Fahad Hussyan Men Sherwani’s An Experience of Elegant Look

Fahad Hussyan Men Sherwani’s  An Experience of Elegant Look

Finding your perfect match, a soul mate with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, a person who understands you well and loves your family equally, once you end up meeting the right girl then of course marriage is the next chapter in your book.
Being a part of an Asian society, marriage is considered not only a sacred union between two souls but also completes once meaning of life. And impressed from the traditions of the old subcontinent, wedding in Pakistan are now celebrated on a much larger scale, where families spend thousand rather millions of rupees just to make those few hours memorable for an eternity. So if you’re getting married anytime soon, being the groom you’ll be nervous not because your life is going to take a 360 degree turn but because you cannot decide on what to wear, what to do and what to expect.
Following the cultural norms, a “groom” is supposed to dress up in a sherwani for his wedding day or else he doesn’t look like the “real” groom and for the reception, a pant coat always seems to be the most decent choice. If you have decided to wear a sherwani, you wouldn’t want to look like a sacrificial goat that is decorated and pampered just before getting “qurban”. On opposite node girls also look to find best of wedding attire. And so it is important to find a sherwani that is perfectly balanced between style, comfort and the right amount of embellishments to suit your personality.

Reaching out to the right place

If you have ever followed the Bridal Couture Week or taken interest in the world of fashion, you’ll come across one name when it comes down to the best sherwani designer in Pakistan and that is Fahad Hussayn. A designer loved by the majority, one can easily sees guys walking down the ramp, dazzling in the beautiful sherwanis designed by the very best Fahad Hussayn. So all the soon-to-be grooms out there, if you haven’t found the right dress for your big day until now, read along and you’ll be tempted to try one of the pieces from this designer’s collection for sure:

1. The Black Jagraon

One cannot go wrong with black color and so this Jagroan, karandi sherwani is ideal for your wedding day. Embellished with zardozi and hand embroidery in an argyle pattern, this outfit is unique in style and the design has just the right amount of work to make you shine amongst the crowd. Get it stitched in your size and you’re good to rock your own wedding.
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2. The Ravishing Blue Dhanvantari

Why miss on your chance to stylize with perfection when you can easily grab the Dhanvantari for your lavish ceremony? Another karandi sherwani, embellished with beautiful motifs on back, front and sleeves, each one crafted with the artistic hands of experienced workers. With this blue attire on, impressing your lady love won’t be a problem.
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3. The Short Chaukandi

In this modern era with your wedding on the cards, it is time to defy all odds and go for something unique, stylish and decent. Stand out from the crowd and try a sherwani that has never been worn before, a style that will set new rules for the grooms-to-be. Fahad Hussayn’s collection brings forward a short karandi sherwani in the very subtle shade of beige, exquisitely designed with simple zardozi embroidery on sleeves, pockets and collar. If you think you can carry such a look with grace then there is no stopping you for sure!
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4. The Shinning Dara

Get into that battle field where the stage is set with lights and expensive décor in this dazzling Dara and emerge as a victorious warrior. Well of course your wedding day is no less than a war where things should be executed perfectly. This bronze jamawar sherwani shouts loud of tradition and uniqueness created with zardozi embroidery on the collar and sleeves while the crystal stripes in the front simply adds to its charm. Save yourself from ruining your big day by going for the best outfit for yourself.
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5. The Elegant Saalar

Taking its place next on the list of the best sherwani from Fahad Hussayn’s collection is the off-white Saalar. Steal away the show with this karandi-jamawar sherwani that has been carefully crafted with self-colored anchor zardozi embroidery and crystals on the collar. Pair it up with a matching pair of “khussa” and “pagri”, and your look for the day is complete in the best of way.
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6. The Charming Astola

Of course not every guy likes wearing a sparkling, shinny sherwani. Some choose to wear outfits on the lighter side with decent work and them. Suiting your need, the beige Astola has been adorned with off-white anchor embroidery and minimum motifs on the sleeves and back. The right amount of embellishments on this sherwani is ideal for grooms looking out for something decent yet exquisite for their day.
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7. The Simple Aadarsh

The majestic Aadarsh comes in beige color, adorned with light, zardozi work on the collar and simple motifs on the sleeves and back. Designed on the beautiful fabric of karandi-jamawar, fitting in this sherwani will not only keep you comfortable throughout the function but get compliments over your classic look.
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8. The Genteel Talismaan

Break the rules and create your own statement for the day with this black Talismaan sherwani that hits the list next. Laden with anchor embroidery on karandi-jamawar fabric and crystals on the ban collar, when entering the room filled with guests, getting away from surprising stares will be hard for you!
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9. The Regal Chamba

Fahad Hussayn has been styling grooms for over a decade now. Never does this brand fail to impress its customers with amazing pieces and designs. Yet once again, the hardworking team behind this successful label has come up with a sherwani that needs no introduction. The Chamba, a karandi sherwani with intricate bronze, zardozi machine embroidery is available in soft beige color. If you’re looking out for something glorious to dress in, this sherwani shall not be missed.
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10. The classy Janshehr

If you have wedding to attend or a mehndi to enjoy then this maroon sherwani will prepare you well for the celebration. Talking about next on the list of the best sherwanis from Fahad Hussayn’s collection is available in the regal maroon color, the self printed karandi-jamawar fabric is ideal for every season and with the simple detailing on the ban collar, this sherwani can be easily carried to formal occasions. So if you want something out of the ordinary then visit the brand to place your order.
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11. The Noble Shahjehan

With your wedding day approaching, a groom too needs to be pampered and given a feeling of royalty. Choosing the right outfit that best suits your personality can be a daunting task, and even after you buy a wearable, it may not come out as planned. So leave you’re stylizing to Fahad Hussayn and feel like a noble in the Shahjehan sherwani from their latest collection. This beige karandi-jamawar sherwani is completely laden with anchor embroidery all over with booti work and silver tilla motifs at the front. As amazing as it may look, once worn, you’ll look nothing short of class and sophistication.
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12. The Refined Maysoure

This short off-white karandi-jamawar sherwani can easily be made to order. Decorated with golden buttons and complimenting zardozir work on the ban collar, this attire is perfect to be worn on your friend’s nikah or a grand sangeet ceremony.
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Creating memories for an eternity

Important celebrations that include a close one’s nikah or your own wedding should be made perfect. With one wrong decision you wouldn’t want to ruin your biggest day of life so trust Fahad Hussayn for your groom’s wardrobe and never will you be disappointed. Every sherwani can be made to order with additions that you would like so before the outfits run out of stock, book one for yourself and shine like a star on your wedding day!