19 Best Sapphire Bags and Clutches To Carter The Need of Girls

19 Best Sapphire Bags and Clutches To Carter The Need of Girls

A perfect bag is one that flatters your figure and complements your attire, so one should be very picky in selecting a bag for either office, casual meet-ups or special occasions. Before selecting a handbag, every lady should be aware of some important facts that would ultimately help her in making the right choice. One should aware of her taste and prefer a pocket-friendly yet durable handbag. And a little knowledge about the best handbags seller will not hurt.Right? We all know that when it comes to style and elegance packed in one single outfit, Sapphire is the brand that most of us would choose. But their bags are no less than the clothing. We have some bags listed here for you to pick up your favorites online.

1. Khaki Tote HB0227

This bag is multi-use as it can be used for casual wear as well as on special occasions because of its tea pinkish color and gold buttons on it. It’s large and spacious so you can carry your goodies easily in it. There is no extra detailing or embroidery so it’s a nice fit for ladies who like simple and classic bags. The stuff of the bag also looks so durable and sturdy and it has a black strap which would keep the bag securely hanging on your shoulder.
The bag comes with a mini pouch which you can use to store your accessories like glasses or make up essentials or a perfume. You can old it separately or put it in the bag. With this you don’t need to buy an extra pouch, this one matches your bag perfectly.
The price of this bag is Rs. 3,490 which is worth the quality and style.
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This one is an eye catching article which gives an absolutely sassy look. Embossed with metal studs on the borders it’s a spot choice for every girl. One can easily carry this mini handbag with both western and eastern clothes. The colors available are light blue and pink. Pink colored bag looks super cute and catchy. The size of the bag is medium and all your essentials can be stored in it. It also has a separable strap which you can either use to hang the bag on the shoulders or you ca separate it to carry it as a pouch.
It sells out for just Rs. 2790.
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3. Maroon Bucket HB0098

This bag is more appropriate for casual wear. It’s an ideal choice for college going girls as it has a design like a bucket which can store anything easily. They can easily carry books or stationery with it. It also has a subtle design and a vibrant maroon color with a black inner side. It also has a black strap which is extendable that you can use to adjust as per your need. It’s very comfy and sturdy. Also, it’s a leather bag so it’s a high-performance bag for sure.
The price of the bag is Rs. 2190.
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4. Brown Cross Body HB0155

This bag has caught our attention on it since it’s absolutely flattering. We love it in the color brown but it’s also available in the color black, maroon and grey. So you have a great room for choice. The long thin straps make the bag look unique and chic at the same time. Plus its durable and the stuff is leather. This soft and easy to carry bag can store all our essentials easily in it and its design is what makes it look different from other bags. This bag would most likely be giving you a variety in your wardrobe too.
The price of this bag is Rs. 2190.
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5. Multi Bag HB0186

Again an excellent choice for college going girls, this one is a multi colored hand bag. It’s basically for storing larger items like books and stationery. Housewives can also carry it with equal ease. It’s wide and spacious so you can also use it while travelling which makes it a multi-use bag. There is a stripped zig zag pattern on its surface and short straps for hand carrying. The bag looks elegant and decent. Its available in two different colors, both are multi-colors.
The price of this bag is Rs. 2,190.
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6. White Handbag HB0061

This little white colored chain hand bag is a complete go with every outfit. It looks simple and elegant and has a mini size which is easy to carry. It has a gold chain to hang it which makes it look trendy.
The price of this bag is Rs. 2,190.
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7. Grey Handbag HB0036

This is a heavy-duty hand bag which is large in size and looks lavish and stylish at the same time. The bag has a dotted pattern on the outer side with a belt of tassels around its neck. The inner pocket of the bag is not very spacious, yet you can easily store your goodies and essentials in it. The fabrication of the bag looks durable and sturdy. The smart cut and shape of the bag makes it one of a kind. Carrying this bag everyday would surely give you an attitude of worthiness.
It is available in grey and black colors so you can pick up according to your choice.
The price of the bag is Rs. 2,490.
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8. Black and White Backpack HB0170

This concisely made bag is a backpack which you can hang on your back and you’re all set to go. The bag is comfy and strong enough to carry your stuff. Mainly it’s made with leather and beautifully designed with black and white patch and lace on the top and bottom which makes it a perfect choice for all the chic’s out there who love to look classy.
The price of this bag is Rs. 2,790 which is quite reasonable.
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9. Grey Tote HB0130

