The biggest mall of Islamabad is the great Centaurus mall.

Centaurus is not only a shopping mall, it also houses a five star hotel and a 23 floor based residential tower. The main highlight of this mall is its shopping area which is basically a five floor shopping mall. The mall area covers all the leading national and international brands chains, a food court and a playing area for children.

3: Monal Resturant Islamabad

Probably the best place in the city for an iconic hill view and the quality food.

It’s basically a restaurant which is located on the top of Margalla hills. The view of the city from this hill point is absolutely breathtaking. Also, the place has to offer the most delicious and the hygienic food and that too at such a nice location. Definitely a must to visit place in the capital city.

4: Lok Virsa museum

Lok Virsa as the name suggests, is basically a museum which represents the cultural heritage of our country, Pakistan.

The museum uses different mediums for this purpose such as pottery, art work and some textile work too. The main aim is to represents the cultural heritage and the living style of different people of Pakistan.

At Lok Virsa, events like musical nights are also held yearly to promote the culture of Pakistan.

5: Damne koh

In simple words Damne koh is a hill station. Located right in the middle of Margalla hills, the view of these hills from this point looks amazing. Damne koh is located 2400 ft above sea level.

It’s the center point for many tourist. Because of its natural beauty, People from all over Pakistan love to come to at this place each time they visit the capital city.

Now, the hill station has improved food court and a wide parking area to accommodate the large number of tourists.

6: Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake is basically an artificial lake which was created to fulfill the excessive water needs of the citizens of the twin cities.

The lake is now treated as a picnic point. Citizens of the capital city and also the tourist often come at this place for boating and some casual fishing.

7: Shakar Parian

Shakar Parian is another recreational site located in the capital city of the state.

Also known as Shakar Parian hills, the recreational point is based on a small hill and a park.

8: Marriot hotel

If you are a tourist and want to explore this beautiful city to its best, this is the right place to stay.

Probably the best five start hotel in the capital city, it has every service available from spacious apartments to the most hygienic food.

VIPs and national leaders often stay at this hotel during their official stay.

9: Islamabad zoo

If your aren’t happy with the wildlife animals found on most recreational parks of the city then Islamabad zoo is the place to visit.

The zoo isn’t the best in the country but covers almost all famous wildlife animals. The zoo also has a proper food court and a playing area for children.

10: Lake View Park

Lake view is a very famous recreational park of the capital city. It’s an ideal picnic park for families.

Located on the Murree Road, Islamabad, the park has several fun filled activities going on which are great for children.

The park also has a dedicated area where common wild life animals can be found.


The capital city doesn’t end over here. There are other cool places too but, these were the best ten according to us.

So, if you are planning to visit the Islamabad, don’t forget to visit these places to make your experience even better and joyful.