Warda Lawn a Statement in Style!

Warda Lawn a Statement in Style!

When you first come across or hear about Warda Lawn your imagination is bound to run wild. You think,what Warda is about, their offering, how reliable are they and whether or not they can stay true to their word.

By your first login to the websites; you are immediately wowed by the beautiful array of female clothing lines of different style and designs. The looks and fabric sure bound to get you excited and longing to give this all-women premium brand clothing line a try.

Warda lawn offers today’s woman a taste of exquisite style, glamour and royalty. Their range of product and quality sure promises to keep you always asking for more. An outing this summer to that wedding event, special service, business meeting, social gathering or with that special someone will not feel complete if not in a complete piece of Warda prints.

Collection That Can Strike Your Style

Warda Lawn Printed Suit

At Warda, they stock different styles and designs suitable for today’s savvy woman. Our offering is such that you just can’t afford to look elsewhere. With a creative team of fashion designer and partners who are always at work, creating new concepts such that every visit feels unique like the first time. Let’s experience passion, friendship, joyous moments that help boost your confidence level when you are attired by us.

There are wide variety of designs with unique neckline such as: sweetheart, straight, off shoulder, scoop, jewel, v-neck, halter, high neck, bateau, halter strap, sabrine, illusion, cowl, Grecian, spaghetti strap, Queen Anne, square, asymmetric etc.

Warda has a wide category of styles ranging from all covered gowns/ tops, to open back gowns/tops and wraps. Our collections include gowns of outstanding designs, complete trouser suit, button down designs, wraps and more. They keep you feeling fly, smart and ready to conquer your world with every purchase.


Warda Lawn New Dress

At Warda, you are provided with high quality fabrics at affordable prices. Each fabric comes with a unique flowery design of different shades and colours you feel tempted to go for more.

Warda majorly makes use of high quality print and ready-to-wear fabric such as: voile, lawn, chiffon, woolen, cotton, khaddar and silk.

Warda taste and style leaves you always reaching for more. Designs are carefully crafted and creatively embroidered design and concepts are always available for special events anytime.

Product Category

  • Pastello

It has over 40 designs available with over 20 different colour blends.

  1. Fabric: Lawn
  2. Price: PKR 895 -3,495
  • Melange

This stylish brand offers over 12 astonishingly designed Melange collections currently for all occasion. With unstitched and lawn types, over 5 colour shades. Price: PKR5,295-6495.

  • Summer 17

Comes with embroidery, unstitched and lawn print types in 17 colour shades making a total of 112 lovely prints of summer 17 collections in stock.

  • PRET

Warda offer a total of 30 Print and ready-to-wear collections with embroidery, lawn, chiffon lawn and embroidery print types in stock. They come in over 11 colour shades and of all body sizes. Price: PKR 1,795-4,695.

Clothing Collections

Warda Lawn Dress Collection

Warda offers exquisite and unique designs in various body sizes and shapes. Its unstitched collections offer the following ranges:

  • Chiffon embroidery
  • Viscose boring
  • Shirt embroidery
  • Chicken kari
  • Cut work
  • Chiffon Brosha embroidery
  • Chiffon lawn embroidery
  • Swiss lawn print
  • Chiffon lawn
  • Chain stitch


This latest style brand give premium quality at the best and unbeatable price ever. When you think Warda; think good quality, friendly pricing.

AT warda they are confident of at their offering, and accept payment on delivery once an order is made.

About Warda

Warda Lawn prices

Warda is a premium women only clothing brand with several retail outlets spread across Pakistan and offering fashionable and exquisitely styled clothing line for all categories of women.

Customer Care

They have a regular work hours from Monday to Saturday, 9a.m – 5p.m, our phone lines and email services are always open to clients.

Warda take pride in ensuring our clients and prospects are always satisfied. They make concerted efforts to respond and attend to your query and inquiries promptly.