Servis Shoes Never Ending Streak of Fashion and Comfort

Servis Shoes Never Ending Streak of Fashion and Comfort

Introduction and history

Servis Shoes is the largest manufacturer and exporter of footwear in Pakistan. The brand has been the leading foot wear exporter in Pakistan for the last 10 years. It comes under the name of Servis Industries Limited. The story of Servis Industries began in 1941 with the ideas of two friends. ChaudryNazar Mohammad and Chaudry Muhammad Hussain started manufacturing handbags and sporting goods on a very small in Lahore. With time the business expanded and before they knew it they were supplying their products all over India as this was the period before partition. After Pakistan became independent, the two friends installed their first ever shoe manufacturing plant in Gujrat. Servis shoes have over 450 stores in Pakistan along with 33 factory outlets. Along with having its own stores, the brand also sticks at multi brand stores like Shoe Planet. They compete with other footwear brands on the basis of quality, variety of styles, comfort that has not been compromised on and also the affordability of the shoes which make them appealing to the masses and not a specific segment.

Men’s Footwear

Servis Shoes Calza Collection Online

This local Pakistani brand has taken the multi-brand approach where different brands are brought together under one name to give the customers a large variety to choose from. The brand has shoes for men, women and children.

  • Don Carlos is one of brands of these economical shoes which have formal men’s footwear. These shoes have been inspired by classic Italian design and are one of the most selling men’s shoes in Pakistan.
  • Calza is the brand which is targeted towards more every day and routine appropriate footwear for men. These shoes are made on simple design lines with the emphasis being on the comfort and the flexibility.

Women’s Footwear

Servis Shoes Women Lisa

Serivs shoes knows exactly the need of women when it comes to shoes. The brand has shoes catering to all their needs, from formal to casual and sportswear as well.


For women’s footwear, LIZA is the brand that comes under Servis Shoes.

  • LIZA incorporates the comfort of everyday wear with style.
  • Women can wear these shoes out of the house and they will look nice all the while being comfortable in the shoes even if they walk in them for long hours.
  • LIZA shoes are made with great quality material which ensures that the feet will not hurt at all.


Servis Shoes Cheetah Collection
Servis Shoes also has unisex shoes which are suitable for both men and women. These are shoes that have designs which can easily be worn by either genders.


For any shoe brand to be successful, it has to have a sportswear section to target the masses.

  • Cheetah is the brand of Servis Shoes which includes athletic footwear for all the professional sportspeople and even people who want these shoes for routine activities.
  • These shoes are suitable for both men and women as there is a wide of colors and designs for them to choose from.

Targeting the youth is important for any brand to be successful.

  • This is the target market which is the most aware and up to date with latest trends.
  • This is also the segment which helps market the brand the most.
  • NDURE provides the youth with fun and interesting styles that are stylish yet comfort at the same time.
  • Servis Shoes incorporates comfort into every piece and these shoes do not compromise on comfort either.


From Schooling to day to day wear this brand has multiple options for children as well. Few of them are mentioned below

The children segment of any market is very important to target as it makes a large part too. For a brand to be diverse it has to have a children’s section too, and variety is the main factor that differentiates Servis shoes from the rest.

  • TZ offers modern yet comfortable shoes for the new age kids who’re somewhat aware of what they want.
  • Fun designs, interesting color palette and comfort are what make a TZ shoe.


Servis Shoes known for its wide range of shoes has targeted every segment of the market.

  • Skooz is the brand of Servis that caters to school going kids by providing them with shoes appropriate for being worn with the uniforms.
  • Skooz shoes are the most popular among kids when it comes to the choice of where to get school shoes from.

This local Pakistan Footwear brand has some incredible collections which are economical and can go with your fashion statement comfort and flexibility is plus in that.