This is a grey bag which has a universal color to pair up with almost every outfit. Ladies or housewives who love to look elegant with a bag which reflects decency can buy it. It has intricate silver colored embroidered pattern on it. Also, it has a crocodile pattern in grey color on the top with leather fabrication. The lovely wooden handle on its top looks classic and the bag is for hand carry. Moreover, its spacious enough to carry your stuff easily in it.
The price of this bag is 2,490.
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10. Blue Cross Body HB105

It’s a blue colored clutch to hold in the hands which looks classy because of the vibrant color it has. It has a precise design and detail on it which round threaded pattern on it. Its overall subtle and smart ad has a silver opening with a black colored inner side. You can easily hold it with your everyday casuals or jeans.
The price of this bag is Rs. 2,190.
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11. Black Tote HB0084

This bag is one of our favorites as it is upper classy and sassy. Ladies who want a bag which is spacious and classy at the same time should buy this. It’s a high quality bag with smart cuts, texture and design to give it a complete look. It’s basically designed for ladies who have an “all in the bag” approach. It has a huge inner side to store anything you want and a little pocket at the front.
The price of this bag is Rs. 3,190. And its available in black and grey color. Both are the best picks.
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12: Black Cross Body HB0003

Another classy chain bag which is available in color black and white for your ease to select is here. This bag has beautiful tassels hanging on the opening which give it a flirty look and ladies who like to have something sexy and attractive should go for it. The size is small and it has a chain to hang it o the shoulders which makes it trendy. You can easily pair it with any of your eastern or western outfits.
The price of this bag is Rs. 2190 which is not too heavy on the pocket.
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13. Black Hard Clutch CH009

This classic black clutch is subtle and smart and has a black threaded texture with gold opening which makes it look graceful. If you wish to go to parties and need something light to carry with you, then this one is for you. You can also use it for casual use. The black and gold combination makes it look so classy.
The price of this clutch is Rs. 2,590.
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14. Gold Hard Clutch CH0123

If you want something fancy yet elegant this gold hard clutch is a perfect choice. The clutch is not heavily studded or embroidered; instead it has a very light finishing with fabric tassels all over it which gives it a unique appearance. The opening is of gold metal and looks dashing.
The price of this clutch is Rs. 2,790.
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15. Beige Hobo CH0054

Well, who doesn’t love the color beige from clothes to lipsticks to handbags is liked by almost every lady. This beige colored bag is one of the best picks at Sapphire. With it unique design it’s a designer bag that would grab anybody’s attention. With a single zip on the side of its front and a belt to carry it, it looks different than others. It’s spacious from inside too.
The price of this bag is Rs. 3,290.
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16. Orange Hard Clutch CH0087

This funky little clutch is for the college and school teens that love to pair oranges and blues with their everyday outfits. The color is popping orange with blue and yellow animated graphics on it. It has a wooden border and looks a beautifully design piece of an art. The clutch comes with a chain which makes it multi-use; either you can hand carry or hang it.
The price of this clutch is Rs. 2,590.
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17. Pink Tote HB0199

This simple and decent handbag is for ladies who like to carry quality handbags that do not look too showy and give them a charming outlook. The bag has a stripped pattern on it front and back in three colors; pink, blue and light orange. Plus it has a small strap for hand carrying. The stuff is durable and strong so it would keep all your goods secure.
The price of this bag is Rs. 2,190.
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The similar handbag is also available in navy blue, black and light orange, so you can pick up the one you like.

18. Brown Cross Body HB0097

This bag in light pink and gold color is totally slaying and is perfect to carry anywhere anytime and you would look effortlessly chic. It has leather fabrication and beautiful mini gold studs lined up on the front with a heavy detailing on it. It’s made with precision and art to give it a holistic look and a charming appearance. You can easily store your accessories and make up items in it.
The price of this bag is Rs. 2,190.
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19. Black Handbag HB0081

Here is another bag which is good is quality and heavy duty handbag with the jet black color. You can carry it to your office either or anywhere you like. The leather fabrication and simple design makes it a must buy. It’s quite spacious to carry your stuff easily and has two pockets inside with a zipper pocket outside as well. It also has a long leather strap which wouldn’t let your shoulders get tired at all.
The price of this bag is Rs. 3,490.
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We hope you liked our suggestions. Grab the bag of your choice online or in stores, hang it and enjoy the comforting experience.