Why Private Schools Are Need of Hour For Pakistani Education System

Why Private Schools Are Need of Hour For Pakistani Education System

Education is something on which one just can’t compromise. It not only helps individuals to build their careers but also helps society as a whole to flourish. Thanks to the new forms of media, People nowadays are pretty much aware of this fact.

One important aspect while discussing this sensitive matter is the accessibility factor i.e. how to access education. Here educational institutes play the major role. Talking about educational institutes, people in Pakistan basically have two options to choose from. One is private educational institutes and the other option is Government educational institutes.

From the past two decades, it has been observed that majority of parents/guardians, their relatives and even the student themselves prefer private educational institutes over the Government ones. Also, due to the lack of interest by the government towards national institutes, people are only left with this option. For this behavior, there are tons of factors. In this article, we’ll highlight the major factors on the behalf of which majority prefers private educational institutes.


Curriculum is extremely important element when it comes to teaching a particular subject. Curriculum basically measure the quality of content which is taught in schools and colleges. Also, the content being taught {curriculum}

must be up to date so that a student can learn the maximum out of a particular subject or course. The academic policy of every institute is different therefore, in Pakistan there is no uniform curriculum being followed by any educational institute.

In private education sector, the curriculum {no matter what the academic policy an institute follows} is relatively better compared to any Government educational institute. This factor let alone can shed maximum light on why the majority prefers private institutes. Parents don’t want their kids to learn outdated content. Despite of having some cons, the private educational institutes somehow manages to follow a reasonably advanced curriculum, due to which every other person prefers them.

Faculty Members

Another important aspect which is hard to ignore, while discussing any educational institute. Faculty member have huge responsibility on their shoulders, they are the ones who have to shape the individuals. No matter how strong or advanced curriculum an institute has if the instructor isn’t of that caliber.

Now, in Pakistan we do have quality instructors available

But they have limited themselves to the top ranked private institutes. In government educational institutes, the faculty isn’t what it should be. What makes the even

ordinary faculty staff of any private school or college better is that they are answerable to the authority. They are supposed to do their job effectively under all circumstances. In government schools or colleges, no one is there to monitor the performance of teachers and lectures.

Extracurricular Activities

In this modern era, the importance of extracurricular activities is pretty much understood. Such activities help students in building their confidence and also provides them the opportunities to explore themselves.

Majority of government schools and colleges do have huge open grounds but they don’t have any sports trainer available to facilitate students. Annual sports competitions are not held on regular bases and the provided sports facilities are not up to the mark. Another interesting fact here is that extracurricular activities aren’t limited to open space. There are many indoor games as well like squash, table tennis and snooker. Such sports facilities don’t even exist in majority of the educational institutes. On the other hand, private educational institutes do facilitate their students to maximum extent in this regard. They might not have that much of open space available but they do arrange such activities on regular basis. Separate venues are reserved for sports activities. Yearly competitions are held in which students are encouraged to apply. Top

ranked private institutes collaborate with each other to arrange mega sports events. Such facilities are rare to find in any government educational institute.

 Availability of all the basic facilities

Almost all private schools and colleges have all the basic facilities available for the convenience of student’s. Availability of adequate and ventilated class rooms with proper furniture, drinking water and toilets are pretty basic facilities which an educational institutes must have.

Such facilities aren’t available in the majority of the government institutes. Parents are well aware of these condition so, they hesitate admitting their child in such institution.

The Role Of Government

The way this trend is growing, seems like government itself is supporting this change. The government hasn’t been able to deliver anything rewarding in the education sector of the country from years. Even when an announcement is made or a decision is taken, no one implements it. The majority of government educational policies aren’t up to the mark. The most interesting fact here is that, now people really don’t care what government intentions are for the betterment of education sector. So, this trend would further grow and according to stats and figures seems like it’s nearly

impossible for the government to end the monopoly of private educational institutes in the country.

Peace of Mind

Even a person shopping for a grocery item wants the most reliable and trustworthy product. So, why parents shouldn’t look for the best and the most reliable institute for their children?

As mentioned earlier, government has failed to build the standard of local and regional educational institutes. Majority of them don’t even fulfill the criteria of basic facilities. Under such circumstances, it’s pretty obvious that every parent would look for a private school or college for his/her child. The will have peace of mind that all the basic requirement of their child are being fulfilled. He/she is being taught by a qualified instructor. In reality, these all are very basic demands, like some standard of education must be maintained by every institute. But the government institutes just don’t bother to maintain a standard or even follow some guidelines.