Swat Valley: A Dreamed Tourist Destination

Swat Valley: A Dreamed Tourist Destination

Pakistan is one of those Asian countries, which has to offer some exceptionally beautiful tourist’s spots. The KPK and the Baluchistan provinces are the region’s housing these eye-catching locations. Moving to any of the famous northern areas of the country one can locate a number of Mountains, valleys, hill stations and natural lakes. Coming to natural valleys, Pakistan has many of them. Swat, Neelum, and Hunza are some of the well-known valleys of the country. Out of all these names, swat valley is one such place which easily attracts the attention of any traveler. Let’s take a brief look at this valley and find out its specialties.

Swat valley:

Swat is one such valley of the country, which let alone can justify the natural beauty of the country. It’s also an administrative district of the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Mostly Pashtuns and Afghans are the permanent residents of this valley.

Coming to the natural beauty of this valley, one can easily name it as paradise. “Mini Switzerland” is the term associated with swat valley, these all things and many other factors are always there to defend the natural beauty of this region.

  • The “Peace of mind” Factor

The recent terror wave raised many questions on such famous tourist’s spots. Well, now the situation in northern areas of the country is much stable. Thanks to the armed forces of the country, the majority doesn’t hesitate now to visits such places and why one should even hesitate? When you’ve got gorgeous places like these you should visit and admire their natural beauty. In short, swat valley is a perfectly secure place to visit.

  • Historical Heritage

The majority isn’t aware of the fact that swat valley does have a pretty interesting historical background.

Before Muslims, it was densely populated by Buddhist and Hindus. Many ancient Buddhist shrines can also be found in swat valley.

After being established as a small state, in the middle of twentieth-century swat merged with Pakistan and became a part of it.

Places to visit for:

Finally, we’ll discuss some of the renowned places of swat valley which are defiantly a must to visit. Let’s take a brief look at these too.

1: Mingora

Mingora basically acts as a center point of swat. Number of hotels and food courts are located here for the convenience of travelers. If you want to explore the swat district Mingora is an

ideal to place for a short stay before proceeding to another hill station.

2: Kalam Lake

The main highlight of the swat region, Kalam Lake is the one center and the most famous lake of the district. The lake passes by the valley towards Kalam region. The location and the natural beauty of the lake makes it one of the most attractive places of the swat.

3: Malam jabba

Covered with snow all around, Malam jabba is one famous hill station of the district. It is basically located in Hindu Kush mountain range. Malam Jabba is an ideal place for skiing and hiking. Yearly ski competitions are also held at Malam jabba.

4: Kandol Lake

Kandol Lake is one another beautiful lake in swat valley followed by Kalam Lake. Due to the severe conditions, the Lake can be accessed during summers only.

5: Marghazar

Located at a height around of 10,000 feet above sea level, Marghazar is one popular hill station of swat district.

The hill station is covered by forest all around, the weather at this spot and the view of the gorgeous surrounding is absolutely stunning.

6: Swat Museum

As mentioned earlier, swat district has a very interesting historical background, Swat museum clearly reflects that heritage.

Many items related to ancient Buddhism culture can be found at swat museum including their weapons and currency coins.