Shigar Valley A Fort of Natural Essentials

Shigar Valley A Fort of Natural Essentials

We can never have enough of vision and pleasure; unless we witness the treasure nature has kept in our country Pakistan. One piece of this beautiful treasure is Gilgit Baltistan and its settlements. It’s the most magnificent region of Pakistan in terms of the landscape and its scenic beauty. In the heart of Gilgit lies the popular ranges of Pakistan; Himalayas, Handukuch and Karakoram.

One piece of this wide heaven is the Shigar Valley. Watered by the Shigar River in Baltistan, Shigar Valley is a beautiful piece of land in the North Pakistan. This Valley is a stream of the Indus River, which is very near to the town of Skardu. Geeks of hiking, trekking and mountaineering love to visit this beauty, despite of the tough conditions there.  Also, the valley is an attraction for tourists as it is a gateway to Karakoram hills, one of the world’s highest peaks. This region is also enriched with Pakistan’s cultural heritage and a mixture of the rare fauna and flora.


Although this valley is located in an isolated region which can hardly be thought of being accessible there are several villages with human population in it. The population size is not so vast though. Sadly, the living conditions are mostly less than average and there are very few schools which are initiated and getting managed by the natives with a help of their own. Families and kids can be seen there, welcoming the visitors with wide smiles on their blushed faces. We can find out our true cultural heritage and traditions still alive there as people have carried them up through the years, unlike the cities with the vast population. You must hear the native and ancient folk music from them, whenever you visit there to get an insight on how utterly talented they are. We all need to take steps to better their living conditions and lifestyle. They also deserve to have employment opportunities living in the most enriched land. Their lifestyle should at least be improved to the levels that other citizens living in most cities have.

Nearby tributaries

From Skardu, this valley is around 32 kilometers and a one hour drive hardly. The valley is gifted by a tremendously charming landscape. Shigar is without a doubt a trekker’s heaven in Pakistan. persuasively magnificent landscapes of this hidden land are often related to Tibet which was was previously known as Little Tibet. It carries the same enticing and vivid landscapes.

The Valley leads to the world’s largest peaks and four nearby villages named as Chinpa, Halpapa and Shigar.

This valley elongates for 170 kilometers between Skardu and Askole. Askole is the last settlement in Shigar Valley.

There is also a Jarbazo Lake also known as the Blind Lake in Shigar Valley. This road that leads to this lake is rough, dusty and at some points rocky. It moves side by side to the Shigar River. The lake is calm and has no human beings or birds around. However, you will find them a bit outlying from it as you move forward from the end of the lake.

Pictures of Shigar Valley

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Shigar Fort Residence

Amidst this valley is the Shigar Fort Residence Project, which is a heritage project where the guests and tourists can benefit by having the chance to experience the architecture which is restored as an impression of the 17th century Raja Fort-palace. Visitors can have lavish facilities and enjoy the best services there.

This fort residence is the project of Serena Hotels. And there’s also a Shigar Fort Museum nearby that has preserved the cultural heritage of Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan is taking progressive actions to promote the welfare of this beautiful treasure of our Pakistan, that include promoting tourism to gear up economic growth, preserving the heritage that lies here and improving the living standards of its people.

And for those who wish to go overseas to enjoy nature, and to revive their energies must visit this area of our motherland, the beauty of which cannot be found anywhere in this entire world.