These are the best hotels in Lahore you must have to experience a night in

These are the best hotels in Lahore you must have to experience a night in

Lahore, the capital city of Punjab has tons of places to attract tourists and people from other cities of the country. Its historical heritage gives it a slight edge compared to other popular cities. Due to these reasons when someone comes to Lahore to visit such places, he wants a decent and a safe place to stay. For this purpose we have listed down the best seven hotels in Lahore where you can stay and enjoy your time at Lahore. Let’s take a brief look to these hotels.

1: Pearl continental

Probably, the best five star hotel of the city, PC hotel has to offer everything you’d want in a hotel. Located on mall road Lahore, PC is just 10 minutes of drive from Lahore airport.

The hotel has luxurious rooms with quality food available 24/7.

The hotel has all modern facilities like temperature controlled swimming pool, tennis court and a fully equipped gym

2: Hotel one

After PC, Hotel one is the Lahore’s second best hotel. The hotel isn’t far away from Lahore Railway station and Allama Iqbal international Airport as it is located on the mall road.

The hotel has all the modern facilities available including best in class luxury rooms.

3: Avari

Avari is the name people have trusted for years. Avari hotel Lahore is no exception considering the sort of facilities and luxurious room this brand name has to offer.

Avari business class suite is the best this hotel has to offer in terms of residency facilities. A part from this, Avari has best in class rooms and suites available. With so much to offer under a reliable brand name, it’s hard to against such hotel.

4: Hospitality inn

Coming to 4 star hotels line up, hospitality inn marks its presence with its luxury style rooms and updated facilities.

With all this the hotel isn’t the most expensive 4 star hotel of the city due to which it is highly recommended. The hotel has all modern era’s facilities available.

5: The residency hotel

The residency hotel is a decent 4 star hotel of the city. The hotel has all the basic and even modern facilities available.

The rooms are spacious and hotel has hygienic food available all around the clock. The hotel also has a decent parking lot and free internet service.

6: Park Lane hotel

Located on the MM Alam Road Lahore, Park lane hotel is one of the best hotel in the city considering the facilities and their rates.

If you are looking for a hotel which has decent sized rooms, all basic facilities and offers all these at a reasonable cost look no further than this hotel.

7: Safari hotel

This hotel may not be the best in the competition but is good enough for those who look for a budget hotel.

The hotel has all the basic facilities available and is located in the famous town of Lahore, Gulberg. The hotel has easy access to Lahore’s famous markets such as liberty.


The above mentioned hotels will definitely make your time and stay at Lahore pleasant and unforgettable. All of these are the bets hotels Lahore city has to offer. So, if you are planning to visit Lahore and want a place to stay and make this experience even more joy able, these hotels would definitely do the job for you.